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A gripping new Ministry of Foreign Affairs(MoFA)report circulating in the Kremlin today noting Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov yesterday warning leaders at the United Nations that"The World Is At A Crossroads"as it is now obvious that globalists'efforts to establish a unipolar model have failed,and the transformation of the world order has become irreversible,who was followed by President Donald Trumptelling these same leaders"the future does not belong to globalists;the future belongs to patriots",states this reality known to President Putin,who himself affirmed that global liberalism had"outlived its purposes"and has"become obsolete",proved to be the mental breaking point for globalist socialist forces in America that caused them all to go insane—best exampled by their responding to this new reality by igniting an"impeachment jihad"against Trump—the first beheaded victim of,though,in this rabid socialist crusade is former Vice President Joe Biden,as a full examination of the facts involving this jihad shows him,not Trump,needing lawyers to keep himself from being imprisoned—but is actually all these godless globalist socialists have in their jihad war arsenal due to US Federal Judges continuing to squash former Special Counsel Robert Mueller's witch hunt Russiagate prosecutors like bugs in their courtrooms—the latest example of which occurred yesterday when US District Court Judge Anthony Trenga issued a withering 39-page ruling throwing out the conviction of Bijan Rafiekian,a Trump transition advisor who was the business partner of Trump's former National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn—which followed the 4 September acquittal on all charges of Trump's former campaign manger Paul Manafort's business partner Greg Craig.[Note:Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

克里姆林宫今天流传着一份扣人心弦的新外交部报告,指出外交部长谢尔盖·拉夫罗夫昨天在联合国警告各国领导人,"世界正处在十字路口",因为现在很明显,全球主义者建立单极模式的努力已经失败,世界秩序的转变已经变得不可逆转,随后唐纳德·特朗普总统对这些领导人说,"未来不属于全球主义者,未来属于爱国者",普京总统认识到这一现实,他本人确认,全球自由主义"已经失去其目的""已经过时",事实证明,这是美国全球主义社会主义势力的精神崩溃点,导致他们所有人都变得疯狂ーー最好的例子是,他们对这一新现实的回应是对特朗普发动了一场"弹劾圣战"ーー然而,在这场狂热的社会主义运动中,第一个被斩首的受害者是前副总统乔·拜登(Joe Biden),对这场圣战的事实进行全面审视后发现的是他,而不是特朗普——需要律师来保护自己不被监禁ーー但实际上,由于美国联邦法官继续镇压前特别检察官罗伯特·穆勒对俄罗斯的政治迫害,这些无神论的全球主义社会主义者在他们的圣战战争武器库中拥有了这些武器ーー最新的例子发生在昨天,当时美国地方法院法官安东尼·特伦加发布了一份令人难堪的39页裁决,否决了比扬·拉菲基安的定罪——他是特朗普的过渡顾问,曾是特朗普的前国家安全顾问迈克尔·弗林将军的商业伙伴。94日,特朗普的前竞选经理保罗·马纳福特的商业伙伴格雷格·克雷格被判无罪。:本报告引号中的一些单词和/或短语是英语中俄语单词/短语的近似形式,没有准确的对应词


According to this report,for 35 straight months,even before President Trump took office,globalist socialist forces in both the American mainstream propaganda media and the Democrat Party have been obsessed with impeaching Trump—but who during this time,watched in horror as all of their fantasies and fairy tales to accomplish this feat went up in the flames of the lies they were all made out of—and because of,sees them all today living in absolute fear of the coming revelations about the Russia probe from Inspector General Michael Horowitz,but even more from the US Attorney John Durham,who can actually put people in jail—which has caused them all to tack so far to the left,they wouldn't be able to win an election in Communist China.

根据这份报告,甚至在特朗普总统就职之前,美国主流宣传媒体和民主党中的全球主义社会主义势力已经连续35个月执迷于弹劾特朗普ーー但是在这段时间里,他们惊恐地看到他们为实现这一壮举而编造的幻想和童话在谎言的火焰中化为乌有ーー正因为如此,他们今天所有人都生活在对监察长迈克尔·霍洛维茨(Michael Horowitz)揭露俄罗斯调查的绝对恐惧之中,但美国司法部长约翰·达勒姆(John Durham)的恐惧更甚,他实际上可以把人送进监狱ーー这使得他们所有人到目前为止都偏左。

Knowing that their demise is coming much sooner than later,this report continues,these obviously insane globalist socialist forces have decided to fight their impeachment jihad over issues involving Ukraine—the Eastern European nation that the Obama-Clinton Regime destroyed by overthrowing its certified free and fair democratically elected government in what the global intelligence giant Stratfor(aka:"Shadow CIA")called"the most blatant coup in history"—whose new socialist government President Obama publicly admitted he brokered the leaders of—with Obama's top State Department official Victoria Nuland actually picking Ukraine leaders—and when asked if the Europeans would agree to her choices,saw her saying"Fuck the EU"—with her further stating:"when I wrote the note[US vice-president's national security adviser Jake]Sullivan's come back to me VFR[direct to me],saying you need[US Vice-President Joe]Biden and I said probably tomorrow for an atta-boy and to get the deets[details]to stick.So Biden's willing"—an accurate statement as Vice President Biden and his drug addict son Hunter then descended like vultures on Ukraine to loot its carcass of as much money as they could—and during the 2016 US Presidential Election saw Obama's new government in Ukraine openly colluding with the Democrats to defeat Trump—an open collusion these Obama-Clinton Democrats continue as evidenced by their May-2019 letter demanding that Ukraine investigate President Trump and dig up all the dirt they could on him.

由于知道他们的灭亡来得比较快,这篇报道继续说道,这些明显疯狂的全球主义社会主义势力决定就涉及乌克兰的问题展开弹劾圣战。奥巴马-克林顿政权推翻了经认证的自由公正的民选政府,从而摧毁了这个东欧国家。全球情报巨头 Stratfor(又名"影子中央情报局")称之为"历史上最明目张胆的政变"。奥巴马的新社会主义政府公开承认,他曾与奥巴马的最高国务院官员维多利亚·纽兰(Victoria Nuland)斡旋,实际上挑选了乌克兰领导人——我看到她在说"去他妈的欧盟"——她进一步表示:"当我写这封信(美国副总统的国家安全顾问杰克·沙利文)时,沙利文回复我说你需要(美国副总统乔·拜登),我说可能明天就会有一个好男孩,并且让细节得到遵守。"。所以拜登愿意"——这是副总统拜登和他的瘾君子儿子亨特像秃鹫一样突袭乌克兰,掠夺乌克兰尸体上尽可能多的钱时的准确说法——2016年美国总统大选期间,奥巴马的乌克兰新政府公开与民主党勾结,以击败特朗普——这些奥巴马和克林顿的民主党人继续公开勾结,20195月的一封信要求乌克兰调查特朗普总统,并挖出所有他们能挖出的关于他的丑闻。


Kept hidden from the American people about the Obama-Clinton Regime coup in Ukraine,this report concludes,was that President Putin was ready to put Russia's nuclear forces on alert in response to it—a response that would have led to World War III and the deaths of hundreds-of-millions,if not billions of people—that no top official in the US has ever been prosecuted,much less investigated for bringing our world to the brink of nuclear annihilation—but in what can only be described as sheer lunacy,now sees these socialists'forces now dumping all of these crimes against humanity on the very doorstep of President Trump as the centerpiece of their impeachment jihad against him—a jihad begun by what is now confirmed to be a partisan whistleblower aligned with one of Trump's rivals for the presidency—who says their complaint against Trump was based on a series of events,"more than one"to get the exact wordage right—whose attorney worked for Hillary Clinton and Democrat Party US Senate leader Chuck Schumer—and whose law firm offers to pay hundreds-of-thousands-of-dollars to officials who leak against Trump—all of which explains why Trump's top lawyer Rudy Giuliani is now saying about these demented socialists"They Have Walked Into A Trap!"—and has Trump's re-election campaign further proclaiming with glee that this impeachment jihad will lead the way to a"landslide victory".

这份报告得出的结论是,对于奥巴马-克林顿政权在乌克兰发动的政变,美国民众一直不知情的情况是,普京总统准备让俄罗斯的核力量进入戒备状态,作为对此的回应——这种回应可能会导致第三次世界大战和数亿人(如果不是数十亿人的话)的死亡——美国从来没有一位高级官员被起诉,更不用说因为将我们的世界带到了核毁灭的边缘而受到调查了——但是,这种行为——现在,这些社会主义者的势力把所有这些反人类罪行都倾倒在特朗普总统的家门口,作为他们弹劾他的圣战的核心ーー一场圣战由一个党派告密者发起,该告密者与特朗普的总统竞选对手之一结盟ーー后者表示,他们对特朗普的指控是基于一系列事件——他的律师曾为希拉里克林顿(Hillary Clinton)和美国民主党参议院领袖查克舒默(Chuck schumer)工作,他的律师事务所愿意向泄露特朗普信息的官员支付数十万美元——所有这些都解释了为什么特朗普的首席律师鲁迪朱利安尼(Rudy Giuliani)现在说这些疯狂的社会主义者"他们走进了一个陷阱!"ーー特朗普的连任竞选团队进一步欢快地宣称,这场弹劾圣战将导致一场"压倒性胜利"



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