X22报告|第3216集: 一切准备就绪,特朗普必须被除掉

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现在,这些碎片正在汇聚在一起。各国已经开始反击[CB]体系。[DS] 正在恐慌,他们不知道如何阻止特朗普。[ DG ]提出了除掉特朗普的想法。

X22报告|第3216集: 一切准备就绪,特朗普必须被除掉

Ep 3216a – All The Pieces Are Being Put Into Place, The World Economy Is About To Change

Ep 3216a-一切都已就绪,世界经济即将发生变化

Ep 3216b – Panic In DC, Trump Must Be Eliminated, Scavino Sends Messages, MIL-CIV Alliance

第3216b -华盛顿的恐慌,特朗普必须被消灭,斯卡维诺传递信息,军事和民事合作联盟

X22 Report
Streamed on: Nov 20, 7:30 pm EST

X22 ReportStreaming on: Nov 20,7:30 pm EST X22报道: 11月20日,美国东部时间下午7:30


The pieces are now coming together. Countries have begun to fight back against the [CB] system. The people are realizing socialism does not work. Countries are now preparing to go to the gold standard. They know the system is breaking down and they will need to go back to sound money.


X22 Report
Streamed on: Nov 20, 8:00 pm EST

X22 ReportStreaming on: Nov 20,8:00 pm EST X22报道于美国东部时间11月20日晚8:00


The [DS] is panicking, they don’t know how to stop Trump. [DG] brought up the idea of eliminating Trump. They know they have lost the narrative and the people are seeing the truth. The more the people see the more pain the [DS] receives. In the end Trump wants the people to make the final decision in the final battle, the people need to see the truth. The military will most likely be brought into the fold as the country approaches WWIII to protect the elections.

[DS] 正在恐慌,他们不知道如何阻止特朗普。[ DG ]提出了除掉特朗普的想法。他们知道他们失去了叙述,人们看到了真相。人们看到的越多,[ DS ]接受的痛苦就越多。最终特朗普希望人民在最后一战中做出最终决定,人民需要看到真相。随着阿富汗接近第三次世界大战,为了保护选举,阿富汗军方很可能会加入进来。


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