X22报道|第3114集: 俄罗斯暗示金砖国家背后有黄金,深层国家煽动叛乱

2023年7月13日14:39:09最新动态X22报道|第3114集: 俄罗斯暗示金砖国家背后有黄金,深层国家煽动叛乱已关闭评论82字数 1441阅读4分48秒阅读模式


X22报道|第3114集: 俄罗斯暗示金砖国家背后有黄金,深层国家煽动叛乱

Ep. 3114a – Russia Hints At Gold Backing The BRICS, Gold Destroys The Fed, Think Optics


Ep. 3114b – [DS] Inciting A Rebellion, Patriots Know The Playbook, Clean & Swift, Ammunition Is Finit

[ DS ]煽动叛乱,爱国者知道剧本,干净利落,弹药用尽

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Streamed on: Jul 12, 7:15 pm EDT

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The people in the UK are seeing the economic illusion of inflation, the manufactures are shrinking products hoping the people do not notice. The statistical inflation numbers are dropping but the prices for everyday goods are increasing, illusion exposed. Russia is now signaling it will help the BRICS go to gold.


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Streamed on: Jul 12, 7:45 pm EDT

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The [DS] is doing everything in their power to piss off the American people, the patriots are using this to their advantage. The [DS] wants a civil war, they want the people on the streets. The patriots want antifa, BLM, illegals and criminals in the streets so they can be rounded up. The [DS] believes they can incite a rebellion, the patriots are counting on this.



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