X22报告|第3104集: 美联储没有预测到的经济衰退,即将到来的将震惊世界

2023年6月29日14:23:32最新动态X22报告|第3104集: 美联储没有预测到的经济衰退,即将到来的将震惊世界已关闭评论1241字数 1454阅读4分50秒阅读模式

[ DS ]的议程正暴露在我们人民面前。特朗普是他需要的诱饵,用来显示这个体系有多肮脏,他们越是攻击,对他们就越不利。

X22报告|第3104集: 美联储没有预测到的经济衰退,即将到来的将震惊世界

Ep. 3104a – Recession Not Being Forecasted By The Fed, Translation: Recession Incoming

美联储没有预测到的经济衰退,翻译过来就是: 经济衰退即将来临

Ep. 3104b – Sometimes You Must Sacrifice Yourself, What Is Coming Will Shock The World


X22 Report
Streamed on: Jun 28, 5:30 pm EDT

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Germany’s GND movement is falling apart, the auto manufactures are reporting that sales are dropping and it they are scaling back production. Ford is laying off 1000 people. The economy is cracking and falling apart, the airbnb business is a disaster. The Fed is not predicting a recession which means a recession is coming.

德国的 GND 运动正在分崩离析,汽车制造商报告说,销量正在下降,他们正在缩减生产。福特正在裁员1000人。经济正在崩溃,Airbnb 业务是一场灾难。美联储并没有预测经济衰退,这意味着经济衰退即将来临。

X22 Report
Streamed on: Jun 28, 6:00 pm EDT

X22报告流媒体: 6月28日,美国东部时间下午6:00


The [DS] agenda is being exposed to we the people. Trump is the bait he needs to show how dirty the system really is, the more they attack the worse it gets for them. The crimes they have committed will shock the world in the end. The people need to see this play out so they have the ability to take the country back and keep it. Only at the precipice will the people have the will to make changes.

[ DS ]的议程正暴露在我们人民面前。特朗普是他需要的诱饵,用来显示这个体系有多肮脏,他们越是攻击,对他们就越不利。他们所犯下的罪行最终将震惊世界。人民需要看到这场战争结束,这样他们才有能力夺回国家并保住它。只有在危急关头,人民才有意愿做出改变。


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