X22报道|第2956集: 俄罗斯通过比特币进入国际贸易,特朗普刚刚反败为胜

2022年12月24日17:32:08最新动态X22报道|第2956集: 俄罗斯通过比特币进入国际贸易,特朗普刚刚反败为胜已关闭评论1.2K2字数 1442阅读4分48秒阅读模式


X22报道|第2956集: 俄罗斯通过比特币进入国际贸易,特朗普刚刚反败为胜

Ep. 2956a – Russia Moves To International Trade Via Bitcoin, The Currency Battle Is On


Ep. 2956b – Trump Just Turned The Table On Biden, This Is Just The Beginning, Buckle Up




The Green New Deal is falling apart, the lies they told are being exposed. AOC climate documentary failed. The people see the truth. The people are seeing who betrayed them when they voted for the Omnibus Bill. Russia makes a move to use Bitcoin as international trade.

“绿色新政”正在土崩瓦解,他们所说的谎言正在被揭穿。AOC 气候纪录片失败。人们看到了真相。人们看到是谁背叛了他们当他们投票支持总括法案。俄罗斯采取行动将比特币用作国际贸易。


The [DS] is throwing everything they have at Trump, they are using the old playbooks, propaganda, lies you name it, they are panicking. Maricopa was caught in a lie, they tried to cover it up, but the coverup always gets you. Trump has now trapped the [DS] players. He just turned the table on Biden, he is asking the house to order his tax returns of all business dealing, plus family members, this is just the beginning, buckle its going to get rough because the [DS] will fight back but they did this to themselves. 



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