X22报告|第2933集: 脱离美联储的行动已经开始,情报行动不再对人民起作用

2022年11月24日10:38:19最新动态X22报告|第2933集: 脱离美联储的行动已经开始,情报行动不再对人民起作用已关闭评论6501字数 1329阅读4分25秒阅读模式


X22报告|第2933集: 脱离美联储的行动已经开始,情报行动不再对人民起作用

Ep. 2933a – Breaking Away From The [CB] Has Begun, This Is Just The Beginning


Ep. 2933b – [DS] Intelligence Op No Longer Works On The People, Extreme Panic

[ DS ]情报行动不再对人民起作用,极度恐慌

X22报告 Published November 23,2022发表于2022年11月23日


CA is moving forward with the green new deal, all eyes are on CA as the state implodes. The UN is pushing fear about the world being over populated. Biden playing the game and moving forward with student cancellation. NY restricts cryptocurrency, meanwhile El Salvor moves away from the [CB].

加州正在推进绿色新政,所有的目光都集中在加州,因为该州内爆。联合国正在推动关于世界人口过剩的恐惧。拜登在玩游戏,推进学生取消。纽约限制加密货币,同时El Salvor搬离了[CB]。


The [DS] intelligence Op no longer controls the people. The fake news and the social media platforms can’t even go a day before their narrative is debunked. Elon makes a move to bring on all those that have been suspended. The Pedo ring on Twitter and around the country is being exposed and the people are learning all about it. The truth cannot be swallowed, it has to be digested a little bit at a time. There is extreme panic in DC.



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