X22报道|第2903集: 经济封面故事计划曝光,特朗普确认前进道路 

2022年10月20日10:00:11最新动态X22报道|第2903集: 经济封面故事计划曝光,特朗普确认前进道路 已关闭评论3331阅读模式


X22报道|第2903集: 经济封面故事计划曝光,特朗普确认前进道路 

Ep. 2903a – [D]s Economic Cover Story Plan Exposed, No Place To Hide


Ep. 2903b – Trump Confirms The Path Forward, Much Has Been Exposed, More Than Anyone Thought Possible




The [D]’s are doing everything they can to keep the illusionary economy from imploding right before the midterms. They know that the R’s are going to win. Their plan to coverup everything they did has been exposed.

[D]’s正在竭尽全力阻止这个虚幻的经济在中期选举前崩溃。他们知道 R’s队会赢。他们掩盖所作所为的计划已经暴露了。


Durham is doing exactly what he needs to do to bring down the top level criminals. The [DS] knows that more information is going to be coming out this winter, they are already planning to shutdown communications. Trump confirms that so much has been exposed, more than any could have imagined. The path is set, Durham is going for [HRC] and the [DS] is panicking, they don’t want the Durham report to come out, they are trying to control it all but this will fail.

达勒姆正在做他需要做的事来扳倒顶级罪犯。[DS]知道今年冬天会有更多的信息泄露出来,他们已经计划关闭通讯。特朗普证实,暴露的东西太多了,超出了任何人的想象。路线已经设定好了,达勒姆正在争取[HRC] ,而[DS]正在恐慌,他们不希望达勒姆的报告出来,他们试图控制这一切,但这将失败。


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