X22报道|第2887集: 我们可以让经济复苏,又一场风暴到位 

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[ DS ]现在被困在他们自己的议程中,但是现在真相大白了,犯罪分子也开始恐慌了。风暴的另一个部分刚刚被放置到位,塞思里奇的文件必须予以披露

X22报道|第2887集: 我们可以让经济复苏,又一场风暴到位 

Ep. 2887a – Trump Sends A Message, We Can Get The Economy Back

特朗普传递了一个信息: 我们可以让经济复苏

Ep. 2887b – Another Piece Of The Storm Is Put Into Place, The Hunt Is On, Panic In DC




Fuel prices are now moving up once again, Biden is now blaming the hurricane and is telling oil companies and gas stages not to raise prices. The economy is worse than originally thought, recession is here. The Senate passed a bill to stop the shutdown of the government, plus they are giving 12 billion to Ukraine. Trump sends message, this all can be reversed.

燃料价格现在再次上涨,拜登现在指责飓风,并告诉石油公司和天然气阶段不要提高价格。经济比最初想象的还要糟糕,衰退来了。参议院通过了一项阻止政府停摆的法案,此外他们还向乌克兰提供了120亿美元。Trump 传递了信息,这一切都可以逆转。


The [DS] is now trapped in their own agenda, but the truth is now coming out and the criminals are now panicking. Another piece to the storm has just been put into place, Seth Rich document must be revealed. The hunt is on. The [DS] is now pushing a communication blackout, they know the truth is coming and they know they will need to censor as much as they can. This will not work, countermeasures are now in place. The [DS] is trapped.

[ DS ]现在被困在他们自己的议程中,但是现在真相大白了,犯罪分子也开始恐慌了。风暴的另一个部分刚刚被放置到位,塞思里奇的文件必须予以披露。狩猎开始了。DS 现在正在推动通讯中断,他们知道真相即将揭晓,他们知道他们需要尽可能多的审查。这行不通,反制措施已经就位。[ DS ]被困住了。


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