X22报道|第2841集: 央行经济显现,攻势正在建立

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X22报道|第2841集: 央行经济显现,攻势正在建立

Ep. 2841a – The [CB] Economy Is Showing, The Narrative Is Falling Apart


Ep. 2841b – The Offensive Is Being Built, [DS] Fell Into The Trap, Pain, Justice Is Coming

攻势正在建立,[ DS ]落入陷阱,痛苦,正义即将来临

 X22报告 发表于2022年8月3日


The [CB] bank economy is showing, people can see the breakdown and the lies. Russia says that the turbine is not coming because of the sanctions, this does not look good for Germany. Jobs are being lost, [JB] never created any.



The [DS] is panicking the offensive is working, the [DS] is trying so hard to cheat but the people are overwhelming the system. The [DS] has now fell right into the trap the patriots set. The [DS] will only have one option and that is chaos, and try to delay the midterms. They know they cannot win, the midterms are two many people running at once, this is not like the Presidential election. Countermeasures are in place, Justice is Coming. 



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