X22报告|第2835集: 美联储正沿着爱国者设定的经济道路前进,你如何设置陷阱? 

2022年7月28日11:29:38最新动态X22报告|第2835集: 美联储正沿着爱国者设定的经济道路前进,你如何设置陷阱? 已关闭评论3321字数 1423阅读4分44秒阅读模式

[ DS ]每次都上钩。这不是为了4年的选举,而是为了拯救这个国家。

X22报告|第2835集: 美联储正沿着爱国者设定的经济道路前进,你如何设置陷阱? 

Ep. 2835a – The Fed Is Heading Down The Economic Path The Patriot’s Set, It’s Happening

第2835a 章-美联储正沿着爱国者设定的经济道路前进,它正在发生

Ep. 2835b – How Do You Set A Trap? Who Is The Bait? How Do You Show The People The Truth?




EU people are feeling the pain, they are not happy. Germany scrambles and is bringing nuclear power back online, remember they said this is green energy. Business around the world are starting to feel the pain. Consumer confidence plummets. The Fed did exactly what the patriots wanted, raise rates, which will bring down the economy.



The [DS] has taken the bait every single time. This is not about a 4 year election, this is about saving the country. So who is the bait? Trump, he is taking every single sling and arrow and has beaten the [DS] every time. Now they are pushing the investigation in the insurrection on J6. The tables are about to be turned on the [DS]. Sometimes you must show the people the truth before they start believing. Trump caught them all and now he is exposing them all. 

[ DS ]每次都上钩。这不是为了4年的选举,而是为了拯救这个国家。那谁是诱饵?特朗普,他正在采取每一个弹弓和箭头,并已每一次击败[ DS ]。现在他们正在推动 J6暴动的调查。局势即将逆转[ DS ]。有时候你必须在人们开始相信之前告诉他们真相。特朗普把他们都抓住了,现在他把他们都暴露了。


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