X22报告|第2831集: WEF/CB的议程即将对他们产生反作用,选举撤销将向前推进 

2022年7月23日14:39:37最新动态X22报告|第2831集: WEF/CB的议程即将对他们产生反作用,选举撤销将向前推进 已关闭评论3961字数 1517阅读5分3秒阅读模式


X22报告|第2831集: WEF/CB的议程即将对他们产生反作用,选举撤销将向前推进 

Ep. 2831a – The [WEF]/[CB] Agenda Is About To Backfire On Them, Watch Putin

Ep. 2831a –[WEF]/[CB] 议程将对他们适得其反,看看普京吧

Ep. 2831b – Sometimes You Must Lose A Battle To Win The War, Election Decertification Moves Forward

Ep. 2831b –有时你必须输掉一场战斗才能赢得战争,选举的取消将会继续

 X22报告 发表于2022年7月22日


The climate agenda is falling apart, the people are not with the [WEF], they can see through their agenda. Putin makes deal with Ukraine to allow grain to be shipped out of Black Sea ports and he meets with Opec.



The [DS] believes they are in control, but the people are now seeing that they do not follow the rule of law which makes them criminals. This is an information war and sometimes you must lose a battle to win the war. Steve Bannon was convicted on 2 counts, did this just set a precedent. Think about what is coming, Durham just released 30 subpoenas and Weiss will be next. Think about the investigation of the house and senate when the patriots take over, are we going to subpoenas issued according to the rule of law. What happens now when those individuals defy a subpoena. Wisconsin moves close to decertifying the 2020 election. 

[DS]相信他们已经控制了局面,但是人们现在看到他们没有遵守法律,这使他们成为了罪犯。这是一场信息战,有时你必须输掉一场战斗才能赢得这场战争。史蒂夫 · 班农被判两项罪名这是不是开了个先例。想想接下来会发生什么,达勒姆刚刚发出了30张传票,接下来就是韦斯。想想当爱国者接管时,参众两院的调查,我们是否会根据法律发出传票。如果那些人违抗传票。威斯康辛州接近取消2020年大选的认证。


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