X22报告|第2821集: 中央银行议程崩溃,危害人类罪 

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X22报告|第2821集: 中央银行议程崩溃,危害人类罪 

Ep. 2821a – The [CB]/[WEF] Agenda Is Falling Apart Right In Front Of Them

Ep.2821a-[ CB ]/[WEF]的议程正在他们面前崩溃

Ep. 2821b – Trump Sends Message, Crimes Against Humanity, House Of Cards, Pain

Ep. 2821b –-特朗普传递信息,反人类罪,纸牌屋,痛苦

X22 报告发表于2022年7月11日


The world is now rising up, the [WEF]/[CB] cannot stop this. Their agenda is falling apart right in front of their eyes and they can’t do anything to stop it. Bank runs have begun in China, the people have are hitting the precipice.



The [DS] is trapped in their own agenda. The drips are now turning into floods and soon the people are going to see it all. Hunter Biden info is being leaked out daily now. Trump sends message, crimes against humanity, SA are on deck. The [DS] is feeling pain and their house of cards is about to come tumbling down and the people will understand who the the treasons people are. 



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