X22报告|第2751集 : 特朗普确认经济方向,深层政府担心什么

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X22报告|第2751集 : 特朗普确认经济方向,深层政府担心什么

Ep. 2751a – Trump Confirms The Economic Direction, The People Are Seeing The Truth

Ep. 2751a – 特朗普确认经济方向,人民看到了真相

Ep. 2751b – To Spread Info Across The Digital Battlefield & Bypass Their Control Is What The [DS] Fears

Ep.2751b-在数字化战场上传播信息并绕过他们的控制是[ DS ]所担心的

X22 报告发表于2022年4月14日


The sanctions do work on Russia, the ruble has regained its value. Bidenflation is causing the D’s to unite against Biden. The Fed knows the inflation cannot be stopped. Trump confirms the direction economy and is showing the truth about their agenda.

制裁对俄罗斯确实有效,卢布已经恢复了它的价值。双重通货膨胀导致D’s 联合起来反对拜登。美联储知道通货膨胀是无法阻止的。特朗普确认了经济发展的方向,并展示了他们议程的真实性。


The [DS] is now panicking, the [FF] in NYC failed. Elon Musk has now made an offer to buy Twitter. Trump and the patriots are now prepared to take the bull horn away from the [DS] players. Either Twitter accepts or crashes, tick tock. The ability to spread information across the digital battlefield and bypass their control is what the [DS] fears. Buckle up, it has begun, timing is everything.



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