X22报道|第2692集: 看看经济发生了什么,纯粹的邪恶即将暴露在世界面前

2022年2月3日16:30:58最新动态X22报道|第2692集: 看看经济发生了什么,纯粹的邪恶即将暴露在世界面前已关闭评论3881阅读模式

(DS)正在恐慌,特朗普正在采取另一个行动,这个行动正在把“真相社交”带到网上。零日,[ DS ]会旋转信息,但当它失去控制时,他们会移动到红线2,通讯中断。

X22报道|第2692集: 看看经济发生了什么,纯粹的邪恶即将暴露在世界面前

Ep. 2692a – See What’s Happening With The Economy, Panic Off The Charts

Ep. 2692a-见经济危机,恐慌破表

Ep. 2692b – [Zero-Day], Pure Evil Is About To Be Exposed To The World, Buckle Up

第2692b 集-[零日] ,纯粹的邪恶即将暴露于世界,系好安全带



California tried to pass the single payer health bill which would have taxed the people so the illegals would receive free health care, the bill is dead. The US debt has hit 30 trillion. The jobs numbers are terrible, why, vaccine mandates. Inflation is hitting, business are now raising prices. El Salvador makes a move.



The [DS] is panicking, Trump is making another move, this move is bringing Truth Social online. Zero-day, the [DS] will spin the information but when it gets out of control they will move to red line2, communication blackout. The [DS] is now prepping for the fallout, Zucker resigned from CNN, Whoopi Goldberg suspended form the View, Maddow leaves her show, everything is about to change, buckle up pure evil is about to be exposed to the world.

(DS)正在恐慌,特朗普正在采取另一个行动,这个行动正在把“真相社交”带到网上。零日,[ DS ]会旋转信息,但当它失去控制时,他们会移动到红线2,通讯中断。现在,[ DS ]正在为此事做准备,朱克从 CNN 辞职,乌比 · 戈德堡被停职,玛多离开了她的节目,一切都将改变,扣上安全带,纯粹的邪恶即将暴露在世人面前。


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