X22报告|第2613集: 经济真相正在建立,谁是总司令和总统?

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X22报告|第2613集: 经济真相正在建立,谁是总司令和总统?

Ep. 2613a – [CB] Is Losing The Trust Of The People, The Economic Truth Is Building

Ep. 2613a – 民众正在失去信任,经济真相正在建立

Ep. 2613b – Message Sent & Received, Who Is Commander And Chief Of The Military?

Ep. 2613b-信息的发送和接收,谁是指挥官和军队总司令?

X22 报告发表于2021年10月28日


The [CB] is now in the process of destroying the world economy, this will backfire on them because the people are losing trust in their system and when they present the new system nobody will be on board. The US economy is imploding, the excuses made by the Biden administration is failing. Welcome to the Dark Winter, What comes after Winter, Spring.

 [CB] 现在正在摧毁世界经济,这将适得其反,因为人们正在失去对其体系的信任,当他们提出新体系时,没有人会加入。美国经济正在崩溃,拜登政府制造的借口正在失败。欢迎来到黑暗的冬天,冬天之后是什么,春天。


The [DS] is now panicking, they are preparing to control the narrative, the people are seeing the truth and they are with the truth teller, this is the hidden army that they [DS] fears. The [DS] attacked the US and started a world war and now the patriots will end it without a shot fired. Scavino sends message that everything is on track, Trump control the military, the [DS] overlooked this very important area. The clock is ticking down for the [DS], no place to run or hide. 



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