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Urgent Justice Meditation!


A little explanation about the importance of this meditation.Among the servants of the dark forces there are souls of a VERY high rank,embodied in human bodies.These are experienced slaves of dark forces who have absolutely lost their connection with God and humanity.They are good soldiers who strictly follow orders and happily walk over the corpses of people.


It takes a lot of time ions to"grow"such a monster.Therefore,such soldiers are very important for psychos.When the body dies,the Soul separates from the body and goes up.There she is met by disembodied beings.


Not long ago,thanks to the matrix,ALL human Souls were captured by the dark,processed(implants and other abomination)and sent back to Earth.Human Souls WERE FORCED AGAIN AND AGAIN TO FORCED TO EMBODIME ON EARTH under conditions dictated by the dark forces.


Now the situation has changed radically!!!!The Human Soul became free again and after death it goes where it wants and does what it wants.That is,the Galactic Law of Free Will has been restored on planet Earth!!!!!


When a dark soul dies,it is met by dark forces in order to send this soul on a new destructive mission.


The Forces of Light are requesting a meditation to accompany Colin Powell to the Galactic Central Sun.What does it mean?This means that this soul is so decayed and rotten(involution)that this soul does not even have a minimal chance to evolve.In this case,such a soul"disassembles"on the Central Galactic Sun and begins its evolution from the very beginning!!!!This is an exceptional measure!


Naturally,the dark ones do not want to lose such a good slave,so after a person's death there is a struggle for his soul in heaven.


The Forces of Light are disembodied and they cannot"arrest"this soul in three dimensions.Therefore,we deliver this soul in this meditation to the Forces of Light and transfer this soul to them.If this is not done,the forces of darkness capture this soul before it reaches the level of the Forces of Light.For the forces of darkness,three-dimensionality is their native and familiar environment.


For your information:most of the dark,even the most disgusting from a human point of view,are sent to"re-education"and have every chance to follow the path of evolution."Disassembling"the soul is an exceptional measure and is rarely used!Evolution is a natural process for the Soul.Involution happens when the soul is often mistaken,and then the darkness overwhelms it so much that the soul simply absolutely loses its connection with God and begins to rot and decay more and more.


These are the souls of Colin Powell.It's possible Powell didn't eat the Mildens or something.But he could be a good organizer of a dark agenda.For example,he successfully started wars in some countries using lies.And we know that war is a ritual of mass sacrifice.I am sure that Powell's track record contains many cases worthy of a tribunal without trial or investigation.Perhaps very soon we will find out his dark secrets….


Meditation to Escort Colin Powell into the Galactic Central Sun


10/18/2021 08:56:00 pm

10/18/202108:56:00 pm

Colin Powell has died at the age of 84 on October 18th,2021.




Therefore,we are going to do a Buddhic Column meditation and sending Light and protection to escort his soul safely into the hands of the Light Forces.Once he is safely guided through the plasma and etheric planes,he will be taken to the Galactic Central Sun.This will move us forward on the most positive Ascension Timeline for planet Earth.We are going to do this mass meditation from October 18th at 9 PM UTC,and then every 4 hours for the next 5 days.You may also do this meditation as often as you wish.





Victory of the Light!
With love,Liberty

光的胜利!带着爱,自由 t.me/liberty2021i



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