2021年7月28日16:42:48最新动态X22报道|第2538集:通讯中断已经开始,红线越过,特种部队启动已关闭评论7356字数 1712阅读5分42秒阅读模式



Ep 2538a–[CB]Is Panicking Over Alternative Currencies,They Are Banning Computer Systems 

Ep 2538a-[CB]担心替代货币,他们正在禁止计算机系统

Ep 2538b–Communication Black Out Has Begun,Red Lines Crossed,Special Ops Activated 

Ep 2538b-通讯中断已经开始,越过红线,特别行动启动

The[CB]is now panicking and they are trying to stop the people from creating alternative currencies.The[CB]economy is falling apart and the people can see this very clearly.They will create chaos with gold/silver and crypto to keep people from learning about other currencies.



The[DS]is now getting ready to cross red line 2,communication blackout.Audit accounts have been terminated on certain social media platforms,this will continue until the[DS]has no alternative but to do a total communication blackout.Most likely the[DS]will shutdown all communications when the classified information begins to be declassified.During this time they will stage fake riots to convince the public that the Trump supporters are angry because the plan is not working.During this time the military will be sent to various location but the[DS]in the end will not be in control of the troops.Special operations will be activated to shutdown the riots and to take control of the government.The[DS]will be trapped in the biggest sting operation the world has ever seen.





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