2021年7月22日16:19:43最新动态X22报道|第2533集:兰德•保罗正在狩猎,[DS]正在遭受来自四面八方的打击,下一阶段将带来正义已关闭评论7325字数 1495阅读4分59秒阅读模式



Ep 2533a–[CB]Supply Chain Narrative Begins,The People Are Going To See It All 

Ep 2533a-[CB]供应链叙事开始,人们将看到一切

Ep 2533b–Rand Paul Is On The Hunt,[DS]Being Hit From All Sides,Next Phase Coming 

Ep 2533b-兰德·保罗正在狩猎,[DS]正在从各个方面受到打击,下一阶段即将到来

[JB]is now losing the narrative,Trump and the patriots made it impossible for the[CB]to keep the narrative and have the people believe it.The[CB]is left with no alternative but to proceed quickly with their plan to shut down the supply chains,the patriots are prepared for this,countermeasures are in place.



The[DS]is now losing the narrative on the economy,border,virus and the elections.The patriots continue to push more and more at the[DS]and as the[DS]tries to spin it all they are losing the narrative,plus each faction wants to push their agenda and the narratives are crossing each other and now people are asking questions.Rand Paul is now going after Fauci,why did Trump let Fauci handle it all,he set him up.The next phase is coming and it will bring justice,the[DS]will try to retaliate but it will fail,they don't control the flow information.





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