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The activation of the Ley Lines and Vortices is progressing.Surface operations continue to be performed in this regard.It is not without risk,as the Dark Ones are now physically searching for Key Lightworkers or places where strong Lightworker activity is suspected(using special military surveillance equipment).


But the Light Force operations are covered"from above",so physical detection should be impossible.



As far as the COVID agenda is concerned,on the ethereal planes there was still a negative Octopus entity connected to the surface,which used especially all the media propaganda via radio and television,as a carrier wave to get into people's minds and thus also manifest the idea of compulsory vaccination.

COVID 议程而言,在虚无的层面上,仍然有一个负面的章鱼实体与地表相连,它特别利用所有通过广播和电视进行的媒体宣传,作为载波进入人们的思想,从而也体现了强制接种疫苗的想法。

However,there was also counterwork from the Light Forces and in combination with the Ley Line activation the physical resistance against these plans is rising:



If you have vaccinated yourself(which I still do not advise anyone to do)or friends and family members who have had vaccinations despite all the warnings,you can ask the Pleiadians to intervene energetically to neutralize the side effects of the vaccine as best as they can.


Another current topic are natural disasters such as floods which are occurring all around the world at the moment:


Many of them are engineered,including the severe flooding in Central Europe.


The agenda is already clear;the disasters are to be blamed on climate change.However,it could rather have the opposite effect,namely that people notice how governments have massively failed in forewarning,especially in Germany.


It also raises awareness of weather manipulation(here in this video recorded on July 19 you can see a radar pulse near the city of Kassel,Germany,followed by a storm front that follows exactly the path of the pulse):


But it's not just physical weather manipulation,it is also linked somehow to the Fall of Atlantis.


These catastrophes were already predicted by remote viewers at the beginning of July:


Currently,parts of Earth's ethereal plains are completely flooded with water and this then manifests into physical.It must be said that the Light Forces have already mitigated this scenario,because these floods should have been much more drastic.But it is not over yet;the water is still on a high level energetically.Many Starseeds also report about dreams of floods as well as seeing and thinking of water all the time.


You could therefore also go in a meditation to place Light Pillars on the affected areas or generally on the oceans,lakes and rivers to calm them down.


And another thing,especially after nights full of astral operations(which you may remember)it is recommended to check if you have not been neutralized.If you often dream of being locked away in dungeons or vaults,then the Dark Ones may have captured you on the etheric planes.



That way,they want to take you out of the game,especially now during these decisive battles.Therefore,it is also advisable to go into meditation and imagine how you escape from there in order to get back onto the field.




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