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2021年4月和5月,光明势力最近的几次进程|theunveiling33Just as Cobra does not write much recently,most people are held back for several reasons to push out the truth.The cabal is obsessed with finding out details about connections they can establish from analysing such posts.It is like someone telling of these processes also has a connection the cabal can use to invade the Lightforces who are responsible for that specific process.So it is hard to write and give more insightsright now although it has to work,as people need to be informed and communications have to be secured against cabal-invasion sooner or later anyway.


So several recent processes include:


  • Positive military is still freeing massive amounts of children and hostages from inner Earth parts inhabited by the cabal.It is like in a bad horror movie but they really hijacked children and virgins and try to use their sexual energies for their purposes.These people are monsters.Unfulfilled love and sex is what these Zeta Reticulans and other members of the NAA harvest the most loosh/consciousness energy with.Humanity would go insane in high percentages if they were to witness what those children and hostages underground have gone through.Some(also alien hostages)were transferred to confederational ships right away because the torture would have been incurable on the surface.The heaviest positive military soldiers who have slain some of those monsters partly still get traumata they were trained against,it is heavily disturbing for even the most stable characters.And the cabal are making fun of the torture and pride themselves with how hard it is for the victims.It is certainly unbelievable and indescribable here how sick the cabal really is.Starseeds are partly assisting in guiding the positive military through and providing support for the victims and soldiers in addition to transference to the ships or in case of the cabal to the central sun.
  • 积极的军事力量仍在将大量的儿童和人质从阴谋集团居住的地心地带解救出来。就像在一部糟糕的恐怖电影中一样,他们真的劫持了儿童和处女,并试图利用他们的性能量来达到他们的目的。这些人是怪物。这些未实现的爱和性是这些齐塔人和NAA的其他成员获得最松散/意识能量的地方。如果他们目睹这些儿童和人质在地下经历的一切,人类将在很大程度上发疯。击毙了部分怪物的最重的积极军事士兵仍然受到他们训练所针对的创伤,即使是最稳定的角色也会感到非常不安。阴谋集团也在取笑这种折磨,并为受害者的痛苦而自豪。这里的阴谋集团的病态确实令人难以置信,难以形容。星际种子在一定程度上帮助积极的军队渡过难关,并为受害者和士兵提供支持,此外,他们还被转移到飞船上,或者在阴谋集团被转移到中央太阳的情况下,为受害者和士兵提供支持。
  •     The cabal still unsuccessfully wants to establish another nazi-scheme WWIII.Starseeds and lightworkers are being bombarded with psychoterror in such directions to get their consiousness into believing that nazi's were right and jews need to be terminated in the world.Needless to say that despite the parasitic contamination the whole holocaust/WWII drama was staged by the cabal and the chimera.The real parasites are not really humans but Zetas and other member species of the NAA.Those humans taken over and going in pact with these aliens are definitely problems but they are of course not just jews or other specific human races.Basically those in pact will probably remain generally unidentifiable by usual humans.So all wars were of course just fueling the NAA's need for more energy.There have been interferences to hold back that kind of war in the Ukraine and the Middle East at all costs.Very high alien influences were issued towards key persons of the conflict,making them understand who wants war and that there is no reason for it but only the chimera themselves wanting it.Those persons understood that their‚own'reasons were an illusion.No real human would ever declare war or laws/judgements which are then creating a lot of misery for other humans.It is rather NAA/alien manipulation which then gets humans to take inhumane decisions apart from those humans who really went in pact with the cabal,who will deceptively do everything to create inhumane circumstances for many.So we are still successfully preventing the worst until compression breakthrough finally allows the Lightforces to actually land without being taken out immediately by strange technology no human officially knows about yet(nano,etc.).
  • 阴谋集团仍然没有成功地建立另一个纳粹计划的第三次世界大战。星际种子和光之工作者正在这样的方向上遭受精神恐怖的轰炸,以使他们的意识相信纳粹是正确的,犹太人需要在这个世界上被终结。不用说,尽管寄生虫污染整个大屠杀/二战戏剧是由阴谋集团和奇美拉上演。真正的寄生虫不是真正的人类,而是齐塔人和 NAA 的其他成员物种。那些接管并与这些外星人签订协议的人类肯定是个问题,但他们当然不仅仅是犹太人或其他特定的人类种族。基本上,那些达成协议的人通常不会被人类识别出来。所以所有的战争当然都是为 NAA 提供更多能源的需求。不惜一切代价阻止在乌克兰和中东发生这种战争的干涉。非常高的外来势力影响了冲突的关键人物,使他们明白谁想要战争,没有理由发动战争,只有怪兽自己想要战争。这些人明白他们自己的理由只是一种幻觉。没有一个真正的人类会宣布战争或者法律/判决,然后给其他人类带来很多痛苦。而是 NAA/外星人操纵使人类做出不人道的决定,而不是那些真正与阴谋集团达成协议的人,他们会欺骗性地做一切事情,为许多人创造不人道的环境。因此,我们仍然成功地防止了最坏的情况,直到压缩技术的突破最终使光之军能够真正着陆,而不必被人类尚未正式知晓的奇异技术(纳米等)立即消灭
  • In the same turn as liberation of the inner Earth parts proceeds,the Lightforces are advancing in locating the top-cabal and cutting their resources down there which has side-effects of cabal-influenced parts of the human hierarchies getting more nervous and setting off harder measurements towards humans were they can which is averted to a high degree as well.
  • 随着地心部分的解放继续进行,光明势力正在前进,寻找最高的阴谋集团并削减他们在那里的资源,这产生了阴谋集团影响的副作用,人类等级的部分变得更加紧张,对人类进行更难的测量,如果他们可以的话,也可以避免到很高的程度
  • More and more departures of cabal in the etheric and astral are taking place already.Cobra talks of several hundred demonic entities per human though the concentrations are higher for key lightworkers and key humans in general of course.The Central Sun connection is getting stronger.If you feel guided that way,please do the meditation stated on the Portal for mass meditations as often as you can.As described there,it deepens the connection of the Central sun to Earth as well as the connection of and to all Lightforces involved.It also helps in identifying and removing those entities and cabal in the etheric and astral around yourself.
  • 在以太和星体层中,越来越多的阴谋集团的离开已经在发生。柯博拉谈到每个人有几百个恶魔实体,当然关键的光之工作者和一般的关键人类的浓度更高。中央太阳的连接越来越强。如果你觉得有这样的引导,请尽可能多地做传送门上所说的大众冥想的冥想。正如在那里所描述的,它加深了中央太阳与地球的连接,以及所有相关的光明势力的连接。它也有助于识别和移除你周围以太和星体层中的那些实体和阴谋集团
  •     Infusals of varied higher energies were tested several times by now.Actually these are tests which have to be accomplished before the Event can safely happen.It has to be verified that those energies are purely beneficial for the liberation and the innocent parts of the surface population.Basically that is already the energies of the Event in small doses and several people concile it with more intense Schuhmann resonance and more effects getting visible.Also some people might have sensed energy infusal in their bodies in the last days,feeling lighter for short periods of time.As positive as that is,there are tendencies observed which obviously still delay the Event right now and have delayed it up to now.As laid open previously in some posts here,the high contamination of big parts of humanity is a problem which right now hinders and delays general measures like such energy infusals and the Event itself.General measures are a problem because the cabal will inevitably profit by them at the moment.You could say the chimera prepared for it and they will profit more from some kinds of general measures than the hostages and innocent population.They even used the energy of these tests partly to gain more control over the innocents and create harder attacks towards key lightworkers.So general measures will continue to be a problem for some time as the cabal can and will use the main part of the surface population to siphon these energies for their goals.There are tendencies which point to the event becoming more selective in respect to those people who are not serving the cabal only.Those tendencies stem from to heavy imbalances in fulfillment if cabal servants would receive.All of that still results in a delay but the Event will be much better for the people who actually worked for and are part of the liberation-lightworkers and Starseeds-as well as for the innocents among humanity.The cabal will thereby be completely stopped from profiting from the Lightforces presence which is desperately needed for a true liberation from the cabal.This measure will also counteract the cabals plans to exclude key lightworkers and Starseeds from the good effects of the Event as far as they could.Though the cabal would not be able to ascend with humans elevated by those energies,they want to still influence enough humans and entities to block those humans and hostages which need the liberation most from ascending.What they want is again to continue their absolute torture towards those most sabotaged lightworkers,regardless of the Event and the advancements of the Lightforces and intensify that problem by making all other humans profit from those energies while key lightworkers do not.The cabal are already gathering more demonic entities around those key lightworkers to cancel every positive effect that could be established by those energies that they analysed so far.This is of course not possible with a more selective event which then would first secure a safe ascension to those key lightworkers whom the cabal wants to put aside from the liberation at all costs.So these were pretty much some of the core reasons why the Event could not happen yet.
  • 到现在为止,各种更高能量的注入已经测试了好几次。实际上,这些是在事件安全发生之前必须完成的测试。必须证实,这些能量纯粹是有益于解放和地面人口中无辜的部分。基本上,这已经是小剂量的事件能量,一些人将其与更强烈的舒曼共振和更多的可见效应相协调。还有一些人可能在最后几天感觉到了能量注入他们的身体,在短时间内感觉更轻松。尽管这是积极的,但观察到的一些趋势显然仍然使现在的事件推迟,并使它推迟到现在。正如之前在这里的一些帖子中公开的,人类大部分的高度污染是一个问题,它现在阻碍和延迟了一般的措施,如能量灌注和事件本身。一般的措施是一个问题,因为阴谋集团将不可避免地从中获利。你可以说,chimera为此做好了准备他们会从一些一般性措施中获得比人质和无辜民众更多的好处。他们甚至利用这些测试的能量,在一定程度上获得对无辜者的更多控制,并对关键的光之工作者制造更猛烈的攻击。所以一般的措施在一段时间内仍将是一个问题,因为阴谋集团可以并且将使用地表人口的主要部分吸取这些能量来实现他们的目标。对于那些不只为阴谋集团服务的人来说,有一些趋势表明事件变得更加有选择性。如果阴谋集团的仆人能得到满足,那么这些倾向就来自于实现方面的严重不平衡。所有这些仍然会导致延迟,但是事件将会对那些真正为解放而工作并成为解放一部分的人们——光之工作者和星之种子——以及人类中的无辜者更好。因此,阴谋集团将完全停止从光明势力的存在中获利,而光明势力的存在是阴谋集团真正解放所迫切需要的。这一措施也将抵消阴谋集团将关键的光之工作者和星之种子排除在事件良好影响之外的计划。尽管阴谋集团不能与那些被这些能量提升的人类一起提升,但他们仍然想要影响足够多的人类和实体来阻止那些最需要提升解放的人类和人质。他们想要的是继续他们对那些最受破坏的光之工作者的绝对折磨,不管事件和光明势力的进展,并通过让所有其他人类从这些能量中获利而关键的光之工作者却没有,来加剧这个问题。阴谋集团已经在那些关键的光之工作者周围聚集了更多的恶魔实体,以抵消他们目前分析的那些能量可能产生的所有积极影响。这当然是不可能的,因为一个更有选择性的事件将首先确保那些关键的光之工作者的安全提升,而阴谋集团想不惜一切代价将他们的解放搁置一边。这些都是事件还没有发生的主要原因。
  •  Creation of bodies to travel to the Earth surface,which are actually the Goddess herself adapting to the biosphere,are proceeding.Supporting the selective help described above,those bodies will soon be descending to the surface to create actual and graspable support by the Lightforces and the Goddess herself.This process is difficult as well as some bodies actually grew slight malformings according to chimera influence.Their influence can be seen as a gradual contamination of life energies which then results in subtle negative mutations in some bodies with different ingredients tested.It was unknown for many how far that maleficient influence of the chimera reaches even into the purest energies.However a few key persons will soon be able to welcome the Goddess herself on Earth as parts of her soul will ensoul those bodies.They are currently learning to live here as humans,they are growing up in'fast forward'to actually be able to interact in a non-disturbing and comfortable way with humanity.There will be bodies for several purposes and several races coming as soon as they are stable enough both in structure and behaviour.Needless to say the chimera already wants to intercept and rape those bodies,which might delay their descent as this operation needs to be absolutely fail-safe,we do not need any more hostages.
  • 创造身体旅行到地球表面,这实际上是女神自己适应生物圈,正在进行。支持上面描述的选择性帮助,这些身体将很快下降到地表,以创造实际的和可以理解的支持,由光明势力和女神自己。由于奇美拉的影响,这个过程是困难的,有些身体实际上长出了轻微的畸形。它们的影响可以被看作是生命能量的逐渐污染,然后导致一些被测试的不同成分的身体出现微妙的负突变。很多人都不知道这个怪物的邪恶影响到底有多大,甚至到达了最纯净的能量。然而,一些关键人物将很快能够在地球上欢迎女神本人,因为她灵魂的一部分将赋予那些身体灵魂。他们目前正在学习作为人类生活在这里,他们在"快进"中成长,实际上能够以一种非干扰和舒适的方式与人类互动。一旦身体在结构和行为上足够稳定,就会出现几个身体和几个种族。不用说,喀迈拉已经想要拦截和强奸这些尸体,这可能会延误他们的降落,因为这次行动需要绝对安全,我们不需要更多的人质



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