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In short succession, both FM144 and Cobra have given an important update on the planetary situation. Cobra confirms that the Draco fleet and the Illuminati Breakaway Complex have both been wiped out and that "The main problem now remaining is the Chimera with their advanced exotic military technologies, especially quantum superposition toplet bombs." FM144 writes: "Soul Parts of many Key Lightworkers are being recovered, which the Dark Ones absorbed during the invasion of Atlantis (and also later on) to manifest many incarnations of prosperity and success (e.g. for many Illuminati artists), while the affected Lightworkers only experienced incarnations of struggle and destitution."


On the surface the Cabal is also under fire. Purdue Pharma, producer of the pain killer OxyContin and catalyst of the opioid crisis in the United States, has settled on 3 legal charges for 8.34 billion US dollars. Many Americans got addicted to the opioid and in total some 420,000 US citizens have died from a drug overdose since 2000. Other American producers of pain medication are also being sued.


Then there is the interview of Tank with Kimberly Ann Goguen where Kim mentions Rothschilds, generals of the Order of the Black Sun and top bankers having been eliminated in their respective meetings. Some people cheered that all Rothschild heads of family are dead and gone, but that is an inaccurate conclusion; Evelyn and Jacob Rothschild did not physically attend the family meeting in Zug, Switzerland, but were calling in and are still alive, the ones who were physically present at the meeting however were indeed killed. The Order of the Black Sun is a worldwide secret society that I didn't specifically mention before, and it is of a higher denomination than other secret societies such as the Rosicrucians, Loggia P3 or Ordo Templi Orientis. It is in fact the highest level organisation of the physical Cabal, higher than the Vatican, the Jesuits and the Black Nobility, and is working directly for the Chimera. The leaders of the Order of the Black Sun have telepathic contact with the Chimera. This organisation is especially involved in human sacrifice and extreme forms of bloodshed and violence in their rituals and is energetically the most closely related to the Chimera.

然后是塔克对金伯利--戈根的采访,金提到了罗斯柴尔德,黑太阳骑士团的将军们,以及在各自的会议中被淘汰的顶级银行家。一些人欢呼所有罗斯柴尔德家族的首脑都死了,但这是一个不准确的结论;伊芙琳和雅各布·罗斯柴尔德没有亲自出席在瑞士祖格举行的家庭会议,而是打电话来,而且还活着,但那些亲自出席会议的人确实被杀了。黑太阳骑士团是一个世界性的秘密组织,我以前没有特别提到过,它的教派比其他秘密社团,如玫瑰十字会, P3或奥多圣殿骑士团都要高。事实上,它是物质阴谋集团的最高级别组织,高于梵蒂冈、耶稣会士和黑色贵族,直接为奇美拉工作。黑太阳骑士团的领袖们与奇美拉有心灵感应的接触。这个组织在仪式中特别涉及到人类祭祀和极端形式的流血和暴力,在能量上与奇美拉关系最密切。

October 31 is the next 144k meditation to counteract black rituals during Halloween:


144K Mass Meditation Part I: Blue Moon Peak, Hunter's Moon exact conjunct Uranus



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