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Why Wait Until October To Declassify?



X22 Report X22报告


'The X22 Report gives current political daily news. Please

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X22视频2299解读| “王牌”正在打出……享受节目~观点

Why wait until October to declassify Hillary's 33,000 e-mails that she tried to have destroyed with bleach-bit?Why wait until October to declassify Hunter's connection with Burisma?


Why wait until October to declassify those involved with Spygate?Why wait until October to show that Hillary paid for this?


We are told to'Enjoy the show!'


Before this pandemic even started,if we told people,'This show is about a theory involving a Deep State who will create an illness pandemic.Everyone will be made to stay at home.No one can go to work or leave home.


Everyone will have to wear a face mask.Everyone will think the plague hit.The mainstream media will be brutal on the President blaming him for the plague coming to our shores.


During all of this,protests will turn into riots.The riots will turn into chaos in the streets,burning buildings and murders.


Then,Mayors and Governors will say,'There is nothing we can do about this.'They will tell their police force to stand down,and not to interfere with these looters,rioters and murderers.This will continue for months and months."


If people were told this,they would think someone was out of their mind for suggesting such a notion.


People cannot be told,they must be shown.The people must be shown what the DS had planned for the country,the whole world.Everything we have experienced during the past 8 months is a fraction of what the DS has planned for us.

人们不能被告知,他们必须被展示出来。必须向人们展示 DS 为这个国家和整个世界计划了什么。在过去的8个月里,我们所经历的一切只是 DS 为我们计划的一小部分。

Why wait until October to expose the truth?


Steve Scully was an intern for Joe Biden years ago.He was slated to be the 2nd Presidential debate moderator.Last week,he sent out a tweet to Scaramucci asking how he should handle Trump.Instead of it being a private conversation,Scully sent it out on his public Twitter page.It was up for hours.

史蒂夫·斯库利多年前是乔·拜登的实习生。他被提名为第二次总统辩论的主持人。上周,他发了一条推特给斯卡拉穆奇,询问他应该如何应对特朗普。这不是一次私人谈话,而是发布在他的公共 Twitter 页面上。已经好几个小时了。

Finally,his whole account was taken down and that tweet was removed.Later,Scully claimed his account was hacked and someone posted that tweet.Ironically,his account was'hacked'twice before;once in 2012 and another in 2013.He blamed his tweets on a hack job.Is he lying about these hacks?


If he is lying,how can he be a debate moderator?If he's telling the truth,shouldn't this event be reported to the FBI for further investigation?Wouldn't this be considered'election interference?'Thankfully for Steve Scully,(and Joe Biden)the October 15,debate has been called off.


'The X22 Report gives current political daily news. Please

Please watch or listen to this video for the rest of the report.’

Trump has received another endorsement.The Florida Police Chief's Association has never endorsed a presidential candidate until now.President Trump believes in Law&Order.This is why the Police Officers are endorsing him.


Flynn never had charges against him that would stick against the rule of law.The Patriots knew this but needed the people to see it.People are wondering why Judge Sullivan isn't releasing Flynn when the prosecutors already have.Why is a judge acting as a prosecutor?You can't just tell the people,they must be shown.


Someone caught Rick Wilson with Project Lincoln,who is not a Trump supporter,dining with Peter Strzok.Why?Sara Carter tweeted out they are working on coup 3.0!More lies require more cover-ups.This is how they get caught!


Reporters keep asking Biden about packing the Supreme Court.Why does he keep dodging the question?Finally,one reporter engaged in a conversationn with Biden.


Biden:"You are probably asked by the viewers who are Republicans who don't want me continuing to talk about what they're doing to the court right now."


The reporter asked him directly,"…Don't the voters deserve to know?"


Biden adamantly said,"NO THEY DON'T!I'm not gonna play his game?"


So Biden,if elected by the voters,doesn't believe the voters deserve to know if he will pack the courts.Doesn't he represent the voters!They have every right to know his plan.


Didn't we see this a few years back when Nancy Pelosi said the American people don't need to know what is in ObamaCare until it is passed?We know that was a disaster for the middle and upper class!


FDR's own party told him he could not pack the Supreme Court because it would destroy it.Here we are with the radical Left Democrats pushing Biden to do this.Is he too weak to fight them off?


Digital Soldiers are everywhere!The radical Left thought they could use Social Media to their advantage,but they underestimated the power of the Digital Solders.We stand for law and order.We fight for truth.We call out hypocrisy and bias censorship.


Is this why Facebook,Twitter,You-Tube,etc.,keep changing the terms of service,so they can shut down Digital Soldiers in anyway they can?What else are Conservatives to believe?

这就是为什么 FacebookTwitterYou-Tube 等网站不断改变服务条款,这样他们就可以随心所欲地关闭数字士兵了吗?保守党还能相信什么?

We know mail-in voting has been a huge problem with duplicates,the deceased,mis-printed and fabricated ballots.More and more stories are being reported about mail-in fraud.


In Michigan,there were 6,145 absentee ballots which must be replaced due to one candidate's name being left off.In Ohio,almost 50,000 voters received wrong absentee ballots.


We learned Richard Grenell's Twitter account was locked(by Twitter)because he tweeted out that someone in California received two ballots.Twitter complained that Ric publicly exposed the address which goes against the rules.However,Ric received permission from the voter.


In another account from Richard Grenell,he said,"German journalist living in the US(with no US voting rights)received multiple ballots in the mail."This is outrageous!There is so much voter fraud!

在另一份来自 Richard Grenell 的报道中,他说,"居住在美国的德国记者(没有美国投票权)收到了邮寄的多张选票。"这太过分了!选举舞弊现象太多了!

Trump exposed voter fraud in North Carolina.People have been arrested for dumping mail,some of which held ballots.Voting in person is the only safeguard against voter fraud!


Trump found the cure for COVID-19 so no one should be afraid to go to the polls and vote.


'The X22 Report gives current political daily news.

Please watch or listen to this video for the rest of the report.’

North Korea had a military parade on Saturday.The MSM in South Korea,part of the DS,reported that North Korea had unveiled a previously unseen ICBM missle during the parade.The end game was to create fear in the people.

朝鲜在周六举行了阅兵式。作为 DS 的一部分,韩国的 MSM 报告说,朝鲜在阅兵式上展示了一枚前所未见的洲际弹道导弹。最后的游戏是在人民中制造恐惧。

Post 4828(October 7,2020)says,'Do you remember when the media had wall to wall[live in fear]coverage re:NK?Do you remember when Hawaii'accidentally'sounded the incoming missile alarm?What happened?NK no longer a nuclear threat?Mountain collapse?China seeking NK commitment to fire short[long]-range ballistic missile(s)pre_election?IF the story is true,all they can do is parade the missile shells around.NK is no longer a nuclear threat!


Iran is deploying ALL assets and Trump knows this.Iran knows Trump will win the election and when he does,it will be game over for them!He is not running for re-election,he will win,then he will round up the crooks.This is why it is a show.


Trump is cured from COVID.He received a letter of release from his physician.He is no longer considered a transmission risk to others.


He is medication-free and is feeling great.Trump can't get it again.He can't give it to anyone.Why isn't this front page news?Why can't the 2nd debate go on?


The WHO is back-flipping on the lockdowns.Now they are saying they condemn the coronavirus lockdowns that they are creating more global poverty.Well,duh!


Isn't this in direct contrast of the WHO chief when back in April,gave his full support to the lockdowns and also warned about lifting them too soon?Why the backflipping?


Dr.Simone Gold,the front line doctor who was fired for speaking in support of HCQ,tweeted,"…19 of the 20 areas with the highest COVID-19 cases have a mandatory mask mandate."

一线医生 Simone Gold 博士因为支持 HCQ 而被解雇,他在推特上说:"......2019冠状病毒疾病病例最多的20个地区中有19个地区强制要求戴口罩。"

What do masks do?We know there are no facts to support mask material to be effective in keep COVID at bay.Joe Biden lowered his mask to cough in his hand then raised his mask back up.Why did he do this if masks are there to protect from the spread of germs?Did he shake someone's hand afterward?Masks are a germfest!


Trump was on Rush Limbaugh and made mention of Pompeo needing to release the Hillary's 33,000 emails.Then Pompeo came on Fox news saying he has them and will release them.Hillary said they were not classified,but in the documents,it clearly states her emails were indeed classified!

特朗普在拉什·林堡(Rush Limbaugh)节目上提到庞皮欧需要公开希拉里的3.3万封电子邮件。然后庞皮欧来到福克斯新闻说,他有他们,并将释放他们。希拉里说这些邮件不属于机密,但是在这些文件中清楚地表明她的邮件确实属于机密!

Nancy Pelosi had a$500,000–1 million dollar stake in Crowdstrike who said the Russians hacked into the DNC.Why is it so important for all this to be exposed in October?

南希·佩洛西在 Crowdstrike 拥有价值50万至100万美元的股份,她说俄罗斯黑进了民主党全国委员会。为什么所有这些在10月份公之于众如此重要?

X22视频2299解读| “王牌”正在打出……享受节目~观点Riots will begin being ramped up in Lafayette park during and after the election.People are saying some are being put up in hotels.Do Hillary's emails have anything to say about Soros?ANTIFA?Can this be used against them?How do we get the MSM to cover the corruption especially if they are involved?


This is where the TRUMP card comes in.Timing is everything!With the election in view,people are now paying attention.What will the people do when they get to read Hillary's emails?What will be discovered?


October 9,2020,Trump tweeted out,"TRUMP CARD Cloudburst Entertainment."This movie just came out.Have you seen it?


Post 2936"At what stage in the game do you play the TRUMP card?"The time is now!Enjoy the show!


'The X22 Report gives current political daily news.

Please watch or listen to this video for the rest of the report.’

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观点:JoLynn LiveC-VINE 撰稿人(基于突发新闻报道和 X22报道观点)



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