FM144|13.05.2020 形势更新

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FM144|13.05.2020 形势更新

Tension increases as the COVID-19 narrative gets riddled with plot holes and the everyday situation becomes more and more ludicrous.


FM144|13.05.2020 形势更新
We are currently experiencing an unequalled information war,in which everything and everyone is defamed,deleted,removed who dares to question the narrative.And there is definitely also an infight going on when(after various doctors and scientists)even clerics are now also dismissed as conspiracy theorists:


More and more people worldwide are protesting(mostly peaceful)against the lockdown,although they are sometimes faced with excessive police measures:


Many governments are currently trying to save face in order not to be held responsible for the consequences of their actions(i.e.crashing the economy,more causes of death by lockdown than by the virus itself…with real impacts yet to come):


Possibly they want so save themselves into a second wave,after all they are still working on the agenda in the background:


With Mr.Gates talking about pandemic 2 after pandemic 1 which could be accomplished via a(this time officially)bioterrorist attack:


And reports of new chains of infection in China:


Situation is also used to implement the latest technical equipment for surveillance by the Cabal and negative military:


While the Chimera is also aiming high with 5G:


We live in the Matrix and there is always a playbook:


The situation is heating up and the Light Forces are currently keeping a very low profile when it comes to giving out information,but it is also a fact that current events are pulling down the masks of governments and mass media,revealing the ugly Cabal controlled grimace beneath which will wake even more people up.


The Pleiadians have announced that they will not allow forced vaccinations.


And furthermore it seems that the chaos on the surface,besides the goal to make it more difficult for the Light Forces to take over,also serves as a distraction.As already mentioned,a part of the Dark Ones have dug in under the surface to hold out the Event:


The Reptilians,however,seem to want to use the current chaos to prepare their evacuation.The plan was to use still existing portals and teleportation chambers in order to escape to hollowed out asteroids away from Earth.They wanted to take human hostages with them as protection,but the whole plan fell apart as several underground facilities both on land and offshore were cleaned up by the Light Forces during the last weeks.


FM144|13.05.2020 形势更新

According to the Light Forces,war is going on,and things are heating up as the Event approaches.The fact that the Reptilians want to leave the planet should be seen as a good sign.


Regarding the question of whether it is a good idea to spiritually approach the main players of the world stage,and whether,by doing so,violating their free will:These players have violated the free will of billions of Souls for thousands of years,and they are still doing it…so Starseeds shouldn't worry about free will,when trying to intervene.


As Starseeds/Lightworker/Light Warrior,it is your mission to intervene.When a policeman rushes to help someone who is being robbed by a thief,he does not worry about the thief's free will either,he simply intervenes,because it's his job.


But one should still be careful when targeting main players.


Physical members of the Cabal are energetically monitored and protected by the Grid and the Archons.Furthermore,a lot of them have also employed physical persons(who are clairvoyant)for energetic protection who are able recognize such energetic processes.


This means that one should definitely protect oneself really well energetically and also make oneself invisible on ethereal levels,before carrying out such operations.Otherwise the Grid will strike back.But if you know how to protect yourself well and energetically maintain a low profile,then yes,you can approach main players.


FM144|13.05.2020 形势更新

You can also ask the positive(White)High Magicians of the Light Forces for support.High Magicians are nothing other than beings who have mastered the control of the elements through the power of thought.These beings are very strong,trained in combat magic and also involved in the Liberation Process of the Planet,as this battle is mainly fought on the occult level too.


FM144|13.05.2020 形势更新

The Light Forces continue to ask the Starseeds on the surface to remain calm,no matter what happens outside in the near future.




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