2023年6月9日: 地球上一片哗然,表演时间启动了新一季的攻坚战|星际飞船地球

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 June 9, 2023
星际飞船地球: 大图2023年6月9日

2023年6月9日: 地球上一片哗然,表演时间启动了新一季的攻坚战|星际飞船地球

It’s Friday, and the end of a big, big week—with big moves. Boris Johnson and the BBC chairman both resigned.

今天是周五,这个重要的一周结束了,鲍里斯•约翰逊(Boris Johnson)和 BBC 主席都辞职了。


Of course there was the news that Trump has been indicted. Such BS.


And what about this one?


The Patriots are on the offense, and the enemy is striking out with anything they can muster. They are bound and determined to remove any possibility Donald Trump could reenter the White House and to show him they mean business, they took out the family of key donors in a private plane crash, if the information we’re getting is correct.


When things don’t add up, it usually means foul play was involved and it was too coincidental to be believed. My gut feeling was that it was a hit, because it’s classic cabal. They don’t go after their enemies, they make them suffer by going after their innocent families and pets.


Mr. Pool posted on Telegram in a private group:

Pool 先生在一个私人小组的电报上发帖说:

They were killed by the FBI.



In the recent past we believe there were situations when the Patriots were going to make an aggressive move but the cabal made threats and so the plan was nixed. The awakened were disappointed, disillusioned, critical, and dejected as a result of our expectations being dashed on the rocks.


This time, at this point in the war, we will see if those tactics still work. I’m thinking, and hoping, that the Alliance has sufficiently defanged the monster and that aside from the odd mind-controlled sleeper cell deployed to shoot or stab people or blow up a building, that they have nothing left to threaten with. It would be difficult to know what sort of booby traps the psychopaths set unless someone came forward with information. From what we hear about the sheer number of those weaponized Humans, if we waited for them all to be deployed, we would be waiting years. We must push forward.


White House Grampa posted this June 8:


2023年6月9日: 地球上一片哗然,表演时间启动了新一季的攻坚战|星际飞船地球

Regardless of retaliatory moves from the enemy, it’s happening much faster now, folks. The war is real. Patience! Misinformation is necessary and real. Link to Telegram.


In the Art of war.战争的艺术。
Even though mind bending.即使精神扭曲。
Misinformation is real.错误信息是真的。
Until the curtain is drawn.直到幕布拉开。
Comms will continue in the meantime. 与此同时,通讯会继续。

Between Q drops and Trump we have been apprised all along in general terms of what is happening, why, and what to expect—as much as was possible while honouring national security.

在 Q 点和特朗普之间,我们一直被告知正在发生什么、为什么发生以及将会发生什么ーー在尊重国家安全的同时,尽可能多地了解情况。

We have our background foundation, our logic, our discernment, our decode training, and our imaginations. If we respect the situation, the tenuous position of those in charge and in the trenches fighting on our behalf, and the safety of all concerned, we can see that we are privileged to be here at this monumental moment in history, which is simultaneously the past and the future. We are all responsible for our attitude and our actions and hopefully will be proud of what we accomplished and how we grew along the way.


I think it’s clear “this is it”. I would say the storm is indeed upon us. If it isn’t, what the heck will the storm be like? Trump is the spokesman and he told us things are going to change. Evil will be vanquished.


We’re all aware of fires, but this map is unbelievable. NASA map—the whole world? Link to Telegram.

我们都知道火灾,但这张地图令人难以置信。美国宇航局地图ーー全世界? 链接到电报。

False Flags. Arsons. Deliberate.


One World Government.


I found it on Twitter.


This retired Nova Scotia fire fighter tells the truth about the fire situation in Canada. He says if politicians tell us they have done everything possible, they are outright lying. Listen to his personal story about trying to organize experienced teams to fight the unique fires in Nova Scotia.


Anyone keeping track of these derailments? On a map? This is Senator Wendy Rogers‘ turf here in Arizona. Link to Telegram.

有人在追踪这些出轨事件吗?在地图上?这是温迪 · 罗杰斯参议员在亚利桑那州的地盘。链接到电报。

Williams Arizona – Train Derailment involving 23 Cars in Coconino County.


According to Coconino County Emergency Management, a BNSF train derailed just east of Williams around 11:20 p.m. Officials say 23 cars derailed and were heavily damaged. The train was carrying new cars, trucks and vans. No one was hurt.

根据科科尼诺县紧急管理中心的消息,一列 BNSF 火车在晚上11:20左右在威廉姆斯东部出轨,官方称有23节车厢出轨并严重受损。火车上装载着新的轿车、卡车和货车。没人受伤。

Is there a threat of an Internet kill switch? Q told us that if there is a blackout, an alternative plan is in effect.

有没有互联网自杀开关的威胁?Q 告诉我们,如果发生大停电,另一个替代方案就会生效。

Here We Go… NASA Warns of Internet Apocalypse that Will Disable Internet for Months



When the whole story is told to the unawakened, and even afterward, it won’t be a matter of telling “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth”. The benevolent forces in charge of our liberation don’t believe Humans can handle it ALL. If you’re an intrepid truthseeker and on Telegram, you might want to check out this post [and others] by Sovereign Redneck Renegade concerning Adrenochrome. It’s a new one on me.


2023年6月9日: 地球上一片哗然,表演时间启动了新一季的攻坚战|星际飞船地球


It may be Friday, but it’s not a slow news day. I can’t keep up so it’s going to be next to impossible to wind down for the weekend.


Canada has a lot of war left to fight. The most difficult battle is waking up the complacent people. They’re clueless. What percentage get that there’s a serious problem which must be addressed?



2023年6月9日: 地球上一片哗然,表演时间启动了新一季的攻坚战|星际飞船地球

Nothing much has changed in Canada and it won’t until people wake the hell up.


Now there is a fight to decide if a Winnipeg landfill will be searched for the remains of two native women reported missing after the remains of one of the three missing surfaced. Who is going to pay for it seems to be the only consideration that matters. Disgusting. While you’re at it, check the local pig farms.


‘Their lives mattered’: Indigenous leaders say landfill search a must after study’s release

“他们的生命很重要”: 土著领导人说研究发布后必须进行垃圾填埋场搜索

Thankfully there are large numbers of people in the Great White Gulag who are awake and aware and fighting the battle for the snoozers. Link to Telegram.


Dear Queen Romana, they just deliberately set a huge fire just miles north of vallhala Ab. That’s where we get our firewood from for heating. Just thought I’d let you know, much love and blissings

亲爱的 Romana 女王,他们故意在 Vallhala Ab 以北几英里处放了一场大火。那是我们取暖用的柴火。只是觉得我应该让你知道,很多的爱和祝福

That is the end of the 80,000 foot view of Terra for today. No smoke from a distant fire or problems here in Paradise Valley, AZ, and it’s still cooler than normal. It’s extraordinary.

这就是今天80,000英尺的 Terra 视野的终点。在 AZ 的天堂谷这里没有远处的火灾或问题产生的烟雾,而且这里仍然比平时凉爽。太不可思议了。

Have a great weekend all; be ready for anything and maintain situational awareness.  ~ BP


2023年6月9日: 地球上一片哗然,表演时间启动了新一季的攻坚战|星际飞船地球


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