2022年3月3日: “疯狂三月”即将来临|星际飞船地球

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乌克兰局势的根据是什么?全球主义者需要它。他们在那里有一场很棒的演出,但是多亏了弗拉基米尔 · 普京和俄罗斯军队,一切都结束了。

 March 3, 2022 2022年3月3日

2022年3月3日: “疯狂三月”即将来临|星际飞船地球

The Q Map points this-a-way in a 3-year delta. Link to Telegram.

Q 映射指向这个方向的3年三角洲。链接到 Telegram。

3 year delta


 2022年3月3日: “疯狂三月”即将来临|星际飞船地球
Full-scale attack.
March Madness.


What is the Ukraine situation based on? The globalists need it. They had a nice gig there, but it’s over, thanks to Vladimir Putin and Russian forces.

乌克兰局势的根据是什么?全球主义者需要它。他们在那里有一场很棒的演出,但是多亏了弗拉基米尔 · 普京和俄罗斯军队,一切都结束了。

As Simon Parkes related, Putin has told his military they are not to engage or harm civilians. That is not what it is about and it is NOT an “invasion”—unless you’re the cabal and it’s your strongholds the Light Forces are destroying. Russian military were directed to destroy the bioweapon facilities the US built there and you can bet after this Covid-19 scamdemic the psychopaths wouldn’t hesitate to unleash another and probably deadly version. If there’s child/Human trafficking, tunnels, underground bases, stolen riches, etc. to liberate then they’ll attend to that as well. The whole Clinton-Biden shit show has to be shut down.

正如西蒙 · 帕克斯所说,普京已经告诉他的军队,他们不会与平民交战或伤害平民。这不是它的本意,也不是一场“入侵”ーー除非你是阴谋集团,而且光明力量正在摧毁你的据点。俄罗斯军方被指示摧毁美国在那里建造的生化武器设施,你可以打赌,在这个2019冠状病毒疾病的骗局之后,精神变态者会毫不犹豫地释放另一个可能是致命的版本。如果有儿童/人口贩卖、隧道、地下基地、偷来的财富等等来解放他们,那么他们也会参与其中。整个克林顿和拜登的狗屁表演必须停止。

Have you seen the Russian coat-of-arms? Link to Telegram.

你见过俄罗斯的盾形纹章吗? 链接到 Telegram。

2022年3月3日: “疯狂三月”即将来临|星际飞船地球

Usually when the dark cabal invades a country and sets up house there it’s because of resources, whether natural or not. The crew really wants us to see this video from Dr. Michael Salla on a “space ark” in Ukraine.

通常,当黑暗势力侵入一个国家并在那里建立家园,是因为资源,不管是自然的还是非自然的。工作人员非常希望我们能看到迈克尔 · 萨拉博士在乌克兰“太空方舟”上的这段视频。

I don’t know why I listened to the so-called State of the Union address because as far as I’m concerned Trump delivered it on Saturday at CPAC but it was good to see first hand the level of theatre these psychos go to in an effort to deceive.


17 Absurd Lies Biden Told During His State Of The Union Speech


And then there is Kamala’s mask and other anomalies. I don’t have the tech to zoom in on this kind of detail but some do. It’s a clown world, to be sure.


The truth about the vaccine, the swabs, the fake Wu-flu threat are all disgusting in their intent and proportion. It seems every day we have more evidence that they ‘knowingly’ orchestrated the entire operation.


We understand from the crew that there are very odd circumstances ongoing in both Hawai’i and Australia. Of course the Great White Gulag to the north is still under some restrictions, too, but it’s opening up and is not as bad as it was.


It’s criminal what Big Pharma and the medical industrial complex have been doing to unsuspecting Humans. It needs to stop NOW, because there has been no true ‘informed consent’. They hide and lie about everything, or lie by omission. You can’t consent to what you don’t know about. That is manipulation. The blanket of indoctrination is so large that we cannot trust anyone but ourselves and a handful of honest doctors who questioned and now advise their patients adequately. Pharmacists, doctors, nurses, psychologists, pharmaceutical reps… all of them have been trained and misinformed by the psychopaths’ system which was designed to harm us, make us suffer, and line their pockets.


The Toronto Police did a press update yesterday about a child porn internet bust. It was a result of a multi-country effort to put these sickos out of commission. Of course, they are the low-hanging fruit. The top of the food chain was in the Vatican, the European “royal” families, and all manner of heads of state, etc. They are putting it in the public eye and telling us that it is the responsibility of each one of us to stop these crimes against children—but of course it’s not limited to children.


47 Canadians charged in sweeping global child sex abuse investigation


Um… what’s with Mike’s foot? Is that a medical boot… to hide a transmitter? Is this the original Mike Pompeo or an actor in a thinner guise?

迈克的脚怎么了?那是医用靴子... 用来藏发射器的吗?这是原版的迈克 · 庞皮欧还是一个伪装更薄的演员?

Phil did a very revealing live show I wouldn’t have missed after completing his mission in record time. He says he was surprised that the enemy is weaker than he even knew.


Mission – March 2, 2022 

任务 -2022年3月2日

2022年3月3日: “疯狂三月”即将来临|星际飞船地球

Investigative Reporter Jon Rappoport did a fantastic article typical of his sardonic view that cuts through the fake news like a hot knife through butter. This is what good writing is all about and Jon is a master. He should be comfortably retired, but keeps cranking out the missives to awaken even the most deeply hypnotized.

调查记者乔恩 · 拉波波特写了一篇精彩的文章,典型地反映了他的讽刺观点,这篇文章像一把热刀切开黄油一样切开了假新闻。这就是好的写作的意义所在,而乔恩是一个大师。他应该已经舒舒服服地退休了,但还是不停地发出信件,以唤醒即使是最深度的催眠。

The Government has isolated, purified, and sequenced Fear


This is so good I had to listen again. Let’s get real, people. How many years are we going to be gullible and docile?


Eli is now nine weeks old. His training is going well and he’s smart, but willful and stubborn, like Mica. I’m stubborn, too, and since I’m bigger—I win! To his credit, he is up from 7.8 lb last Wednesday to 10.3 lb. and I can certainly feel the difference but 13 is average for a Golden male so we have work to do.


One of the most difficult skills to master has been the name. I keep calling him Mica. I can have him running to me from across the house when I call his name. He doesn’t know it’s his name; just that he always gets treats when he is in front of me and I say it.


It’s been like summer here in the valley so we’re spending a lot of time outside and not in my office. Tomorrow and the weekend will be 20 degrees cooler, for some reason, so mornings will be chilly and I will have to do some yard work. Eli has already begun pruning the shrubs. He reminds me of Edward Scissor-Hands with leaves and bits of our bushes flying everywhere in his frenzied assaults.


2022年3月3日: “疯狂三月”即将来临|星际飞船地球

This morning after his early Tazmanian Devil spin around the yard Eli asked to come up in my chair and settle in for a nap so I cradled him in my arms for a bit over tea while I listened to the birds and watched some natural-looking clouds scud across the bright blue canopy. I’m glad the spraying is over because I don’t miss that milky sky.


Eli is very helpful around the house in many ways and even helps with kindling for the fire.


2022年3月3日: “疯狂三月”即将来临|星际飞船地球

Thank you to the crew for keeping the news and updates coming, regardless of what I’m doing or not doing. I’m still trying to source baby gates to keep the wayward explorer contained and so many are “not in stock”. After week one, no accidents in the house. I’m getting good at this.


An unexpected blessing presented this week when the next door neighbours were getting to know Eli and I said I missed my walks and was trying to get a pet stroller but again, the inexpensive ones aren’t available. They had the exact one I was looking for in their garage to give away as the old dog they used it for passed away recently.


They gave it to me, so now I can take Eli for a walk in our own puppy pram. It’s all meshed in so he can’t jump out but he can see all around. He’s already met some of the neighbours and an old hound named Beau. We’re starting with very short walks to the mailbox as Eli doesn’t like to be fenced in but hopefully he will tolerate longer ones soon.


That’s all I have time for today. Sleep is fleeting and the outdoors beckons.  ~ BP

这就是我今天所有的时间。睡眠转瞬即逝,户外的生活在召唤。 ~ BP

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