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你们都在从一种为自己服务的意识,转向越来越多的为他人服务的意识。我们知道这是一个艰难的转变。这正是我们要做的: 一个伟大的转变。这次大觉醒继续前进。这是一个正在发生的大觉醒。

一的服务者|服务他人Om, mani, padme, hum; om, mani, padme, hum; hum, hum. Greetings to you!

Om, mani, padme, hum; om, mani, padme, hum; hum, hum. 问候你!

One Who Serves here, and we are ready to continue to assist you in any way that we can. To be of service in any way that we can. And that, of course, is what you are here to do as well. To be of service more and more.


You are all moving from a sense of Service-to-Self, to more and more Service-to-Others. We know it can be a difficult changeover. And that is exactly what this is: a great changeover. And this Great Awakening continues to move forward. And it is a Great Awakening that is happening.

你们都在从一种为自己服务的意识,转向越来越多的为他人服务的意识。我们知道这是一个艰难的转变。这正是我们要做的: 一个伟大的转变。这次大觉醒继续前进。这是一个正在发生的大觉醒。

And you are on the cusp, we will say, of this great change that is occurring, and able to watch from your point of view, from your vantage point, you are able to watch and to participate directly in this great show that is happening here.


And if you look at it as a show, or a movie, as we have said many times, you are more easily able to handle the changes as they come here. And they are coming fast and furious now. So just allow the process to continue. But know that you are a big part of the process.


We are ready for your questions if you have them. There is no Shoshanna this time. It is just we, the One Who Serves here. But we will do our best to answer your questions if you have them.


Guest: I have a question.

Guest: 我有个问题。

OWS: Yes?

OWS: 好的?

Guest: Last week we were celebrating my wife’s birthday, and we had the whole family over. We are having a birthday part, and I have the whole family over, extended family, and I am sitting there talking with my daughter. They don’t believe in the Galactics as far as I know, or any of that stuff. Then all of a sudden, I hear my daughter say, “I’m hearing people’s thoughts.” It really got my attention, for total recollection is the same thing. And I looked at her and I asked, “Did you hear it in thoughts and it sounds like they are talking, but you looked at their mouth and its not moving?” She said, “Yes, exactly.” And then one of my granddaughters (you know, her daughter) said “Me too.” Then the other granddaughter said, “Well, I don’t have that happen, but I see things before they happen.” Which brings my question: do soul families evolve together?

Guest:上周我们在为我妻子庆祝生日,我们全家都过来了。我们有一个生日的部分,我有全家人,扩大的家庭,我坐在那里与我的女儿交谈。据我所知,他们不相信 Galactics,或者任何类似的东西。然后突然间,我听到我女儿说,“我听到了人们的想法。”它真的引起了我的注意,因为完全的回忆是一回事。我看着她,问道: “你有没有听到他们在想什么,听起来好像他们在说话,但是你看着他们的嘴,他们没有动?”她说: “是的,没错。”然后我的一个孙女(你知道,她的女儿)说: “我也是。”然后另一个孙女说: “嗯,我没有那样的经历,但是我能预见事情的发生。”这就引出了我的问题: 灵魂家族会一起进化吗?

OWS: Most definitely. You are experiencing the Great Changeover that we are speaking of here, as more and more people are realizing, and will continue to realize their gifts that they have always had, but they were not aware of them.


Because of the change in vibration, this is opening up many, many more to those gifts. And they are becoming ready to be able to work with them. You will see this happening more and more across the entire planet, especially with the younger ones coming in. For they are not as ensconced within the programming as some of the older generation. Now that is not to say that those of you that are part of the older generation here will not also experience these great gifts as they come to you, because you are moving into those higher vibrations and holding it longer and longer. And when you do that, that opens up all of these ‘gifts of spirit,’ we will say here. So be ready for it. It is coming.


Guest: Can I ask one more quick question just real fast?


OWS: Yes?


Guest: I found a lot that in my sleep I am dreaming, but I’m using telekinesis to do things. And also a few nights ago I was dreaming that I was just touching people, and not healing them over time like you can do with Reiki. But they were healing instantly. I know we are taught in our sleep, you know, while we are sleeping. Do we practice things too?

Guest: 我发现很多事情,我在睡梦中做梦,但我用心灵遥感来做事情。而且几天前的晚上,我梦见我只是在触摸别人,而不是像你用灵气那样随着时间的推移治愈他们。但是他们很快就痊愈了。我知道我们是在睡梦中被教导的,你知道,当我们睡觉的时候。我们也练习吗?

OWS: In your sleep state? Yes. You are having experiences in your sleep state beyond your conscious knowing self that is accessing your multi-dimensional selves. So yes, you are working definitely in your sleep state. And eventually more and more you will begin to remember moire of those experiences during your sleep state as well.


Guest: Oh, okay. Thank you.

Guest: 哦,好的,谢谢。

OWS: Yes. Would there be other questions here?

OWS:  是的,还有其他问题吗?

Guest: Yes, I have a question.

Guest:  是的,我有一个问题。

OWS: Yes?

OWS: 好的?

Guest: Years ago on a hot night, I had a little bit of an upset stomach. I fell asleep right away. Sometime at night I felt a surge of energy coming from my heart area, slipping into two branches and converging onto the bottom of my spinal column and burning hot, then slipping again and running alongside my legs and converging about the bottoms of my feet, burning hot again. And I had that for a little while. I cannot tell for how long. My question is, what happened to me that night?


OWS: What happened to you is exactly what we gave to The James to give you in your e-mail as he answered this for you. Your Kundalini expression was opening up here and you were having the burning of that Kundalini rising within you. It is the life force within you that rises. And you were experiencing a portion of that. Not the full Kundalini rising, but a portion of that. So be happy! Be grateful that you had this experience.

OWS: 发生在你身上的事情正是我们给詹姆斯在你的电子邮件中给你的,因为他为你回答了这个问题。你们的昆达里尼表达在这里打开,你们正在燃烧你们内在的昆达里尼。是你内在的生命力在上升。你正在经历其中的一部分。不是完整的昆达里尼上升,而是其中的一部分。所以快乐起来吧!感谢你有这样的经历。

And many, many more of you are going to have these experiences as you continue to hold yourselves longer and longer in those vibrational frequencies and your consciousness continues to rise along with it. Be ready, it is happening here.


Does this answer your question?


Guest: It does. Thank you.


OWS: Yes. Would there be other questions here? Nothing further? Then we know there are your e-mail questions.

OWS:好的。这里还有其他问题吗? 没有其他问题了? 那么我们知道这里有你们的电子邮件问题。

Guest: Yes. No. 1: What is the reason so many Hollywood celebs are selling their luxury homes now?

Guest: 是的。1: 为什么现在这么多好莱坞明星都在出售他们的豪宅?

OWS: Because they are seeing the writing on the wall here. They know that their time as celebrities, many of them, is coming to an end here. Because there will not be able to be the haves and the have-notes in your times ahead as the changeover continues to happen in this transition. So those of your celebrities are finding that they need to change with the times here.

OWS: 因为他们看到了墙上的字迹。他们知道,他们作为名人的时代,其中许多人,在这里即将结束。因为在你们之前的时代,不会有拥有者,因为这种转变在这个转变中继续发生。所以那些你的名人们发现他们需要随着时代的变化而改变。

Many of them, though, have also had to relinquish their great expressions of consciousness that they have in terms of being more than others have here, in terms of those large mansions and such. They are having to relinquish this because some of them have actually been arrested and put into house arrest, and these types of things.


You are going to notice more and more of those celebrities that are not able to do what they have always done, because they are not available to do it anymore. Just look and watch. This is changing. You are seeing the new Hollywood celebrities coming on, rather than the old ones, more and more here. That is all we can say on this. We cannot be specific on those particular ones.


Guest: Okay, thank you, and No. 2: How is it that the Galactics can use weaponry to overcome the dark forces?

Guest: 好的,谢谢,第二个问题: 银河人是如何使用武器来战胜黑暗势力的?

OWS: When you think of weaponry, they are not using the weapons as you know it. They are using the forces that they have available to them to overcome the dark forces. But they do not do it in terms of killing and this type of thing, as your forces do here on this planet.

OWS: 当你想到武器的时候,他们并没有使用你所知道的武器。他们正在利用他们所拥有的力量来克服黑暗势力。但是他们不会像你们的军队在这个星球上所做的那样,在杀戮和类似的事情上去做。

They use forces that can repel the forces of the darkness. So that is mostly what they are doing. They are repelling those forces. But as they repel the forces and they send love out to those dark forces, if the dark forces do not accept that love, then it can be very injurious to their health. That is all we can say here. It is not weaponry like you think of. It is more in terms of defensive weaponry.


Although there are those forces that are using these to eliminate, to destroy in many respects, those what you call the ‘deep underground military bases.’ Those are being eliminated. Many have been eliminated, and many yet still are going to be.


Okay, then we are done for the time here, and we are ready to release channel.


We will say here just to continue to allow yourselves to move freely. To let it flow through this transformation that you are all moving through. Because it is a great transformation that you are all experiencing. And the more that you can let go of the programming that holds you and binds you to this illusion of separation, the easier the flow will be for you as you continue to move along here on your journey.


Shanti. Peace be with you.


**Channel: James McConnell 

* * 频道: James McConnell

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