2021年9月26日星期日文摘: 我们从未见过的地球|星际飞船地球

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 Starship Earth: The Big Picture 星际飞船地球: 大局

 September 26, 2021 2021926

2021年9月26日星期日文摘: 我们从未见过的地球|星际飞船地球

Great news!


7 planets in retrograde tomorrow..hold on to your hats..it might be a bumpy day!Coast it out and call IN your guides!

It's raining here in the desert and that's always a good day.


Merkel's out. Finally.


Emmanuel Macron will exploit the power vacuum left in Brussels by the departing Angela Merkel to push forward plans for EU military integration and a bolstered European defence https://t.co/fEp6HogPl5

I see the slogan at the Trump rally changed from Make America Great Again or Keep America Great to something more urgent. "Save America".


2021年9月26日星期日文摘: 我们从未见过的地球|星际飞船地球

The madness is expanding.


They are doubling down. They will use whatever schemes necessary to control us, get us to submit, and shoot us up in this genocide.


Did you ever think you would see the day when they would tell hospitals not to administer what would cure us, only what will kill us? It didn't start this year. It has been their practice for a long time.


Link to Telegram.

链接到 Telegram

Dismantling The Cabal, [25.09.21 13:35]
[ Video ]
Pepper spraying unarmed citizens who were not being a threat, because they're evil psychopaths.



@ discretlingthecabal

Dismantling The Cabal, [25.09.21 14:13]
[Forwarded from Kanuragan Project (Mas Benny)]
[ Video ]
Italian Govt tells every business to stop paying the Unvaccinated – Protest video: Milan 9-25-2021

拆除阴谋集团,[25.09.2114:13][转发自卡努拉根项目(马斯 · 本尼)][视频]意大利政府告诉每个企业停止支付未接种疫苗的抗议视频: 米兰9-25-2021

The Italian government recently announced a mandatory vaccine passport for both the public and private sectors and announced that workers that cannot show a vaccine passport will have their pay withheld.


The government decree will force about 23 million Italian workers to get a "Green Pass," a COVID-19 vaccine certificate issued to those that have been vaccinated, recovered from the virus, or have a recent negative test. Some were concerned that unvaccinated workers would be fired.


● Source: HERE
(https://reclaimthenet.org/italy-tells-employers-to-withhold-pay-for-those-with-no-vaccine-passport/) 2021年9月26日星期日文摘: 我们从未见过的地球|星际飞船地球 @KanuraganProject

来源: HERE ( https://reclaimthenet.org/italy-tells-employers-to-withhold-pay-for-those-with-no-vaccine-passport/)@kanuragan project

This is what the New World Order looks like pic.twitter.com/Nn0f3UjOMP

You have got to be kidding me. Un-human. See how one cop walks around behind them while the others in front talk to them and distract them? These aren't cops, surely. How do they sleep at night? Serve and protect, my ass.


This is what the New World Order looks like pic.twitter.com/Nn0f3UjOMP

There is a lot of push-back for the New World Order. People had to get off the fence and respond.


Situation in Algeria, REVOLUTION in Algeria 2.0Almost everyone is on the streets including police and army demanding that the "rotten government" step down. People must never abdicate their power to any government. pic.twitter.com/pja4Ctm6Vy

Huge demonstration in Rome against the government's vaccine passport, which will become compulsory for work starting in October.The WORLD is waking up to tyranny!🌍 pic.twitter.com/IGh625ecKW

Mr. Pool says…

Pool 先生说..

See what happens in Italy from tomorrow onwards.🔥♾ pic.twitter.com/IrHQB03o63

Again? Really? TP and cleaning products? So they're going to restrict TP and toilet bowl cleaner like last time? What a coincidence. Hey, it worked the first time. There's your warning. Link to Telegram.

又来了?真的吗?卫生纸和清洁用品?所以他们会像上次一样限制 TP 和马桶清洁剂?真是巧啊。嘿,第一次就成功了。这就是你的警告。链接到 Telegram

We have confirmation that some retailers are already limiting the number of items we can buy. It's all by design. I don't know about you, but I have certainly seen a significant rise in my grocery bills over last year.


Does the U.S. Government Blocked China from Sending Something Strange to the Mainland?


Satellite image shows more than SIXTY container ships waiting to dock at jammed LA port: US supply chain crunch forces FedEx to reroute 600K packages a day and Costco to limit purchases of toilet paper, cleaning products and water

卫星图像显示,超过六十艘集装箱船在堵塞的洛杉矶港口等待停靠: 美国供应链紧缩迫使联邦快递每天改变60万件包裹的运输路线,好市多限制卫生纸、清洁用品和水的购买

2021年9月26日星期日文摘: 我们从未见过的地球|星际飞船地球

They've been subtle in some ways to lead us into the corral but their agenda was apparent long ago. Amazon acquired a massive fleet of trucks and drivers to miraculously accommodate all the people on lockdown and the ones still afraid to leave their homes or who refuse to wear a mask or get a "green passport" (what a stupid name) and are banned from retail shops.


Kroger built their new marketplace store with curbside pickup facility long before the scamdemic broke so the planning for that would have taken many months before that. We are now getting postcards in the mail from Kroger/Fry's supermarket and from Door Dash for ordering meals. They offer big discounts to start using their pickup/delivery services. They plan to do the same in the US and everywhere that they are now doing in Australia. Out walking the streets? Your papers, komrade. OBEY! Or we'll beat you into submission.


The People, however, are very creative. Number One posted this. Twitter has stuck him in the corner for three days and he's not allowed to like, comment, etc.


Ingenious. https://t.co/ZcwiqAO6HU

One progressive and dedicated police officer in Oz actually quit his job so he could speak for the many unable to break their silence due to gag orders. He has good advice and speaks about their understanding of the scamdemic within the police force. They get it, and they don't go along with it. Video at the link. 8 min.


Australian Police Officer Speaks for Fellow Officers against Vax


That bit of honesty shows us that the dark knew long ago they would not be able to count on local law enforcement to abuse people in their own community. They use the UN on a large scale, and private thugs on the small scale. The brutality we are seeing in Australia is from mercenaries; rent-a-cops with no compunction about viciously assaulting innocent people. It's just a well-paid job to them and may be part of their "breeding". What kind of man grabs a tiny young woman by the throat and almost lifts her off the ground to enforce an edict that isn't even a law? Not the kind that deserves to walk the Earth. The name says it all: "Predator" security. It's security for the predators.

这一点诚实告诉我们,黑暗势力很久以前就知道,他们不能指望当地执法部门在自己的社区虐待人民。他们大规模地利用联合国,小规模地利用私人暴徒。我们在澳大利亚看到的残暴来自雇佣兵; 雇佣的警察对恶意袭击无辜平民毫不后悔。对他们来说,这只是一份高薪的工作,可能是他们"繁殖"的一部分。什么样的男人会抓住一个年轻女子的喉咙,几乎把她从地上举起来去执行一项甚至不是法律的法令?不是那种值得在地球上行走的人。这个名字说明了一切: "捕食者"安全。这是为了保护捕食者。

2021年9月26日星期日文摘: 我们从未见过的地球|星际飞船地球

You see what Romana Didulo did there? She did a Q. She showed an image, didn't say what she probably knew all along, and got the People to research it. Now we know who attacked civilians in Victoria, and every one who saw that post, Tweets, etc. and comments on blogs like this one will learn from it. They're not police and they're not like us. They will do whatever they're programmed to do and the globalists' minions will not stop them or apply our laws to them.

你看罗曼娜 · 迪杜洛在那儿干了什么?她的成绩是 q。她展示了一张图片,没有说出她可能一直知道的东西,而是让人们去研究它。现在我们知道是谁袭击了维多利亚的平民,每一个看到这个帖子,推特,和博客上的评论的人都会从中吸取教训。他们不是警察,也不像我们。他们会按照程序做任何事情,而全球主义者的爪牙不会阻止他们,也不会对他们适用我们的法律。

Romana also cautions: Link to Telegram

罗曼娜还警告说: 链接到电报

Please, be mindful of #fake and #spliced videos coming out of #Australia.

爱国者们,请注意 # 来自 # 澳大利亚 # # 假的和 # 拼接的视频。

There are Videos from Months ago of Rogue operatives females planted to agitate the Police and get it all on Video – it's the work of those who wish to DeFund the Police.


Since there's a media blackout on what's unfolding down under and WE are the news now, we'll keep sharing what's going on in Oz. Stay strong, people!


Despite Horrifying State Violence, Brave Australians Continue to Resist COVID Police State 

尽管有可怕的国家暴力,勇敢的澳大利亚人继续抵抗 COVID 警察国家

2021年9月26日星期日文摘: 我们从未见过的地球|星际飞船地球

New Canadian Flag from Romana Didulo 罗马纳 · 迪杜洛的新加拿大国旗


Romana was having a little fun with us last night and a discussion about her eyes, including the pupils. Shapeshifting. I told you she's not from around here. Looks can be deceiving and nothing is what it seems. We have off-world help and there are many who have been here for some time. Link to Telegram.

罗曼娜昨晚跟我们开了个小玩笑,还讨论了她的眼睛,包括瞳孔。变形术。我告诉过你她不是本地人。外表有时是会骗人的,没有什么是表里如一的。我们得到了外界的帮助,许多人已经在这里住了一段时间了。链接到 Telegram

Gene Decode did another fascinating update with James Gilliland last night you might want to take in. He jumps into the Australia situation, earthquake, DUMBs, etc. right off the bat and travels the globe from there, winding up with UFO/extraterrestrial topics. 1 hr.

昨晚,基因解码公司和詹姆斯 · 吉利兰又进行了一次引人入胜的更新,你可能想了解一下。他一下子就谈起了澳大利亚的情况、地震、哑弹等等,然后从那里开始周游世界,结束了与 UFO/外星人有关的话题。1小时。

Gene Decode – As You Wish Talk Radio 


If you haven't yet listened to the report from the funeral director John O'Looney about what he sees in his daily work, Charlie Ward has a discussion with him about the NHS coverup in the UK.

如果你还没有听过葬礼承办人约翰 · 奥鲁尼关于他在日常工作中所看到的报告,查理 · 沃德和他讨论了英国国民健康保险制度的掩盖。

Funeral Director John O'Looney Whistleblower 

告密者: 葬礼主管 John o'looney

We know how the Haitians got to the Mexico/Texas border and we know where they probably went when they disappeared. Unless the military escorted them out.


And there it is. What we all knew. https://t.co/4pWdYG2o1R

Elon Musk Tweet Reveals Solar Warden/Earth Alliance Spacecraft 

埃隆 · 马斯克推特揭示太阳守护者/地球联盟太空船

We've had a lot of thoughtful feedback on the article about President Trump and the vaccines and I keep wondering, "What if?"


Instead of thinking of the possibility that Trump may do a sleight-of-hand and play "The Snake" out of malice, why not consider this the "movie" we're told it is, and ask, "What if he loves us THAT MUCH, that he would teach us the ultimate lesson?

与其考虑特朗普可能会出于恶意耍花招,演奏《蛇》(The Snake) ,为什么不把我们听说的这部"电影"当成一部"电影",然后问: "如果他那么爱我们,他会给我们上最终的一课呢?"

Crew members have raised valid points about Humanity's proclivity for "hero worship". It's not only Hollywood stars we idolize; it's politicians, personal development speakers, preachers, scientists, mathematicians, news anchors, astrologers, writers—anyone we perceive to be "better" than we are.


Juan O'Savin has indeed repeated that we are going to go through an event that will be such a gut punch that we won't see how we can come back from it; but we shall. Maybe he is talking about the Pope and organized religion, not only America. 胡安 · 奥萨文确实重申过,我们将要经历的事件将会是如此重大的打击,以至于我们不知道如何才能从中恢复过来; 但是我们会的。也许他说的是教皇和有组织的宗教,而不仅仅是美国

Who did Trump have in mind when he read, "The Snake", I wonder? It could have been many characters. 我想知道,当特朗普读《蛇》(The Snake)时,他脑子里想的是谁? 可能是很多个角色

It depends on how far they want to take this. If it's just America to be red pilled and it needs to be everyone, I can't think of another harder punch that would leave us all—patriots across the planet—doubled over, crying, vomiting, stunned, immobilized, than if our fearless leader and favourite teacher didn't turn out to be the angel of mercy we believed him to be. He could have been tricked, or lied to, or made an error, but if the Q Team knows in advance everything that will happen to the minute as they proved they do… then how could there have been a mistake? 

这取决于他们想走多远。如果只有美国需要被碾碎,每个人都需要被碾碎,我想不出还有什么比我们无畏的领导人和最喜爱的老师没有成为我们所相信的仁慈天使更能让我们这个星球上所有的爱国者倍受折磨、哭泣、呕吐、震惊、瘫痪的了。他可能被骗了,或者被骗了,或者犯了一个错误,但是如果 q 队事先知道他们证明的那一分钟会发生什么... 那么怎么会有错误呢?

Some believe it will be Mike Pence the baby killer who betrays the American People—but that would really only affect Americans. The rest of the world has no attachment to Pence. What will provide that experience for the other countries? Why was Trump allowed to become a global hero to the awakened? 一些人认为,背叛美国人民的将是杀害婴儿的迈克彭斯(Mike Pence) ,但这只会影响到美国人。世界其他地方对彭斯没有任何依恋。什么将为其他国家提供这种经验?为什么特朗普被允许成为觉醒者眼中的全球英雄?

We need to learn that we are all equal and we should not put anyone on a pedestal. Obviously they can't just tell us; they have to show us. It has to reverberate within every fibre of our Being and remain in our lineage and DNA. 

我们需要认识到我们都是平等的,我们不应该把任何人放在神坛上。显然,他们不能只是告诉我们; 他们必须向我们展示。它必须在我们存在的每一根纤维中回响,并且留在我们的血统和 DNA

At the movies do we hate our favourite actors for playing characters in their role so realistically and giving us a thrill? Even if the end isn't for everyone, isn't there still value in the experience? 


Can't we say we loved the movie and it was fantastic—even if the ending wasn't what we wanted?


I don't know what will happen but the ones managing this liberation feel something of great magnitude is mandatory for our soul journey; for us to ascend. Have we had a better teacher? Has anyone else sacrificed as much? 我不知道将会发生什么,但是管理这种解放的人们感觉到某种巨大的东西对我们的灵魂旅程是强制性的; 对我们来说是扬升。我们有更好的老师吗?还有谁牺牲了这么多吗?

Those are my thoughts. I don't hate Trump and I'm not attacking him. He's been awesome to watch and I love his family, as well. This is a very difficult journey, and it has to have more purpose than what we see on the surface. It's not just politics; it's our future. Some kind of shock is coming.


2021年9月26日星期日文摘: 我们从未见过的地球|星际飞船地球

And then I listened to these discussions at the link below which are full of wisdom and tell us the genocide is an exit for Humans from this 3D matrix; good or bad. I suggested that some time ago. For those who leave, it's a fast track out of this nightmare. It isn't justified, but it is a liberation.


We're supposed to be leaving, so the scamdemic and vaxx are an engineered way to escape if you want to look at it that way. We heard a lot of people were going to leave the planet, and it sounds like they have and will, with Romana talking about an organized pet adoption effort.


It seems from the video linked below that the Pleiadians want us to believe no other members of the star nations/Federation are doing anything to help our situation down here. That is counter to what we have heard, particularly concerning the Arcturians. Thanks to the crew for the share and use your own discernment.


"It had to be this way"? You decide. Video at the link. 53 min. "必须这样吗?"你决定。视频链接。53分钟

If Everything is Souls´ Plan from Above Anyway- What Do We Do? – Yazhi Swaruu – Pleiadian Contact 

如果一切都是来自上天的灵魂计划-我们该怎么办?-  Swaruu-昴宿星联系人

LT wraps up this video by telling us he got an email from a prominent group of doctors via a lawyer working with them who feel that by this time next year, 1 – 2 billion (B) people will have left the planet. 1 hr.

LT 在这个视频的最后告诉我们,他收到了一个著名医生团体的电子邮件,这个团体是通过一个律师与他们一起工作的,他们认为到明年的这个时候,10-20亿(b)人将会离开这个星球。1小时。

9.25.21: The AZ @udit exposed CRIMINALS! LONG fight ahead for ALL! MSM LIES! PRAY! 

9.25.21: AZ@udit 揭露了罪犯! 所有人的长期战斗! MSM 在撒谎! 祈祷

A friend of a friend we dined with a few weeks ago told me about this quiz and I kept forgetting to check it out but it's here if you're interested. Free. Click on the description in the first question that most closely matches your belief and it will be highlighted, then respond as to its importance below, and scroll down to Question 2. Rinse and repeat.




Ever wondered what religion you are? Are you sure your faith is the best choice for you? Take our religion quiz to find out! Answer 20 questions about your concept of God, the afterlife, human nature, and more, and Belief-O-Matic® will tell you what religion or spiritual path (if any) best suits your beliefs.


Link to the website and quiz.


I am going outside to enjoy the rain. Thanks to the crew for the support and augmented material. I try to get to as much as possible.  ~ BP

我要出去淋雨。感谢船员的支持和增强材料。我试着尽可能多的去做。~ BP

2021年9月26日星期日文摘: 我们从未见过的地球|星际飞船地球



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