2021年8月25日:搅动的战争云环绕地球 |星际飞船地球

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Starship Earth:The Big Picture 星际飞船地球:大局

August 25,2021 2021825

2021年8月25日:搅动的战争云环绕地球 |星际飞船地球

It seems like two days ago was Hump Day,but it has rolled around again at warp speed.I could use 40 more hours in my days.


The biggest hump we need to get over is the fake vaxxx conundrum.People are confused.Royally—and it's understandable.


Reijo-fusenik🇫🇮🇮🇹🇨🇦 on Twitter: "You do realize government's w/ emergency power's can just pull fake sciencey shit outta their ass when they please and w/ the snap of the finger's decide what's safe and what's not w/o challenge or opposition from media, parliament etc..the worst part is too many go along w/ it / Twitter"

You do realize government's w/ emergency power's can just pull fake sciencey shit outta their ass when they please and w/ the snap of the finger's decide what's safe and what's not w/o challenge or opposition from media, parliament etc..the worst part is too many go along w/ it

Some people believe the FDA didn't approve the Pfizer jab.Jon Rappoport digs deeply into the psyop and provides the actual correspondence between the FDA,Pfizer,and related parties and provides his take on what just happened and why.

一些人认为 FDA 没有批准辉瑞公司的注射剂。乔恩·拉波波特深入研究了心理学,提供了美国食品药品监督管理局、辉瑞制药公司和相关部门之间的实际信件往来,并提供了他对刚刚发生的事情和原因的看法。

Did FDA really approve the Pfizer COVID vaccine?Wait.What?

FDA 真的批准了辉瑞公司的 COVID 疫苗吗?等等,什么?

Dr.Simone Gold reveals the forest we may not see for the trees…Whether they say it's approved or not…it still has not been through the rigorous testing on animals or Humans that the FDA claims is mandatory to get a drug to the point it can be proven to be safe and efficacious="experimental".So how much weight should we allocate to the FDA's rubber stamp?Individually we should get to choose,should we not?

西蒙尼·戈尔德博士揭示了我们可能看不到树木的森林...不管他们说它是否被批准...它仍然没有通过动物或人类的严格测试,FDA 声称是强制性的,以获得一种药物的点,它可以被证明是安全和有效的="实验"。那么,我们应该给 FDA 的橡皮图章分配多少权重呢?作为个人,我们应该有选择的权利,难道不是吗?

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This dark,foreboding cloud may have a silver lining.A lot more people appear to be waking up.They might be detecting the faint waft of the stench of tyranny in the air.


Here's a video for Canadians regarding your Charter of Rights and Freedoms and how to take control in a world where it may appear you have none.


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2021年8月25日:搅动的战争云环绕地球 |星际飞船地球

We know that whatever it is that has circled the planet is a bioweapon.Canada and Canadian crooks are in this up to their eyeballs.The Epoch Times expounds.


Exclusive:Samples From Early Wuhan COVID Patients Had Genetically Modified Henipah,One of Two Types of Viruses Sent From Canadian Lab 

独家报道:从加拿大实验室送来的两种病毒之一的转基因 Henipah 病人的早期样本

Many people are of a mind that our governments comprise caring people who strive to protect us and enhance our lives.The pain is simply because we need to do what's best for all concerned.That hasn't been true for a long time.


Within the current system,we'll see that kind of sentiment when pigs fly.They are nearly all bought and paid for.Threatened.Blackmailed with the most sordid evidence they wouldn't want to go public.People have to stop believing,"They would never do that."It's right in front of our faces.They're doing it!How can anyone deny it?


Pigs don't fly—but this might.How many globally do you think we could get to cooperate in a WWW—a World Wide Walkout?

猪是不会飞的ーー但这个可能会。你认为在全球范围内,有多少人可以参与 wwwー全球性罢工?

Michael Bator 🇨🇦🇵🇱💪🏻PPC Candidate Burlington on Twitter: "Get the troops out. https://t.co/L9vFo5CrW4 pic.twitter.com/koz6rc6Qme / Twitter"

Get the troops out. https://t.co/L9vFo5CrW4 pic.twitter.com/koz6rc6Qme

What people need to innerstand is,what the establishment call"vaccines",have never been very effective at preventing a disease.Often people develop the disease the vaccine was said to prevent.Go figure.What we do know about vaccines is that they have ingredients that do not belong in the Human organism.Heavy metals.Neurotoxins.Disgusting stuff we won't mention.They weaken our immune system.Some of them do much worse.Research"autism"or"crib death"—and weep.


2021年8月25日:搅动的战争云环绕地球 |星际飞船地球

There has to be a cause and effect relationship to account for a steep climb in certain diseases,health conditions,and deaths.It's not rocket science.When I was a kid I never heard of"autism"and all my classmates were normal and relatively to very healthy.So what changed?Vaccines grew to a monstrous money-grabbing business,that's what.The more vaccines,the poorer children's health has become.


People have been conditioned to believe a little prick in the arm will prevent diseases.With kids,it's mumps,measles,whooping cough,etc.With the elderly it's shingles and influenza.No one questions.


So why do doctors prescribe vaccines?They don't question either.Follow the money.


Big Pharma has deep pockets.They make obscene amounts of money from all the drugs they train doctors,pharmacists,and cute little pharma reps to flog.They can afford to dole out huge sums of money to encourage medical professionals and politicians to think their way.


The entire evil globalist regime is built on bribery and blackmail.People who can't be manipulated might end up dead if the agenda is big enough.Several Presidents—in multiple countries—who refused to approve and implement the globalist Kung Flu vaccine programme were assassinated and replaced with more malleable sorts.


So…is your doctor telling you to get the shot because it's beneficial to you—or to him or her?Many doctors have abandoned their Hippocratic oath to"do no harm"and are motivated by the almighty buck.Link to Telegram.

那么......你的医生告诉你打针是因为它对你有益,还是对他或她有益?许多医生已经放弃了他们的希波克拉底誓词来"不伤害病人",而是被全能的金钱所激励。链接到 Telegram

Your Doctor Gets$40,000 Dollars For Vaccinating 100 Patients In USA(See Link In Description)


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How have the Wu Flu hoax and the vaxxine deception proliferated for so long?Because the bulk of Humanity don't read websites like this one,or go looking for videos exposing the truth about the global conspiracy to inject us all with dangerous technology.They're living in fear propagated by the legacy media,which isn't really"the media".They are the government's propaganda machine and people can't look for what they don't know about.They need a kick in the pants.A wakeup call.


For that reason,these"placard protests"are a fantastic idea.People will see these folks out in their communities and will be forced to at least wonder what it's all about.Whether they take it further is another choice,but at least it could be a catalyst.


It could plant the seed that will germinate into the realization that perhaps the government is truly working against them and not operating in their best interest.It might bring them to concede that their rights and freedoms have been stolen and it needs to stop because it's TYRANNY.


These PLACARDS PROTESTS are spreading fast

HOW MANY OF YOU THINKS IS A GREAT IDEA? #covid19 #covid #protest #usa

We have to get the message across that people must stop testing.The tests are bogus.They tell a person with zero symptoms that they are"infected".Give me a break.The only thing perpetuating this scamdemic is the media and stupid people.Sorry,but that's the truth.Do they really think that eighteen months later,after masks,lockdowns,the destruction of our society,and now vaccines,that there is a"virus"that is worth worrying about?If you're not living,then you may as well be dead.


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If it is so deadly,why are some places locked down,masked,confined to their homes,and ceasing to live,while other places are living life normally—like where I live?I've never worn a mask,never will,and I'm enjoying life.I,and everyone I know is very healthy.They will never stick a needle in me while I'm still breathing.If that was the kind of life they insisted on forcing on me,I would rather be dead and until the majority of Humanity feels that way,this bull crap will continue and will worsen.


If we,the ones who know the truth,continue to allow this tyranny,the ignorant ones will wind up killing us all.


Let's hope the ACTIV-ism continues.


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Together,we can create a huge impact for the globalists.


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The media attacks all the safe,proven,and effective medications that good doctors use to heal their patients.Funny,they claim an older drug with a good track record is dangerous but can't wait to tell everyone we all have to get the jab,which was created just a few months ago,has no studies to support it,and it makes some people keel over right after getting it and some dying in a matter of days.


'Like Tuskegee':Deep South Jail Treats COVID With Dangerous,Unproven Drug Ivermectin 


2021年8月25日:搅动的战争云环绕地球 |星际飞船地球

There's nothing like an election to bring out the mud-slinging attacks and some truth.Of course they're going to go after Trudeau but not all the way;just enough.They have their scripts,you know.The Canadian snoozers are not ready to hear about the pedophilia,pedovoria,and murder.


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Lorrie Goldstein on Twitter: "Conservative leader @erinotoole fails 'truth test' by @CanadianPress cause O'Toole wants to improve role of private funding in medicare (30% of health care is privately funded) while @JustinTrudeau pretends all those private clinics in Quebec don't exist. https://t.co/pRqwyRTsdf / Twitter"

Conservative leader @erinotoole fails 'truth test' by @CanadianPress cause O'Toole wants to improve role of private funding in medicare (30% of health care is privately funded) while @JustinTrudeau pretends all those private clinics in Quebec don't exist. https://t.co/pRqwyRTsdf

Thanks to Project Veritas,the truth is getting out about Human Trafficking;the whopping elephant in the room.People have no idea how massive and all-pervasive the business is.Humans are a commodity,for many reasons.Like a domesticated animal,some find us[or parts of us]particularly valuable as…um…a delicacy,you might say.If we declare Earth to be a farm,it might be the closest concept to reality.


As you can see from the interview below with a whistleblower,some people know very well what is going on,but have been silent.This isn't your definitive exposé on Human Trafficking,but it does provide a solid background on part of it.It's actually just the tip of the iceberg but it might not last long on YouTube.Listen or read the captions.The voice modulator makes it challenging to hear the speaker at times.It happens to be 17 minutes long and already has over 200K views.

正如你在下面对告密者的采访中所看到的,有些人非常清楚发生了什么,但一直保持沉默。这不是你对人口贩卖的最终揭露,但是它确实提供了一个坚实的背景。这实际上只是冰山一角,但在 YouTube 上可能不会持续很久。听或读说明文字。声音调制器使得有时听到扬声器的声音变得困难。它刚好有17分钟长,已经有超过20万的浏览量。

DHS Insider Blows Whistle on Int'l Child Sex Trafficking Gangs Exploiting'Reasonable Fear'Loophole 


President Trump almost immediately made a move to stop Human Trafficking when he was elected President.Nothing is what it seems.


Trilby Smith on Twitter: "If You're Reading This, Go Read The Pinned Tweet On My Account ASAP In Full Thread. President Trump Set Up A Shadow Govt Before The Fake Inauguration Of CGI Biden. Find Out How.Find Out Why.Share With The World. PRESIDENT TRUMP NEVER LEFT.HE CHANGED THE GOVT'S LOCATION. / Twitter"

If You're Reading This, Go Read The Pinned Tweet On My Account ASAP In Full Thread. President Trump Set Up A Shadow Govt Before The Fake Inauguration Of CGI Biden. Find Out How.Find Out Why.Share With The World. PRESIDENT TRUMP NEVER LEFT.HE CHANGED THE GOVT'S LOCATION.

Did you hear about the big FBI raid in Detroit this morning?Who's the man in charge of the FBI field office?"Watch the water."

你听说联邦调查局今早在底特律的突袭行动了吗?FBI 外勤办公室的负责人是谁?"小心水。"

FBI issues statement on Detroit city hall raids:Read the full text 


Is this the future of food?If you say so.


shoe on Twitter: "i will not eat the squares pic.twitter.com/BwMFH9ExEv / Twitter"

i will not eat the squares pic.twitter.com/BwMFH9ExEv

I think the west and the world need to learn what we should really be ingesting.


HOLD THE LINE!❤️🤍💙 on Twitter: "Essiac got rid of my bulldog's cancer https://t.co/xi3naMxYSH / Twitter"

Essiac got rid of my bulldog's cancer https://t.co/xi3naMxYSH

WE HAVE TO STOP GOING ALONG.DO NOT COMPLY.It has been a process over the past 18 months to get the masses to go along with the insane edicts of the governments in incremental steps.We have to stop and reverse it.NOW.Or else.


2021年8月25日:搅动的战争云环绕地球 |星际飞船地球

Are people getting the picture?Can they now get a feeling for just how vast the evil empire is?They control nearly everything on the planet.The biggest companies.The media.The education system.The medical system.Transportation.The food chain.Presidents,diplomats,governors,congressmen.They have people in place to control the information,and therefore,the population.It removes our choices.Choice is an illusion.Smoke and mirrors.


2021年8月25日:搅动的战争云环绕地球 |星际飞船地球

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2021年8月25日:搅动的战争云环绕地球 |星际飞船地球

Is the complete lack of scientific truth not dawning on people?How about now?


The homeless are exempt.Where's the science behind that one?What–the homeless don't matter?You don't care if they're safe?


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Let's face it:if there were a pandemic,the homeless would all be dead.You would have had a bobcat out there scraping them off the streets and dumping them in those disposable grave liners they covertly collected since 2012.The psychopaths didn't get their plandemic because of Divine intervention.The whole world(and off-world)has rallied to remove these monsters from Creation.

让我们面对现实吧:如果爆发流行病,无家可归的人都会死。你可能会让一只山猫把它们从街上捡起来,然后把它们扔进那些自2012年以来秘密收集的一次性坟墓衬垫里。这些精神病患者并不是因为 Divine Intervention而得到降血脂的机会。整个世界(和其他世界)已经联合起来从创世纪中移除这些怪物。

The fact is,the death statistics for 2016,2017,2018,2019,and 2020 were basically the same.That's because people died from the same illnesses they have always died from—not COVID—and the medical industrial complex is not invested in doing anything about it.They had planned a mass extinction of Humanity but their agenda was foiled and we were saved.Now we are taking them out—and we might need those grave liners.

事实上,2016年、2017年、2018年、2019年和2020年的死亡统计数字基本相同。这是因为人们总是死于同样的疾病ーー而不是因为 covidーーー而且医疗产业联合体并没有投入任何资金来解决这个问题。他们曾计划大规模灭绝人类,但他们的计划被挫败了,我们得救了。现在我们正在把它们拿出来ーー我们可能需要那些严肃的衬垫。

2021年8月25日:搅动的战争云环绕地球 |星际飞船地球

John McAfee's Telegram account is full of crazy posts.Code.Questions.Is it from the"dead man's switch"?No idea.It does contain a lot of Q-related stuff,though.And these countdowns.Link to Telegram.

约翰·迈克菲的 Telegram 账户充满了疯狂的帖子。代码。问题。是"死亡开关"里的吗?不知道。不过,它确实包含了很多与 q 有关的东西。这些倒计时。链接到 Telegram

2021年8月25日:搅动的战争云环绕地球 |星际飞船地球

2021年8月25日:搅动的战争云环绕地球 |星际飞船地球

This war will go on as long as we allow it,my friends.


Carter on Twitter: "I wish that people could see this... https://t.co/E1yOwpnmtF / Twitter"

I wish that people could see this... https://t.co/E1yOwpnmtF

As they say,if we don't stand for something,we'll fall for anything.Humanity has fallen for the biggest nest of lies ever concocted.It's time to pull a thread and unravel it.Every bit of it.


Don't worry.It's just a training exercise.Link to RT on Telegram.

别担心,这只是一次训练练习。链接到电报上的 RT

US Space Force Top Chief Seeks LIVE ORBIT War Games Ops


The newest US military branch has activated its space training and readiness command–with officials saying they want more live training:


"[…]We need to get realistic training or lifelike opportunities…to actually have experience how long it takes for maneuvers to unfold"–Brig.Gen.Shawn N.Bratton,First Commander.


The Space Force,founded in 2019,has about 16,000 personnel,by far the smallest US military branch.


A budget to infinity and beyond?


Ciao for now,me hearties.Watch the water.~BP


2021年8月25日:搅动的战争云环绕地球 |星际飞船地球



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