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一旦这些外来的 mRNA 蛋白质物质被注射到你的细胞中,就没有回头路了。你明白吗?



26th February 2021


Therese Z Sumner

The Face of the Antichrist is the person known to us as Bill Gates.This person is NOT a human being.This person is an incarnated demon.Demons have no feelings whatsoever.They are just evil.This Antichrist has singlehandedly developed the plans to destroy humanity.Our DNA which is our DIVINITY–the Divine code in our cells that uses messenger RNA{mRNA}to create the human body-is at stake here.This plan-this insidious evil horrific plan to send a foreign mRNA into our bodies is the work of no other than the Devil–the Antichrist.He has succeeded.

反基督者的面孔就是我们所熟知的比尔·盖茨。这个人不是一个人。这个人是一个魔鬼的化身。恶魔没有任何感情。他们只是邪恶。这个反基督者独自制定了毁灭人类的计划。我们的 DNA 就是我们的神性——我们细胞中的神圣密码,它使用信使 RNA{mRNA}来创造人体——在这里处于危险之中。这个计划——这个阴险邪恶的恐怖计划——将一种外来的 mRNA 送入我们的身体,不是别人,正是魔鬼——反基督者的工作。他成功了。

You need to stand up and start screaming from the rooftops everywhere that this is the destruction of the human race that is taking place before our very eyes.


Why has there not been anyone on the MSM even questioning what these so called mRNA vaccines are?I for one did not truly understand the whole evil plan until yesterday.Yes,I have written out the warning video transcript about mRNA from Dr Louise Lagendijk in#333.There we learned that this will cause Auto-Immune responses-the body attacking itself.But it was yesterday that the pieces finally fell into place.The complete understanding of the evil plan.Now this morning I have been Guided to write what I have just said.

为什么 MSM 上没有人质疑这些所谓的 mRNA 疫苗到底是什么?就我个人而言,直到昨天我才真正理解整个邪恶计划。是的,我已经把路易斯·拉根迪克博士在333写的关于 mRNA 的警告视频文本写了出来。在那里,我们了解到这将导致自身免疫反应——身体自我攻击。但直到昨天,这些问题才最终得到解决。对邪恶计划的完全理解。今天早上,我被指导写下我刚才所说的话。

The following is what I began writing to you last night


I have to begin by saying.that I spoke too soon in my Heart to Heart message!#345.There,I said that we all knew everything about the darkness and more!I was VERY wrong,and I discovered that when I took the time some hours ago to study a short video which was part of a mail update from James Gilliland.The link to that video was posted directly as the#000 link{top of page}that I provided on Thursday the 25th.Its rather strange that I decided to call the#000.Zero to me is the Divine number in Numerology.And strangely enough in this short message of 13 minutes the gentleman speaking explains about our DNA in such a beautiful way as being our Divinity–our Godliness and how'little Billy Gates'whose father and grandfathers were both eugenicists,has found a way to interfere in the God Gene and destroy it.

我首先要说的是,我在心连心的信息中说得太早了!#345.在那里,我说我们都知道关于黑暗的一切,甚至更多!我大错特错了,几个小时前,当我花时间研究詹姆斯·吉利兰(James Gilland)的邮件更新中的一段短视频时,我发现,指向该视频的链接被直接发布为我在25日星期四提供的#000链接{页首}。很奇怪,我决定将#000命名为#000。零对我来说是数字学中的神圣数字。奇怪的是,在这条13分钟的短消息中,这位先生以一种如此美丽的方式解释了我们的DNA,就像我们的神-我们的神一样。他们已经找到了干扰上帝基因并摧毁它的方法。

This is what I learned in that video:


The Moderna Vaccine company is owned by Fauci.It{Moderna Vaccine}like the Pfizer vaccine is an mRNA vaccine.However on the Moderna website it's not described as a vaccine but as'an operating system'{operating system like the one in your telephone with nanotechnology etc}.For a nano element{silicon}to be fooled into'sticking'to a human cell structure requires a very pure form of human cells thus the use of embryonic foetal human tissue cells in vaccines.

现代疫苗公司由 Fauci 拥有。它(现代核酸疫苗)就像辉瑞公司的疫苗是一种 mRNA 疫苗。然而在 Moderna 网站上,它并没有被描述为疫苗,而是被描述为"一个操作系统"{操作系统就像你手机里的那个纳米技术的操作系统等等}。为了使纳米元素{}能够"粘附"在人体细胞结构上,需要一种非常纯净的人体细胞,因此在疫苗中使用胚胎人体组织细胞。

Also to recreate the corona virus one needs 4 proteins.4 different mRNA substances.These cannot be administered in the ONE vaccine that's why there are 2 injections.The first injection includes 1 protein in the form of corona mRNA.The second one the other three proteins also in the form of mRNA.A normal vaccine uses spike proteins from whatever substance one desires the immune system to react to.This is NOT A VACCINE!This is genetic wholesale murder and destruction of the human body DNA.

为了重建冠状病毒,我们需要4种蛋白质。4种不同的 mRNA 物质。这些不能在一种疫苗中使用,这就是为什么有两种注射方式。第一次注射包括1种蛋白质,其形式为日冕 mRNA。第二个也是其他三种蛋白质也以 mRNA 的形式存在。正常的疫苗使用来自免疫系统需要反应的任何物质的刺突蛋白。这不是疫苗!这是对人体 DNA 的基因大规模杀伤和破坏。

Once these foreign mRNA protein substances are injected into you cells there is NO-WAY BACK.Do you understand?

一旦这些外来的 mRNA 蛋白质物质被注射到你的细胞中,就没有回头路了。你明白吗?

The sum result of this technology when the mRNA transfers to becoming corona proteins inside your cells=YOUR BODY BECOMES A VIRUS PRODUCING FACTORY NON STOP–IN OTHER WORDS YOU BECOME LIKE A ZOMBIE.

这项技术的总体结果是,当 mRNA 转移到细胞内部的冠状蛋白时=你的身体成为一个不停产生病毒的工厂-换句话说,你变得像一个僵尸。

You would be extremely dangerous and contagious to everyone that came close to you.You would be avoided at all costs.


During this video the gentleman relating this info is talking about this subject to a friend via a link.His friend took the time to check out the CDC site thoroughly and low and behold the CDC site has a special ZOMBIE PREPAREDNESS PAGE.


Why would the CDC be providing Zombie Preparedness information?This might sound mad and funny but its far from that.Its very real.The plan behind the mRNA so called vaccines is to produce Zombies.Why?Well you go figure that one out!


Here is the link to the CDC Zombie Preparedness page.


Preparedness 101:Zombie Apocalypse



In case you might not know the CDC is a deep state cabal website-nothing else.

如果你可能不知道 CDC 是一个深州的阴谋集团网站,没有别的。

I found the following on the Moderna Company Wikipedia info about the Moderna vaccine"It is a novel technique,previously abandoned because of the side effects of inserting mRNA into cells."

我在 Moderna 公司的维基百科上发现了以下关于 Moderna 疫苗的信息"这是一项新技术,之前由于将 mRNA 插入细胞的副作用而被放弃。"

In March 2013,Moderna and AstraZeneca signed a five-year exclusive option agreement to discover,develop,and commercialize mRNA for treatments in the therapeutic areas of cardiovascular,metabolic,and renal diseases,and selected targets for cancer.[11][25][26]
The agreement included a$240 million upfront payment to Moderna,a payment that was"one of the largest ever initial payments in a pharmaceutical industry licensing deal that does not involve a drug already being tested in clinical trials",
[25] and an 8%share in Moderna.[24] As of May 2020,only one candidate has passed Phase I trials,a treatment for myocardial ischemia,labelled AZD8601.[a][28]

20133月,Moderna 公司和阿斯利康公司签署了一项为期五年的独家期权协议,旨在发现、开发和商业化用于心血管、代谢和肾脏疾病治疗领域的 mRNA,并选定癌症靶点。[11][25][26]该协议包括向 Moderna 支付2.4亿美元的预付款,这是"制药行业许可协议中有史以来最大的一笔初付款,该协议不涉及已经在临床试验中测试的药物",以及 Moderna 8%的股份。[24]截至20205月,只有一名候选人通过了 i 期临床试验,这是一种治疗冠状动脉疾病的药物,名为 AZD8601[a][28]

In January 2014,Moderna and Alexion Pharmaceuticals entered a$125 million deal for orphan diseases in need of therapies.Alexion paid Moderna$100 million for 10 product options to develop rare-disease treatments,including for Crigler-Najjar syndrome,using Moderna's mRNA therapeutics platform.[29]

20141月,Moderna 和亚力兄制药公司达成了一项价值1.25亿美元的交易,用于治疗需要治疗的孤儿疾病。Alexion 公司向 Moderna 公司支付了1亿美元,购买了10个产品选项,用于开发罕见疾病的治疗,包括使用 Moderna 公司的 mRNA 治疗平台治疗克果纳杰氏症。[29]

By 2016,Bancel told an audience of JPMorgan Chase investors that the work with Alexion would shortly enter human trials.However,by 2017,the program with Alexion had been scrapped as the animal trials showed that Moderna's treatment would never be safe enough for use in humans.[11][13]

2016年,Bancel 告诉摩根大通(JPMorgan Chase)的一群投资者,与 Alexion 的合作将很快进入人体试验阶段。然而,到2017年,Alexion 的项目已经被取消,因为动物试验表明,现代人的治疗方法对人类来说永远不够安全。[11][13]

In February 2016,an op-ed in Nature criticized Moderna for not publishing any peer-reviewed papers on its technology,unlike most other emerging and established biotech companies,and compared its approach to that of the controversially failed Theranos.[30]

20162月,《自然》杂志的一篇专栏文章批评 Moderna 没有发表任何有关其技术的同行评议论文,不像其他大多数新兴和成熟的生物技术公司,并将其方法与有争议的失败的 Theranos 进行了比较。[30]

In September 2018,Thrillist published an article titled,"Why This Secretive Tech Start-Up Could Be The Next Theranos",[31] criticizing its reputation for secrecy and the absence of scientific validation or independent peer-review of its research,though having the highest valuation of any U.S.private biotech company at more than$5 billion.[11][12]

20189月,Thrillist 发表了一篇题为《为什么这家神秘的科技初创企业会成为下一个 Theranos》的文章,批评了该公司以保密著称,而且其研究缺乏科学验证或独立的同行评审,尽管其估值超过50亿美元,是美国私营生物技术公司中最高的。[11][12]

A former Moderna scientist told Stat:"It's a case of the emperor's new clothes.They're running an investment firm,and then hopefully it also develops a drug that's successful".[11]




Finally a video that was deleted and finally resurfaced about the Antichrist–Bill Gates




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