造物能量|20190829 把你的安全岩放到一边

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造物能量|20190829 把你的安全岩放到一边

Dear Ones,


Perhaps you were prepared for the worst–and the worst did not happen.Or,you were in fear and discovered that your fear had no basis in your new reality.For who you were,and what you once suffered is no more.


The past few days have been a self-test,much like the United States broadcast warning test for a nuclear attack.When the tests first began decades ago,citizens thought about escape routes and what-ifs.Today,those same tests are merely program intrusions.And so it is now with your greatest fears.You have pondered,worried,and created escape plans only to discover that what was is no more.


Maybe you tried hiding from the expected pain of one of your 3D fears.Only to discover that there was no there there.That which once frightened you has dissipated,lessened,or disappeared.So it is you are daring to come out from under your rock of fear.


First,you peeked out,prepared for a quick scurry back to your hiding place under your rock.But little by little you have pushed your rock of protection away only to discover that you are more powerful in your light than you ever dared be under your rock of fear.


It is over.You are claiming you and declaring to the world that such is so.


Some of you remain under your protective rock waiting for the worst and hoping for the best.Do not fret if such is so.You too will soon have an experience exposing your worst fears as merely"what ifs"instead of"what is."You will discover that you no longer need to hide under your pretend rock of fear.


For the fear you created throughout eons of earth lives was merely a cover for your inner-power.A power you did not wish to expose before the time was right.Granted,you suffered within your physical being and perhaps still do a bit.But the overall sense for most of you now is that no fear is deep enough or better said,real enough to stop evolving within your new being.


In the past,you needed to hide your power.You also wanted to add fear to your emotional repertoire in preparation for this lifetime.For if you had not enmeshed yourself in fear when fear was part of the earth experience,you would have difficulties understanding those now following you.Just as we often had difficulties understanding how fear impacted you when you were fully of 3D.We observed,but we could not experience the full-body fear that overwhelmed so many of you throughout most of your earth lives.


We could not understand how stating a seemingly wrong phrase to someone you felt more important than you,could be so debilitating.Much less the physical fear you experienced in many social interactions from,"Will he emotionally harm me?"to"She is pointing a gun at me."Emotions held deep within you lifetime after lifetime in a cumulative fashion.So it is you created a safety hole covered with a huge rock you could hide within physically or emotionally.


Even though we informed you that you were always safe.You knew deep within that only you could prove to yourself that you were no longer part of the battering ram that became your society.The need to be better or right or stronger or wealthier or the right skin color and on and on.Informing you daily that even though you did not quite measure up,you were acceptable on certain levels,but most certainly,not all.So your place under the rock became your go-to place that grew larger with every earth experience informing you that you were less than perfect.


You are beginning to move that rock aside a bit as you accept that your earth experience is safer than ever before.Some of you have even dared to push your rock aside.You are safe.


There is no longer a need for that rock,but you must discover that for yourself–and so you are.Some of you with a push and exit from your fear hole and others with a slow slide to see the sun.


That pain,that fear is yesterday's security blanket that you need no more.So be it.Amen.



通灵:Brenda Hoffman

翻译:Nick Chan

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