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Secret societies


All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars



Origin and Mission 


Long ago, when the Anunnaki landed on planet Earth from their planet Nibiru to mine gold on earth, they eventually created their own terrestrial slaves to do this work. Nibiru is the 12th planet in Earth’s solar system with an orbit of 3,600 earth years. Father Anu with his two sons Enlil and Enki was in  黑色贵族|最后的警钟charge. Enki was commissioned to conceive the human slave. A long history good for other articles.


The Anunnaki appointed Pharaohs and later Kings, the Black Nobility, to control the earth slaves. Until the early Middle Ages, these were Pharaohs and Kings who became inadequate for these tasks as the earthly population increased. They looked for other methods. First, that became church authority through faith, later in the 18th century the money system.

Anunnaki 任命法老和后来的国王,黑色贵族,来控制地球奴隶。直到中世纪早期,随着地球人口的增加,这些法老和国王都不能胜任这些工作。他们寻找其他方法。首先,通过信仰成为教会的权威,后来在18世纪的货币体系。

It was Rothschild who offered the best solution. They mixed in European Royalty through interbreeding. European nobility was given ceremonial duties, to concentrate executive power in secret invisible societies and governments; known today as the Deep State.

罗斯柴尔德提供了最好的解决方案。他们通过杂交融入欧洲皇室。欧洲贵族被赋予了仪式性的职责,将行政权力集中在秘密的隐形社会和政府中; 今天被称为“深层国家”。

Now, meanwhile hundreds of thousand earth years later, terrestrial humanity has landed on the verge of freeing itself. All the chosen incarnates have been brought into position on Earth for liberation of planet Earth and its people from this long-standing oppression and slavery.


School history describes world events that are the result of machinations, concocted by powerful, hidden cliques of secret organisations, which worldwide consist of the elite; i.e. the bankers, wealthy families such as the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, unofficial organisations such as the Bilderberg, the Council of Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, organised crime, shadowy institutions within the government, secret societies such as, Jesuits, Freemasons, Skull and Bones, and so on.


Behind all these groups is a group even more secret, consisting of the true rulers of planet Earth, who use Premiers and Presidents as their direct puppets.


Some theorists say these Illuminati pulling the strings are human beings; others say they have extraterrestrial allies. They are a secret society within secret societies, backed by a banking elite, led by the Rothschild dynasty, who have the ultimate plan for the abolition of all religions except the promotion of their own satanic religion, and the removal of all civilian governments to eventually centralise and globalise everything under their own control, in effect the New World Order.


The “Black Nobility”, has its origins in the oligarchic families of Venice and Genoa, Italy, who owned the privileged monopoly trading rights in the 12th century.


The first of three crusades, from 1063 to 1123, established the power of the Venetian black nobility and strengthened the power of the wealthy ruling class. In 1171, the aristocracy Black Nobility gained full control of Venice, when the appointment of the Doge was transferred to what was known as the Grand Council, composed of members of the commercial aristocracy, including the notorious de Medici family.


Venice has remained in their hands ever since, but the power and influence of the Venetian Black Nobility reaches far beyond its borders, and today it is felt in every corner of the world. Because the modern banking system began in Italy.



The royal houses involved are; 涉及的皇室是;

  • House of Bernadotte, Sweden 贝尔纳多特王朝,瑞典
  • House of Bourbon, France 波旁王朝,法国
  • House of Bragança, Portugal 布拉干萨
  • House of Grimaldi, Monaco 格里马尔迪王朝,摩纳哥
  • House of Guelphs*, Britain (the main one)
  • 盖尔夫家族 * ,英国(主要的一家)
  • House of Habsburg, Austria 哈布斯堡王朝,奥地利
  • House of Hanover, Germany (the second most important)
  • 汉诺威王朝,德国(第二重要)
  • House of Hohenzollern, Germany 索伦伯爵,德国
  • House of Karadjordjevic, Yugoslavia (formerly) 南斯拉夫卡拉乔杰维奇府(前身)
  • House of Liechtenstein, Liechtenstein 列支敦士登之家,列支敦士登
  • House of Nassau, Luxembourg 拿骚,卢森堡
  • House of Oldenburg, Denmark 奥尔登堡王朝,丹麦
  • House of Orange, the Netherlands 荷兰奥兰治之家
  • House of Savoy, Italy 意大利 Savoy 家族
  • House of Wettin, Belgium 比利时维汀之家
  • House of Wittelsbach, Germany 维特尔斯巴赫王朝,德国
  • House of Württemberg, Germany 符腾堡王朝,德国
  • House of Zogu, Albania 阿尔巴尼亚,佐古家族

Note; all these families are lineages found in the Windsor family tree.

注意: 所有这些家族都是在温莎家族树中发现的血统。


 黑色贵族|最后的警钟The Guelphs are also called the Black Guelphs or Black Nobility and supported William of Orange, in his seizure of the throne of England, which eventually resulted in the formation of the Bank of England and the East India Company, which went on to rule the world from the 17th century onwards. 


All coups, revolutions and wars in the 19th and 20th centuries are centred around the Guelphs’ struggle to maintain and increase their power, which is now called the New World Order.


The power of the Guelphs further extended through Italian financial centres to northern France from Lombardy – a region in northern Italy with Milan as its capital – all Italian bankers were called “Lombards”. Lombard in German means this “deposit bank”, the Lombards were the bankers for the whole medieval world.

圭尔夫家族的势力进一步通过意大利的金融中心延伸至法国北部,从 Lombardy ——意大利北部以米兰为首都的地区——所有意大利银行家都被称为“伦巴第人”。隆巴德在德语中的意思是“存款银行”,Lombards 是整个中世纪世界的银行家。

All the families mentioned above are descendants of the House of Guelph, one of the original Black Nobility families of Venice, from which the House of Windsor and thus the late Queen of England, Elizabeth II, descends.


The Guelphs are intertwined with the German aristocracy through the House of Hanover. Almost all European royal houses are descendants of the House of Hanover and thus the House of Guelph, which is the black nobility.


 黑色贵族|最后的警钟The Guelphs Guelphs  – the House of Windsor – dominate the commodities market, manipulating the price of gold, a commodity they neither produce nor have access to. The House of Windsor also sets the price of silver, copper, zinc, lead and tin. It is no coincidence that the leading trading exchanges are in London, England. 

- 温莎王朝-主宰大宗商品市场操纵黄金价格他们既不生产也无法获得黄金。温莎王朝还规定了银、铜、锌、铅和锡的价格。领先的交易所都在英国伦敦,这并非巧合

Companies from Black Nobility families include British Petroleum, Oppenheimer, Lonrho, Philbro, BlackRock and many more.

来自黑色贵族家族的公司包括英国石油公司(British Petroleum)、奥本海默(Oppenheimer)、朗豪(Lonrho)、 Philbro、贝莱德(blackRock)等等。

The European Black Nobility works with American families such as the Harrimans and the McGeorge Bundys. The House of Hanover looks German but is purely Jewish. So is the House of Habsburg. They were not real Germans who took the British throne, but self-styled Jews. Even less the real Jews. They call themselves Zionists who claim to be Jewish. But real Jews are not Zionists,


Secret societies 


The Black Nobility are the founders of secret societies, affiliated to the Illuminati – and come from the Committee of 300. As well as, the Club of Rome, the CFR, the RIIA (Royal Institute of International Affairs), the Bilderberg Group, the Round Table, come from European Black Nobility families.


In 1871, the Republic of the United States of America was taken over to create a Corporation called USA INC, which was deliberately kept secret and became a disaster for the American people.

1871年,美利坚合众国被接管,成立了一个名为“美国公司”(USA INC)的公司,该公司被故意保密,成为美国人民的一场灾难。

Partly, by deliberately lowering the real standard of living for 90% of the population, it has been noticeable since 1972. When the transition was made from gold standard coverage to petrodollar coverage.

在某种程度上,通过有意降低90% 人口的实际生活水平,这种情况自1972年以来一直显而易见。当金本位覆盖范围转变为石油美元覆盖范围时。

Further, by changing medical and healthcare standards, supported by Rockefeller medical mafia to promote sales of pharmaceuticals to their advantage. From which followed excessive increases in all medical costs, which have now become the highest ever.


Deliberately reduced the life chances of the population; lowered education standards to the lowest level in history; enabled by Zionist-controlled Congress, which is not a representation of the people, as all elections are manipulated.

故意减少人民的生活机会; 将教育标准降低到历史最低水平; 由犹太复国主义者控制的国会促成,国会不代表人民,因为所有选举都受到操纵。

The Black Nobility earned its title because of their mean tricks, when the people revolted against government monopolies, like everywhere else, the leaders of the revolt were quickly captured and brutally hanged. The Black Nobility uses secret killings, manslaughter, blackmail, to bankrupt opponents both citizens, and businesses, kidnap, rape and so on, sounds familiar, hence their name.


 黑色贵族|最后的警钟After the conclusion of the Lutheran Treaty in 1929, the Black Nobility obtained dual citizenship, in Italy and Vatican City. Under the terms of the treaty, noble titles were granted by the Pope, which were recognised in the Kingdom of Italy. Many of these families were members of largely ceremonial Papal Elite Guard; others were foreigners affiliated to the Holy See in various ways. In 1931, Pope Pius XI refused Alfonso XIII of Spain’s request to further expand the Nobel Guard to include nobles from Catholic countries.

 1929年《路德教条约》缔结后,黑色贵族在意大利和梵蒂冈获得多重国籍。根据条约的条款,教皇授予贵族头衔,这在意大利王国得到承认。其中许多家庭成员主要是仪式性的教皇精英卫队成员; 其他家庭成员则是以各种方式隶属于罗马教廷的外国人。1931年,教皇庇护十一世拒绝了阿方索十三世的要求,进一步扩大诺贝尔卫队,以包括来自天主教国家的贵族

In World War II, the Papal Elite Guard guarded the pope with the help of the Swiss Guard.


In this context, it is interesting to note that Epstein had a key position between the controlled puppets and the House of Saud, Rothschilds and Soros – in support of their global blackmail, through extortion and intimidation; supported by the drug trade; child trafficking; organ trafficking and paedophilia, which could effectively achieve anything.

在这方面,值得注意的是,爱泼斯坦在被控制的傀儡与沙特王室、罗斯柴尔德家族和索罗斯家族之间处于关键地位——通过敲诈和恐吓支持他们的全球讹诈; 得到毒品贸易的支持; 贩卖儿童; 贩卖器官和恋童癖,这可以有效地实现任何目标。

Epstein was responsible for facilitating the blackmail and extortion of supreme figures around the world. When President Trump took office, he revealed these facts.


It cannot be stressed enough that a Q drop on 11 November 2017 summed up the entire Epstein connection to the Deep State. As Q always says: ‘The future proves the past.’

2017年11月11日的 Q 下降总结了整个爱泼斯坦与深层国家的联系,这一点再怎么强调也不为过。正如 Q 总是说的: “未来证明了过去。’

There is only one chance to eliminate the Deep State. We cannot afford to be hasty or make a single mistake. Trust the plan! The timing is perfect. The Alliance has everything under control. Everything is going according to the PLAN.


Meanwhile, listen to your heart as the best source in the ocean of Intel and disinformation. Only you decide which truth resonates with your heart.


Share this message with everyone you know. When more people wake up, the cabal’s power game will be over.


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Where we go one, we go all.



All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars


“The most terrifying force of death, comes from the hands of ‘Humans’. They try to meddle in other people’s affairs to take care of themselves and their loved ones. They resist any impulse to fight 黑色贵族|最后的警钟back, knowing the permanent change of life that results. 


They know that the moment they fight back, life as they have lived it is over. The moment the “Men who wanted to be left alone” are forced to fight back is a form of suicide.


They are literally killing those they were. Therefore, when forced to use violence, these “Men who wanted to be left alone” do not fight with unholy vengeance against those who ruined their former lives.


They fight with raw hatred, and a drive that cannot be fathomed by those who only play politics and terror. True terror will come to the door of the left, and they will cry, scream and beg for mercy but it will be to deaf ears.” ~ Lt Col Jeff Cooper

他们带着赤裸裸的仇恨和那些只会玩弄政治和恐怖手段的人无法理解的动力而战。真正的恐惧会来到左边的门口,他们会哭泣,尖叫,乞求怜悯,但是他们会充耳不闻”~ Lt Col Jeff Cooper

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