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2020 Election Status


齐塔人之声通讯第738期|2020/11/22  2020年选举状况,选举前景

Election fraud during the 2020 election was primarily done electronically,by hacking or manipulating the Dominion or other electronic tabulating machines.The number of votes switched from Trump to Biden is astonishing,in the millions.The game was to not only switch,but double the count in the process.Proof of this is from election night data made available to the public via the New York Times and used by the media,so cannot be disputed.But forged mail-in ballots,delivered by the hundreds of thousands after midnight on election night and other such tricks were in play too,aplenty.

2020年大选期间的选举舞弊主要是通过电子手段进行的,黑客或操纵 Dominion 或其他电子制表机器。从特朗普转向拜登的选票数量惊人,达到数百万张。这场游戏不仅仅是为了换人,而且是为了在这个过程中把票数翻倍。这一点的证据来自于选举之夜的数据,这些数据通过《纽约时报》向公众公开,并被媒体使用,因此无可争议。但是伪造的邮寄选票,在选举之夜的午夜之后由成千上万的投票者投递,以及其他类似的伎俩也在大量地发挥作用。

Analysis of Election Night Data from All States Shows Millions of Votes Either Switched from President Trump to Biden or Were Lost—Using Dominion and Other Systems




The data is from Edison Research and it is the same data that is used for election coverage by at least ABC News,CBS News,CNN and NBC News.It is also used for the website of the NYT.Based on this initial analysis over 500,000 votes were identified that were switched from President Trump to Joe Biden.

这些数据来自爱迪生研究公司,至少 ABC 新闻、CBS 新闻、CNN NBC 新闻用于选举报道的数据是相同的。它也被用于纽约时报的网站。根据这个初步分析,超过50万张选票从特朗普总统转到了乔·拜登。

齐塔人之声通讯第738期|2020/11/22  2020年选举状况,选举前景

'Million MAGA March'Supports Trump in DC Streets


November 14,2020



Fervent supporters of President Donald Trump rallied in Washington on Saturday behind his claim of a stolen election and swarmed his motorcade when he detoured for a drive-by on his way out of town.

美国总统唐纳德特朗普(Donald Trump)的狂热支持者周六在华盛顿举行集会,支持他声称选举舞弊的说法。特朗普在出城的路上绕道开车经过时,他的车队挤得水泄不通。

The Zetas stated the counts would be put right,and that President Trump would win this 2020 election.They stated that a massive sting operation was in process,with the Tribunals at Gitmo hard at work.They also stated that the American public would be protected from the full truth,so they would continue to have faith in the electoral system.The Zetas stated that the massive theft of votes from President Trump would be essentially hidden in the recounts.So where are we during this process?


11/4/2020:A massive election fraud sting operation is in process.Will these crimes be brought to justice in the public eye?Unlikely,as this would diminish public confidence in the voting process.But the Tribunals will be busy,and the counts will be set right.


11/4/2020:Frustrated by controls inserted into the electronic counting machines,the Democrats pushed the mail-in ballot fraud.What they were unaware of at the time was a secret watermark trace the Department of Homeland Security had inserted into all federal ballots being used.Arrests and Tribunals will be disguised by the recounts,not in the public eye.These moves and a pending SCOTUS ruling on the legitimacy of ballots arriving and counted late will swing the election to President Trump.




Here is the status of disputed states,from top to bottom in the US,starting with Wisconsin.Wisconsin is doing a recount.A Dominion vote switch'glitch'and deliberate double vote count fraud in Milwaukee,where more voted than were registered,may or may not be uncovered in the ongoing Wisconsin recount,which is a canvass rather than an audit.


齐塔人之声通讯第738期|2020/11/22  2020年选举状况,选举前景

Milwaukee Trying to Cover Its Tracks after Initially Reporting Seven Wards had More Votes than Registered Voters




In Wisconsin on the night of the election,President Trump was winning early into the morning.However,when Americans woke up on the following day Joe Biden had somehow taken the lead in Wisconsin after a vote dump of 100,000 votes appeared overnight.Seven City of Milwaukee voting wards reported more 2020 U.S.Presidential election votes than they had registered voters,according to an analysis of results and Secretary of State files.

大选当晚在威斯康辛州,特朗普总统一直赢到清晨。然而,当美国人第二天醒来时,乔拜登(Joe Biden)在威斯康辛州不知怎么地在一夜之间出现的10万张投票中领先。根据对选举结果和国务卿档案的分析,密尔沃基市七个选区报告的2020年美国总统选举投票数超过了他们登记的选民数。

System'Glitch'Also Uncovered In Wisconsin–Reversal of Swapped Votes Removes Lead from Joe Biden




It will result in a 19,500 vote gain for Trump making the Wisconsin race a total toss-up.


Trump Campaign Moves to Initiate Wisconsin Recount




Biden has 49.5 percent of the vote,while Trump has 48.9 percent.A trailing candidate is allowed to seek a recount under state law if the margin of a race is within 1 percentage point.The purpose of the canvass is to account for every ballot cast and to ensure that each valid vote is included in the official election results.The canvass enables an election official to resolve discrepancies,correct errors,and take any remedial actions necessary to ensure completeness and accuracy before certifying the election.




Michigan is in litigation,not yet in a recount.Several court cases allege proven Dominion vote switching,ballots dropped off after midnight without chain of custody,and various other irregularities attested by sworn witnesses.Michigan has promised a recount.


齐塔人之声通讯第738期|2020/11/22  2020年选举状况,选举前景

Lawsuit:Out-of-State Vehicles Brought Tens of Thousands of Unsealed Ballots to Michigan,All for Dems




The lawsuit seeks a temporary restraining order that would prohibit officials from certifying the vote until the charges made in the lawsuit can be investigated.Defendants instructed election workers to not verify signatures on absentee ballots,to backdate absentee ballots,and to process such ballots regardless of their validity.Unsecured ballots arrived at the TCF Center loading garage,not in sealed ballot boxes,without any chain of custody,and without envelopes.

这起诉讼寻求一项临时保护令,禁止官员在对诉讼中的指控进行调查之前核实投票结果。被告指示选举工作人员不要核实缺席选票上的签名,回溯缺席选票的日期,并处理这些选票,而不管其有效性如何。未加密的选票被送到 TCF 中心的装货车库,没有密封的选票箱,没有任何监管链,也没有信封。

True the Vote Lawsuit:Dead People,Felons Voted Illegally in Michigan




The lawsuit is seeking to invalidate ballots in counties where they allege widespread illegal ballots and fraudulent ballot-counting took place.The lawsuit cites reports claiming that about 10,000 dead people returned mail-in ballots to vote in Michigan.Among the evidence presented,the lawsuit claims that ballot counting was not transparent,dates on ballots were fraudulently changed,software glitches occurred,clerical errors occurred,illegal votes were cast,poll watchers were excluded from voting sites,ballots were wrongly backdated,and votes were dumped at counting sites.


Michigan Witness and Former State Senator Witnessed Early Morning Ballot Dump of 61 Boxes at TCF Center

密歇根证人和前州参议员目击了清晨 TCF 中心61个箱子的投票



Former State Senator Pat Colbeck was present to help count the vote in Detroit on election night and witnessed voter fraud that he described at length.Colbeck says that there was no chain of custody on Detroit ballots!Colbeck says he personally witnessed unsealed Detroit ballot boxes!Colbeck witnessed the 3:30am Biden Ballot Drop!


Trump Campaign Lawsuit Challenges Dominion Voting Machine Counts in Michigan




A Trump campaign lawsuit in the state of Michigan challenges ballots tabulated using Dominion Voting equipment on Election Day.The lawsuit cites the well-publicized incident in Antrim County of a Dominion Voting machine mistakenly counting thousands of extra votes for former Vice President Joe Biden instead of President Donald Trump.




The larger issue in Pennsylvania is a possible SCOTUS issue-whether ballots could arrive to be counted after midnight on November 3.By the Constitution,the legislature has the authority to set the time and place,and did not grant additional time.A local Pennsylvania court changed that,granting extra days,so the issue before SCOTUS is whether the lower court acted improperly.Another issue is discarded ballot envelopes,which contained signatures and were by law to be retained.Meanwhile,Pennsylvania is rife with lawsuits.

宾夕法尼亚州更大的问题可能是 SCOTUS 的问题——选票能否在113日午夜之后到达并计票。根据宪法,立法机关有权决定时间和地点,并且没有给予额外的时间。宾夕法尼亚州的一个地方法院改变了这一规定,给予了额外的时间,因此 SCOTUS 面临的问题是下级法院是否行为不当。另一个问题是丢弃的选票信封,其中包含了签名,根据法律应予保留。与此同时,宾夕法尼亚州充斥着诉讼。

齐塔人之声通讯第738期|2020/11/22  2020年选举状况,选举前景

Trump Campaign Wins case on PA Voter ID Deadline




Commonwealth Court President Judge Mary Hannah Leavitt ruled that Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar lacked authority when she issued guidance to county boards of election to count mail ballots so long as voters'IDs were confirmed by Nov.12.


Election 2020:Judge Hands Trump Legal Win in Pennsylvania Vote Count




An appellate judge has handed President Trump's re-election campaign a minor victory,allowing it close-up observation of the counting of ballots in the battleground state of Pennsylvania.


Pennsylvania Courts Reject Trump Campaign Effort to Throw Out Thousands of Mail-In Ballots




Pennsylvania state courts issued a slew of rulings striking down the Trump campaign's efforts to get mail-in ballots in Philadelphia and nearby Montgomery County thrown out for minor defects.


Virginia and Georgia


Virginia is considered by the EveryLegalVote site to be a fraud state,but at the moment it does not have litigation or a recount in process.Due to the slim margin between a Biden and Trump victory,the State of Georgia is doing a hand recount.This is under the direction of the Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger who is a Republican.

EveryLegalVote 网站认为弗吉尼亚州是一个欺诈州,但目前该州尚未进行诉讼或重新计票。由于拜登和特朗普之间的微弱差距,佐治亚州正在进行人工重新计票。这是在乔治亚州国务卿 Brad Raffensperger 的指导下进行的,他是一名共和党人。

齐塔人之声通讯第738期|2020/11/22  2020年选举状况,选举前景

Captured in Real Time:That Moment in Virginia at 5:12 AM where they Took 373,000 Votes off the State Totals




Data scientist Sarah Eaglesfield was tracking the vote counts in Virginia in real-time on Election night and into the following morning.Eaglesfield noticed a glitch in the Virgina vote counting.At 5:12 AM the state lost 169,000 votes from 5:07 AM to 5:12 AM in the morning.

数据科学家莎拉·伊格尔斯菲尔德在选举之夜和第二天早晨实时跟踪弗吉尼亚州的选票计数。Eaglesfield 注意到在 Virgina 的计票过程中有一个小故障。早上5:12,该州从早上5:07到早上5:12失去了169,000张选票。

Georgia to Conduct a Hand Recount of Election Ballots




The recount to take until Nov.20,which is the certification deadline.There is no mandatory recount law in Georgia,but state law provides that option to a trailing candidate if the margin is less than 0.5 percentage points.Biden's lead stood at 0.28 percentage points as of Wednesday morning.


Arizona and Nevada


And out west,the states of Nevada and Arizona are under litigation too.The Trump campaign withdrew a lawsuit in Clark County,Nevada when Republican observers were allowed into the counting rooms,which was the goal of that particular lawsuit.Other lawsuits continue in Nevada and Arizona.Neither state has concluded their counting.


Trump,GOP drop Nevada court appeal of ballot count case




A state court legal fight to stop the counting of mail ballots in the Las Vegas area has ended after the Nevada Supreme Court dismissed an appeal by the Donald Trump campaign and the state Republican party,at their request.The dismissal leaves two active legal cases in Nevada relating to the 2020 presidential election,as a small number of remaining ballots are counted.

内华达州最高法院驳回了唐纳德特朗普(Donald Trump)竞选团队和该州共和党应他们的请求提出的上诉,随后,一场旨在阻止拉斯维加斯地区邮件选票计数的州法庭法律斗争宣告结束。这一驳回使得内华达州有两起与2020年总统大选有关的法律案件仍在审理中,因为只有少数剩余选票得到了计票。

Trump Sues in Arizona,Court Battles Continue




The lawsuit,filed in state Superior Court in Maricopa County,said poll workers told some voters to press a button after a machine had detected an"overvote."The campaign said that decision disregarded voters'choices in those races,and the lawsuit suggested those votes could prove"determinative"in the outcome of the presidential race.


Election Outlook


The Zetas stated that the counts would be set right,although the corrections might be buried in the recounts.President Trump has stated that he thinks this will take 2-3 weeks to resolve.Do the Zetas have a quick comment on the status of the election as of November 14,2020?


齐塔人之声通讯第738期|2020/11/22  2020年选举状况,选举前景

11/14/2020:President Trump won the 2020 election as he would say"Bigly",but the Junta does not want the American public to be shocked that their election process could be so corrupted.We stated after the night of the election that the counts would be set right.This requires recounts or audits or court decisions,at least in those states that are close and would allow President Trump to accumulate enough electoral votes to win his second term.


A SCOTUS determination on late ballots in Pennsylvania would grant President Trump that state.Sorting out illegal ballots during recounts in Georgia and Wisconsin would provide those electoral votes to President Trump also.He would then have more than 270,but there is more good news.Prior to certification,many states are"discovering"counting errors,and rather than face an embarrassing recount or audit,they are announcing corrections.

SCOTUS 对宾夕法尼亚州晚期投票的决定将使特朗普总统获得该州。在佐治亚州和威斯康星州的重新计票过程中,对非法选票进行分类,也将为特朗普总统提供这些选举人票。然后他就会有超过270票,但是还有更多的好消息。在认证之前,许多州正在"发现"计数错误,而不是面对尴尬的重新计票或审计,他们宣布更正。

President Trump has stated that he expects all this to take another 2-3 weeks,and we concur.Meanwhile,as with the Diebold theft of the 2000 and 2004 elections,much evidence exists of the fraud,and this evidence is out in the public view on the Internet.The 2020 election fraud stories will go on and on,and not be dismissed.Already the public is recorded in polls as being quite aware of the fraud.Meanwhile,the Trump administration will gain support for the challenges ahead.

特朗普总统表示,他预计这一切还需要2-3周的时间,我们同意这一点。与此同时,正如 Diebold 2000年和2004年选举中的盗窃案一样,存在着大量的欺诈证据,这些证据在互联网上公开了。2020年的选举舞弊事件将会持续下去,而且不会被忽视。民意调查显示,公众已经非常清楚这种舞弊行为。与此同时,特朗普政府将为未来的挑战赢得支持。

But once again there appear to be several options being considered.As this Newsletter went to press,Trump attorney Sidney Powell went on several respected FOX news stations to"Release the Kraken"starting with an appearance on the Lou Dobbs show and then Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiroma and then the Mark Levin show.Almost 4 million votes had been switched from Trump to Biden,and they had proof.

但似乎又有几种选择正在考虑之中。在这份通讯付印之际,特朗普的律师西德尼·鲍威尔(Sidney Powell)在几家受人尊敬的福克斯新闻台上"释放北海巨妖"(Release the Kraken),首先是在卢·多布斯(Lou Dobbs)的节目中露面,然后是玛丽亚·巴蒂罗玛(Maria Bartiroma)的《周日早间新闻》(Sunday Morning Futures),然后是马克·莱文(Mark Levin)的节目。近400万张选票从特朗普转到了拜登,他们有证据。

齐塔人之声通讯第738期|2020/11/22  2020年选举状况,选举前景

"We're Fixin'to Overturn the Results of the Election in Multiple States!"–Sidney Powell Releases the Kraken




We're fixin'to overturn the results of the election in multiple states,and President Trump won by not just hundreds of thousands of votes but by millions of votes that were shifted by this software that was designed expressly for that purpose.


Release the Kraken:"Pres Trump Has Been Called to an Emergency Meeting with his Legal Team.Massive Legal Filing Imminent."




Sources are claiming that President Trump has been called to an emergency meeting in the White House.The same sources are also claiming that a"massive legal filing"is imminent.Trump legal team attorney Sidney Powell said:"We've identified mathematically the exact algorithm they've used—and planned to use from the beginning."She also suggested that the Trump team is keeping evidence and strategy secret.They do not want to reveal the goods on TV.


On Monday November 16 Trump campaign attorney Rudy Giuliani sought and was granted the right to argue in the key Pennsylvania case in this matter,and that afternoon an emergency meeting was called at the White House regarding a pending"massive legal filing".Could this be the Pennsylvania case in process–Donald J.Trump President v Boockvar et al 420-cb-02078?Stay tuned for this rapidly developing case,which could spin on its heels and turn in another direction in a heartbeat.As the Zetas say,it is in the hand of man and therefore cannot be predicted!

1116日星期一,特朗普的竞选律师鲁迪·朱利安尼(Rudy Giuliani)寻求并获得了在宾夕法尼亚州关键案件中就此事进行辩护的权利。当天下午,白宫召开了一次紧急会议,讨论一项待决的"大规模法律文件"。这会是正在审理中的宾夕法尼亚州案件吗?——唐纳德·j·特朗普总统诉布克瓦尔等人420-cb-02078?请继续关注这起迅速发展的案件,它可能会在瞬间转向另一个方向。正如齐塔人所说,它掌握在人类手中,因此无法预测!

齐塔人之声通讯第738期|2020/11/22  2020年选举状况,选举前景

11/16/2020:By bringing up the extent of the Dominion voter fraud on Fox News,Sidney Powell may indeed be releasing the Kraken on the media,who refuse to address the massive election fraud and keep insisting that Biden won.Almost 4 million votes nationwide were stolen from President Trump and given to Biden.This huge number is the Kraken.That the CIA had a hand in developing the Dominion software will only strengthen the Kraken,as the CIA's interest in overthrowing democratically elected officials around the world has been long known.

齐塔人之声20201116日更新:西德尼·鲍威尔(Sidney Powell)在福克斯新闻频道(Fox News)上提到了自治领选举舞弊的程度,他可能确实是在媒体上放出了"北海巨妖"(Kraken),这些媒体拒绝解决大规模的选举舞弊问题,并一直坚称拜登获胜。在全国范围内,有近400万张选票被特朗普总统窃取并交给了拜登。这个巨大的数字就是北海巨妖。中情局参与开发自治领软件只会加强北海巨妖的力量因为中情局想推翻世界各地民选官员的兴趣早已众所周知。


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