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As you know,in my last article published yesterday,we went through additional intel hidden in the Idaho/Bill Maher riddle and solved the reason why Trump said he was the"Chosen One".


Among the components of the solution,we had this music video segment:until 2:11 and the corresponding solving picture:Img0




DECODED MESSAGE The tweet capital letters, the timestamp and even the music video title and second mark all work together to confirm the tweet is intentionally connected to the 97
second mark of this particular video. From the double reference to Epstein, we gather that being the Chosen One is not only about conducting a trade war against China and correcting decades of treasonous economicsagainst the American People and spying. That's just the front.
The true war occurring behind the scene is about taking down pedophilia, human and drug trafficking, human sacrifices and all the financial networks andfoundations allowing these businesses to run.
For those who want to go further into the biological aspect of the conversation, they may analyze what is really meant by the "Magic Stick"
and connect it to the picture size.
Happy hunting!









What if I told you that the Maestro confirmed these 2 components in a spectacular way during his press conference given earlier today at the G7?


For training purposes,I will give you the 4 tweets from the White House and the Trump Team that will put you in the right direction.I will also highlight specific areas of the tweets to help you find the connections.Here is the challenge,spend some time and try to find the solution without further help:Img1


Back?How was it?Here is the solution:


The first thing you had to notice was the reference to the G7 meeting in tweet1 and how it connected to the music video in showing 7 people sitting at a table.Then,in several instances during the summit,the Maestro insisted on the word UNITY to characterize the meetings.He specifically said:"If there was any word for this particular meeting of seven very important countries,it was unity."We already had the G from G7,with the word UNITY,aren't we getting close to the G UNIT appearing in the list of featured artists in the music video?We can"smell"the cake,it's now time to find solid connections.

你必须注意的第一件事就是提到了在 tweet1上的G7会议,以及它是如何与音乐视频联系在一起的,视频中有7个人坐在一张桌子旁。然后,在峰会期间的几个例子中,大师坚持用 UNITY 这个词来描述会议的特点。他特别指出:"如果要用什么词来形容这次七个非常重要的国家的特别会议,那就是团结。"我们已经有来自G7G,单词 UNITY,难道我们不接近G UNIT 出现在音乐视频的特色艺术家名单中吗?我们可以"闻到"蛋糕的味道,现在是时候找到可靠的联系了。

The timestamp of the first tweet is 10:47 AM.Let's pull Q1047 and let's analyze all the letters separated by dashes in tweet 4.This is what we get:Img2

第一条推文的时间是上午10:47。让我们看看 Q1047,然后分析一下 tweet 4中所有破折号分隔的字母。这就是我们得到的:Img2

Puzzle coming together?


What do we do next?


Yes,we use the Maestro's statement about unity being the keyword for the meetings of the 7 G7 countries.Since 7 reduces to 1,all numbers reduce to 1,in particular the number 9=I and the letters I=9 and A=1 are therefore interchangeable and we can trade the letter A for the letter I.Peruvian Coffee for those who saw the security test confirming this operation in tweet 3:we notice that the tweet has the 2 numbers 7 and 3 and is about trade deals in 3 parts with capital letter A for Agriculture,I for Industrial tariffs and D for Digital trade.Since 7-3=4,the 2 numbers solved D=4 and for the tweet to self-solve,the 2 other letters A and I must have the same"value"and therefore be interchangeable.Trading A and I confirmed.I know right?Team Trump warned you:the tweet was inviting skilled traders for a"tremendous trade deal for the US with Japan"!Hahaha!

是的,我们使用大师的声明,即团结是七国集团会议的关键词。因为7减少到1,所有数字减少到1,特别是数字9= I和字母 I=9 A=1因此是可以互换的,我们可以用字母A换字母I.秘鲁咖啡换那些看到安全测试证实这一行动的人:我们注意到这条推文有2个数字73,是关于贸易交易的3个部分,大写字母A代表农业,I代表工业关税,D代表数字贸易。从7-3=4开始,这两个数字解出了D=4,为了让 tweet 自己解出来,另外两个字母A 和我必须具有相同的"",因此可以互换。交易A和我确认了。我知道,对吧?特朗普团队警告你:这条推文是在邀请技术熟练的贸易商参与"美国与日本的巨大贸易协议"!哈哈哈!

Here is the final confirmation image:Img3


This is the power of the comms folks.


The Maestro,yet again,gave another confirmation of everything that was said in past articles.Are you keeping track of all the confirmations we've gathered so far?I can hear from here the naysayers following the footsteps of the Fake News and accusing me of developing my Q version of a"Messiah Complex".Hahaha!It's ok,I'll call for a press conference on my lawn to clear that out with my bike engine running in the background…


Seriously,from Q linking to one of my very first articles in Q1340 to the Maestro serially mentioning"brain"at the Great Falls rally,to the B2 and Hammond conversation,to the would'NT tweet,to dimensionns,to the Beast-Air Force One chemtrail footage,to Rolls Royce,to the"Maestro"and the list goes on…

严肃地说,从Q链接到我在 Q1340发表的第一篇文章,到大师在大瀑布集会上连续提到"大脑",到 B2 Hammond 的对话,到可能的 NT tweet,到 dimensions,到 Beast-Air Force One chemtrail 的镜头,到劳斯莱斯,再到大师,等等.....

What if I told you that I only share a small portion of the multiple confirmations and intel I see through the comms?The information sent by the Maestro and Q is so massive that I honestly don't understand how some people claiming to be part of our movement find time to attack other people.


This information sent and waiting to be shared is what Q means here:


Q3570 You have more than you know.Q


I struggle with this reality every time I start writing and have to decide what I'm going to share with you in 10k words.


You know what?I'll even tell you more than that today.Are you aware that the comms are so powerful that those who have learned them know exactly where Epstein is?!Yes!The Maestro told us!In his tweets!


I'll give you 2 hints:the first one is about Fredo and the Maestro asking if he should be allowed to have a weapon in this tweet,the second clue is in this video


Happy Hunting!


Q761 This board has more power than you can imagine.Q


Q145 Do you believe in coincidences?How many coincidences do you need before you believe?This is the biggest insider drop in the history of the world.Pray.Q



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