Q帖解密|俄罗斯骗局的”橙子”: 是的,奥巴马监视特朗普

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Q帖解密|俄罗斯骗局的”橙子”: 是的,奥巴马监视特朗普Did you hear the Maestro say about the Russian Hoax which is now pulverized: "I hope they now go and take a look at the oranges of the investigation"? Let's watch until 21:32 video. Oranges? He did not change "origins" to "oranges" just once but several times and we should admit he was pretty good at it! Hahaha! You know what's going on right? Did you also hear him repeat "you would get Pulitzer prizes"? You caught he was saying "Pull It Surprises" right? You didn't? He's asking you to pull the thread and if you do, you'll see the way this investigation started is full of surprises. I told you, I'll tell you again: when the Maestro repeats something, we have to pay attention.

你有没有听到大师关于俄罗斯的骗局说:"我希望他们现在去看看调查的橙子"让我们看到21:32的视频。橙子?他没有把"原产地"改成"橙子",只是一次,而是几次,我们应该承认,他在这方面做得很好!哈哈哈!你知道发生了什么,对吧?你是否也听到他重复"你将获得普利策奖"你发现他在说"出其不意"对吧?你没有吗?他在要求你拉出线索,如果你这样做,你就会看到这个调查开始的方式充满了惊喜。我告诉过你,我再告诉你一遍: 当大师重复一些东西的时候,我们必须注意。

​Ready to pull?


​We need to start by taking a close look at the tweets the Maestro made that day of April 2 2019. There were 11 tweets and since it was World Autism Awareness Day, he dedicated 2 tweets to the event. This is an opportunity to share this other hint: every time the Maestro or Q refers to autism or autists, they are in fact asking for increased attention. So let's analyze these two tweets.

我们首先需要仔细研究大师在201942日发布的推文。共有11条推文,因为今天是世界提高自闭症意识日,他为这次活动专门发了2条推文。这是一个分享另一个提示的机会: 每当大师或Q提到孤独症或自闭症患者时,他们实际上是在要求更多的关注。让我们来分析一下这两条微博。

Img1 The first one has its capital letters adding up to 68 and shows a picture of someone sitting on a carpet and drawing. The size of the picture is 600X314 and since 600 represents 6+0+0=6 and 314 represents 3+1+4=8, we see the size of the picture confirms the capital letters. Pretty cool right? But then, 314 is an indication for PI, which links to the idea of a circle. This idea is confirmed by the drop corresponding to the 7:02 AM timestamp: we see in Q702 a plane which is about to take a turn and we read: "Yes, CONF, Bravo". You caught the Maestro is talking about our 2400 circling rule on the timestamps and is congratulating us for finding it out. Thank you Mr. President! But the next 7:46 AM tweet points to Q746 where we read: "you are not looking close enough". Okay… We missed something? What could that be?

Img1第一个是大写字母加起来等于68,显示的是一个人坐在地毯上画画的图片。图片的大小是600X314,因为600代表6 + 0 + 0=6,314代表3 + 1 + 4=8,我们看到图片的大小证实了大写字母。很酷吧?
但是,314 PI 的指示,它与圆的概念相联系。这一想法得到了上午7:02时间戳对应的降落的证实: 我们在 Q702中看到一架飞机即将转弯,我们读到:"YesCONFBravo"。你发现大师正在谈论我们的时间戳上的2400盘旋规则,并且祝贺我们发现了它。谢谢总统先生!但接下来7:46的推文指向 Q746,我们读到:"你看得不够仔细"。好吧... 我们漏掉了什么?那会是什么?

The 2400 rule was introduced with the underlying assumption that we were looking at a digital clock displaying 0 to 23 numbers for the hours and/or the AM/PM notification. But then, there is this drop:

引入2400规则的基本假设是,我们看到的是一个显示023个小时数字和 / am / pm 通知的数字时钟。但随后,出现了这种下降:

Q477 Wind the clock w/ all markers.


and all the drops with a picture of a watch which is always mechanical: the display of time in Q's mind is mechanical and not digital. Therefore, there is no difference between a given AM time and its PM counterpart. This is a hint we are allowed to expand our 2400 rule to a 1200 rule. Future proves past, let's try this rule with Q746, the very drop where he is asking to look closer. Img2 This pulls Q1946 and we see the map and the carpet have the same main colors! Coincidence? Q signals otherwise, we read in Q1946: "Do you believe in coincidence?".

所有的水滴都带有一块总是机械的手表图片: Q脑海中的时间显示是机械的,而不是数字的。因此,在给定的 AM 时间和 PM 时间之间没有差别。这是一个暗示,我们可以将我们的2400法则扩展到1200法则。未来证明了过去,让我们用 Q746来试试这个规则,就是他要求近距离观察的那个下降点。Img2 Q1946和我们看到的地图和地毯有相同的主要颜色!巧合?另一方面,我们在1946年第四季度读到:"你相信巧合吗?"

Now let's test the 1200 rule with the first tweet. Img3 It pulls Q1902 where we read: "confirmed, what do you notice, compare&contrast, location of painting confirmed". Pretty clear right?


You want the icing on the cake?


Img4 The delta between the 2 Autism Day tweets is 7:40 and the capital letters of the second tweet add up to 74. Coincidence? Let's apply the 1200 rule to the 2:42 PM=14:42 timestamp, it pulls Q242 where we read: "be here tomorrow, the story unfolds". Which is exactly what happened the next day when the house authorized to subpoena the full Mueller report: a subpoena of the report essentially means we get to know more about the story.

让我们把1200规则应用到2:42 PM 14:42的时间戳上,它把 Q242拉到我们读到的地方:"明天在这里,故事就会展开"。这正是第二天众议院授权传唤完整的穆勒报告所发生的事情: 报告的传唤本质上意味着我们对这个故事有了更多的了解。

Conclusion: the 1200 rule is validated. We now have access to more context-eligible Q drops for a given POTUS tweet timestamp.

结论: 1200规则是有效的。我们现在可以访问更多给定 POTUS tweet 时间戳的符合上下文条件的 q 下降。

Q1225 Learn our comms. Q


Now we are equipped to start our quest for "oranges" and understand how the Russian Hoax started. Q told us in Q3215 to use what we know now and replay the story from late 2015. As usual, I will decode each piece, will highlight the very important parts you need to read in the Q drops and we will gather all the pieces at the end.

现在,我们已经准备好开始寻找"橙子",并了解俄罗斯的骗局是如何开始的。Q Q3215告诉我们,利用我们现在所知道的,重播2015年末的故事。像往常一样,我将解码每一个片段,将突出非常重要的部分,你需要阅读的Q下降,我们将收集所有的片段在最后。

In the following image, we learn through Q3215 and Q2927 how Trump was targeted, infiltrated and spied on as early as he announced his candidacy on June 16 2015 and how Ted Cruz was a victim of the same set up. Read very carefully. Img5

在下面的图片中,我们通过 Q3215 Q2927了解到,早在2015616日特朗普宣布参加竞选时,他就是如何成为目标、渗透和监视的,以及特德·克鲁兹是如何成为同一组织的受害者的。仔细阅读。Img5

Here are 3 EXPLOSIVE consecutive tweets posted on Dec 16 2018. This is where we learn the real reason why Strzok was allowed to join the Mueller team and we get the ultimate proof that the feud between the Maestro and Sessions was staged. Yes: STAGED! Read how he, in fact, praises Sessions by mischievously saying that he should be ashamed of himself. Priceless. Img6

以下是20181216日发布的3条具有爆炸性的连续推文。这就是为什么斯特罗克(Strzok)被允许加入穆勒团队的真正原因,我们最终证明了大师和塞申斯之间的宿怨是舞台上演的。是的: 舞台剧!

We have here 2 tweets proving there is material evidence from Strzok that Trump was spied on all the way back to 2015 and that the highest officials in the Obama Administration were involved. Img7

我们这里有两条推文证明,有来自 Strzok 的实质性证据表明,特朗普自2015年以来一直受到监视,奥巴马政府的最高官员也参与其中。Img7

This is the smoking gun. SPYGATE started in 2015 and goes all the way to Hussein himself. It was coordinated for him by Clapper and Brennan. The White house Situation Room was used to spy on a US citizen running for the highest office. Let that sink in. Img8


Can you believe this? The main course has not even arrived yet and we already know Hussein and his administration started to spy on Trump as soon as he decided to run on 2015. From Stzrok, we know the DOJ was involved at least on December 2015. What does that tell you? This means Hussein, Clapper and Brennan were at it before and that the DOJ only came in later in the picture to give some legality to what they have been doing in the shadow using the FVEY loopholes and other means.

你能相信吗?主菜还没到,我们已经知道,侯赛因和他的政府在特朗普决定参加2015年总统竞选后,就开始监视他。从 Stzrok,我们知道司法部至少在201512月参与了此事。这说明了什么?这意味着侯赛因、克拉珀和布伦南之前就参与了此事,而美国司法部只是后来才介入,利用 FVEY 漏洞和其他手段,给他们在暗中所做的一切赋予了一些合法性。

You know what these other means are right? It's right here:


Q1337 Facebook is listening to you 24/7/365. Literally.

Q1337 Facebook 正在24 / 7 / 365听你讲话。真的。

Q1103 YOU are being TRACKED. NO FB account required. This is BIGGER than you think. Agencies attached. Q

Q1103你被跟踪了。不需要 FB 帐户。这比你想象的要大。附属机构。Q

This is clown controlled big tech spying on everybody using the Lifelog/Darpa model:

这是小丑用生命记录 /达帕(darpa) 模型控制的大型科技间谍活动:



Q2984美国国防部高级研究计划局生命记录开始。美国国防部高级研究计划局的队伍转移。美国国防部高级研究计划局(DARPA)团队成员过去 / 现在为 FB 做什么?什么部门?

Using the FB example, Q is telling us how clowns control big tech by creating puppet billionaires and giving them the technologies and the funds for the ultimate purpose of spying on everybody. Now you know why the Maestro compared origins to oranges, he knew exactly what he was saying, stayed in context and was not comparing Apples with oranges… Speaking of Apples, you remember this feud right: Img9 Interesting. Look at the tweet dates. It seems Stzrok and the DOJ were in sync with Dopey...

通过 FB 的例子,Q告诉我们小丑如何通过创造傀儡亿万富翁来控制大科技,并给他们技术和资金来达到监视每个人的最终目的。现在你知道为什么大师把起源比作橙子了吧---- 他清楚地知道自己在说什么,停留在语境中,而不是拿苹果和橙子做比较... ... 说到苹果,你还记得这段宿怨吧: Img9有意思。看看推特上的日期。看起来斯特罗克和司法部与同步的..

Peruvian Coffee for those who made the connection DOPEY-CITIGROUP-HUSSEIN through Wikileaks! This articlereminds us how Michael Froman, a former Citibank executive, "handpicked" (don't you like this word William?) the entire Hussein's cabinet using his Citibank email address.

为那些通过维基解密将迟钝-花旗集团-侯赛因(DOPEY-CITIGROUP-HUSSEIN联系起来的人准备的秘鲁咖啡!这篇文章提醒我们,前花旗银行高管迈克尔·弗罗曼是如何"精心挑选"(你不喜欢这个词吗?) 用他的花旗银行电子邮件地址登录整个侯赛因内阁。

Q1402 Puzzle coming together?


Ready to extract the orange juice?


We write ORANGES with the numbers corresponding to the position of each letter in the alphabet: A=1, B=2 etc… Img10 We get the sequence [15,18,1,14,7,5,19]. We do the same for ORIGINS and get [15,18,9,7,9,14,19]. For example the third letter A=1 in ORANGE is transformed to I=9 by adding 8 if we move forward in the alphabet or by subtracting 18 if we go backwards. We do this for each letter and have 2 transforming sequences: the positive one [0,0,8,19,2,9,0] and the negative one [0,0,18,7,24,17,0] respectively adding up to +38 and -66. Which one should we pick? Big load of Peruvian Coffee for those who noticed the Maestro re-tweeted ABC News 4 days later and says: "I like positive things ok?" link. We analyze 38 and notice it's the value for JARED. It's confirmed by the 10:24 AM timestamp. We go to Q1024 and read "Jared Cohen, coming to a theater near you". This is Eric Schmidt's protégé, CEO of Jigsaw, CFR creature and who traveled with him to North Korea. You know we are in Clown territory right?

我们用橙子的数字来表示每个字母在字母表中的位置: A=1B=2等等。. Img10我们得到序列[15,18,1,14,7,5,19]。我们对 ORIGINS 也做了同样的处理,得到了[15,18,9,7,9,14,19]。例如,ORANGE 中的第三个字母 A= 1被转换为 I=9,如果我们向前移动字母表中的字母A,则加上8,如果我们向后移动,则减去18。我们对每个字母都这样做,有两个转换序列: 正序[0,0,8,19,2,9,0]和负序[0,0,0,18,7,24,17,0] ,加起来分别为 + 38-66。我们应该选择哪一个?为那些注意到这位大师的人准备的大量秘鲁咖啡4天后在 ABC 新闻上转发说:"我喜欢积极的事情,好吗?" 链接。我们分析了38并注意到这是 JARED 的值。上午10:24的时间戳证实了这一点。我们去 Q1024,读"贾里德·科恩(Jared Cohen),来到你附近的剧院"。这是埃里克·施密特的助手,对外关系委员会"竖锯"生物的首席执行官,他和施密特一起去了朝鲜。你知道我们现在是在小丑的地盘吧?

Notice we could have solved Jared Cohen without the Maestro's additional hint he gave 4 days later to confirm the 4 non zero displacements which are +[8,19,2,9] and –[18,7,24,17]. How? By noticing the negative path 66 brings the Google Chrome logo through 666 Img11. Pretty cool right?

注意,如果没有杰瑞德·科恩4天后给出的额外暗示,我们本可以解出这个问题,以确认4个非零位移,分别是 + [8,19,2,9]-[18,7,24,17]。怎么做?通过注意66的消极路径,谷歌 Chrome logo 通过了666 Img11。很酷吧?

​Google is pulled in SPYGATE, through Jared Cohen. The big tech connection is confirmed. What does Q mean with "coming soon to a theater near you?" What are the odds that the very day the Maestro made his orange comment, Jared hosted a reception to launch his new book with its orange stripes? Img12

谷歌通过贾里德·科恩进入了间谍门。大型科技公司的联系得到了证实。Q:"即将在你附近的剧院上映"是什么意思就在这位大师发表橙色评论的那一天,贾里德举办了一个招待会来推出他的橙色条纹的新书,这种可能性有多大? Img12

Big tech has been out to get Trump and is still trying just like Hussein did with all the Government apparatus. Now that they have lost power, they are hoping operatives like Adam Schiff or Jerry Nadler will get the job done. You already know what Adam is all about. What about Jerry? Look at this April 9 tweet about him pointing to Q716 which links to an article about the C_A and Big Tech. Img13

看看这个49日的推特,他指向 Q716,链接到一篇关于C_A和大科技的文章。Img13

Now we can draw the summarizing image showing how the Cabal globally weaponized the international Intelligence Community and how it locally uses political assets for control: Img14

现在我们可以绘制总结图片,显示阴谋集团如何在全球武器化的国际情报界,以及如何使用政治资产的地方控制: Img14

To know more about this structure or about operatives like Jerry, we need to analyze this article about his wife Joyce. Unfortunately, I am running out of space. Try to go through it and we will compare our findings. Hint: Germany.

为了更多地了解这个结构或像杰里这样的特工,我们需要分析这篇关于他妻子乔伊斯的文章。不幸的是,我的空间快用完了。试着看一下,我们会比较我们的发现。提示: 德国。

Q717 Public: FBI/DOJ/O-WH/SD Private: Clowns Clowns Clowns. Q

Q717公开: FBI/DOJ/O-WH/SD私人: 小丑小丑小丑。Q


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