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赋予你的灵魂连接第三部分Today,we will go into meditation and explore the different levels of consciousness and their related chakras.With this exercise,it will become clear why we use the third eye or brow chakra in the Soul Connection technique.


This will be a regular meditation for the purpose of reflection and insight,so use your own preferred technique or our"Ultimate Meditation"technique:


The Infinite Being Meditation


As you reflect upon each different chakra in this article,pause to tune into that chakra,feel its level of consciousness,and become more familiar with its natural function.


Contemplate on these thoughts in your meditation


There are twelve levels of consciousness in Creation and the human chakra system is designed to correspond exactly to the first seven of those levels.


First density is the most fundamental level of physical consciousness and is the natural level for elements–metals,gases,rocks,and so on.


The subconscious mind resonates at the frequency of second density,which is the natural level for biological entities such as plants and basic animals.This also means that the subconscious mind is attuned to the sacral chakra–the second of the seven major chakras.


The intellect–the majority of conscious attention in physical humans–operates at the level of third density and is attuned to the solar plexus chakra.


Higher feelings operate in fourth density and are attuned to the heart chakra.


The superconscious or soul mind operates in fifth density and is attuned to the throat chakra.Fifth density is a non-physical realm of mental energies expressed as light and sound.Fifth density is also called the causal plane because it is here that templates of soul-based intention are created.These templates of consciousness are compressed into subtle etheric form and then further into dense physical form to be manifested as objects and situations in the fourth and third density levels of existence.


Sixth density is the realm of higher soul consciousness and is attuned to the"third eye"or brow chakra.This is the natural level for the oversoul or group souls,where the soul family functions more as a cohesive unit in contrast to the individual soul nature of the regular 5D soul realm.


To complete the picture,seventh density,to which the crown chakra is attuned,is the first of the three cosmic levels of awareness,which are attuned to the consciousness of planets,suns and galaxies.Beyond these,the highest of the density levels–the Divine realms of 10D,11D and 12D–are home to facets of the Creator which exist for the supply and maintenance of all requirements of life in the other levels of existence.

为了完成这个画面,第七密度,顶轮调谐到的,是三个宇宙觉知层次中的第一个,它调谐到行星、太阳和星系的意识。除此之外,最高的密度层次-10D11D 12D 的神圣领域-是造物主存在的方方面面的家园,供应和维持其他存在层次的生命的所有需求。

In the Soul Connection technique,we raise the heart-centered sphere of energy to the brow chakra for two reasons.


1)It is a feeling-related chakra,just like the heart chakra and is therefore directly compatible with it.While the throat chakra is home to your active soul consciousness,it exists in a realm which is more mental than feeling in nature.The chakras alternate in a yin-yang fashion:The sacral chakra is about feeling,the solar plexus is intellectual,the heart is about higher feeling,and the throat chakra is attuned to what many call the mental or higher mental realms.


2)Activating the brow chakra with energy from the heart causes a synchronistic activation of the throat chakra,due to its location between the brow and heart chakras.



Inner Mind versus Outer Mind


There is a power within you which very few suspect.While your"outer self"–your daily waking consciousness–is focused upon the external world,your inner being encompasses all aspects of your consciousness.Your inner being includes your outer self,your subconscious mind,and all the other,so-called"unconscious"parts of your mind.


Your inner being is also called your soul–the real you,the complete you.It has also been referred to as your"higher self"because,compared to the consciousness of the outside world,it operates primarily at a higher frequency of consciousness.It manages many essential functions for you while your outer self focuses upon the experience of life in the external world through your five senses.


Your inner being's field of perception and influence reaches out to include many functions and abilities which are mostly dormant in the daily consciousness of the outer self.These include:


*An intuitive awareness of the energy and potential within situations,one which sees deeply beneath any surface appearances.


*Spiritual connection.Your inner being is your personal connection to the universe as a whole,to the higher realms,and ultimately to Infinite Being.


*Connection to other souls.In the soul realms,all souls are constantly aware of all other souls with whom they or their physical expressions interact.Communication is immediate and harmonious,with all souls being ready to support all other souls as appropriate.


These inner abilities do not have to be developed within your daily consciousness because you already possess them at the level of your inner being.You need only practice regular communication with your inner being in order to gain from this unlimited source of wisdom,insight and creativity.To achieve this,be sure to tune into your inner being every day using the Soul Connection technique given in Part 2 of this course.


Now,think about how life would be if you reversed your perspective.What if,instead of seeing life as an exterior world through your five senses,you saw it from your soul's perspective?


In the next lesson,we will be taking that exact viewpoint.Be aware that the soul's perspective is the real situation,so it enables you to understand far more about reality.In daily activity,while you are living life in the physical world,the following principle may seem abstract.However,it needs to be understood and it is key to the level of empowerment that we will achieve in the upcoming lessons.


Here it is:The perspective-shifting truth that underlies our apparently-physical existence…


Life is a dream.


You are a soul dreaming that you have a physical existence.


By Owen Waters





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