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Judy Note:On Thurs.30 April President Trump entered authorization codes for the RV/GCR release.The next day on Fri.1 May the new US Note of the sovereign US Republic became asset/gold backed.It was about time since the Cabal's Petrodollar had gone down the tubes and many nations including China,were no longer accepting that fiat US Dollar for international trade.


The next Mon.night 4 May Reno started the first payout of Yellow Dragon bonds.On Tues.5 May Paymasters were liquid and could pay out Tier 2-3 Intermediate Groups.By Wed.6 May Exotic Bonds started trading.


By Thurs.7 May the Elders,POTUS,Department of Defense Security,US Treasury and State Department teams all confirmed that a green light for 800#s release of over 52,700 emails had been turned on with a shotgun start initiated behind the scenes–though the actual 800#s release window was approximate and dependent on several factors such as payouts completion and the ability to capture Cabal members who were not eligible for funds.


Multiple levels of codes were being entered in the midst of this global underground war with these Deep State operatives.As of Fri.9 May some groups had been paid and Prosperity Packages and CMKX were complete,with reports of some delivered.


Next Mon.11 May was the final deadline of Value Day when Judy Shelton took over the US Treasury,the new currency rates would be set-in-stone and everything would be completed so monies would be available for all Tiers.


As of right now we were at any moment for the 800#s release since Tier 4 a,b groups would have to be started no later than before that Mon.11 May.



1.Notification emails and 800#s were pending historic bonds and Intermediate accounts being paid out that would include 2,000 Prosperity Package account recipients vetted to weed out Deep State operatives.


2.Notifications could be going out by Fri.8 May,or by Sat.9 May.


3.Mon.11 May was Value Day when the US Treasury would make a formal declaration by which all monies at that date's rates would be accessible to all tiers.


4.Tier 4 a,b would have to be started no later than Mon.11 May.


5.It was confirmed that the latest delayed start was because Pelosi and the House Ways&Means Committee had pushed through a 14%tax on ZIM redemptions late Wed.6 May.The White House team,POTUS and DoD security teams had to remove the legislation and then rewrite ZIM redemption procedures with UST leadership team so they could get it to banks and redemption centers.


6.There would be no capital gains tax on the exchange or ZIM redemption,just Federal tax on interest earned on proceeds from the exchange/redemption paid out over time.


7.The IRS was being folded under the new US Treasury and was severely downsized.They would only have 4-6 IRS agents per state to collect a flat tax of 15-17%.



1.By Wed.22 April Iraq,Zimbabwe,China and Vietnam were using their own asset/gold backed currencies and no longer accepting the fiat US dollar.


2.Over a week ago the Iraqi Dinar revalued and for a short while,their new in-country rate was on the CBI website.Since then that in-country rate has gone up to just under$10.00.The International and Contract Rates for the Iraqi Dinar would be much higher.


3.Earlier this week Iran RV'd,dropped 4 zeros and changed it's currency name from the Rial to the Toman.Iranian citizens would start exchanging in Iran within the next 10 days to the new Toman currency.This also showed that we were right there at the starting line.Redemption Center Staff would show Rial holders how to exchange them at the first appointment.


4.Globally GESARA was established and started legally&financially through debt forgiveness to African nations and other countries.GESARA/NESARA would be fully implemented over the next 3-6 months,through about Nov 2020.


5.On Thurs.30 April President Trump signed an Executive order instigating Martial Law.


6.On that same Thurs.30 April Trump entered authorization codes for the RV/GCR release,which gave the Admiral a green light to process the new asset-backed US Note–now accepted for exchange internationally.Paymasters became liquid.


7.On Fri.1 May 2020 President Trump activated the International Emergency Economic Powers Act and the National Emergencies Act as the US returned to Constitutional Law.


8.On that same Fri.1 May 2020 the US Note of the new sovereign US Republic became asset/gold backed as the Cabal's Petrodollar went down the tubes.The gold-backed Yaun(and gold/asset-backed currencies of many other now-sovereign nations)had already replaced the fiat Petrodollar as a basis for international trade.


9.Two days later overnight Sun.night 3 May the new RV rates were locked-in.On Mon.night 4 May Reno started the first payment in the world of Yellow Dragon bonds.On Tues.5 May Paymasters were liquid and could pay out Tier 2-3 Intermediate Groups.


10.By Wed.6 May Exotic Bonds started trading,while the US(POTUS,DoD and Alliance)released Iraq to vote and seat a new Prime Minister(Al-Kadhimi)with over 50%of his cabinet already seated and in place.This was a huge sign that the shotgun release was about to initiate.


11.On Thurs.7 May General Flynn,who"knows where all the bodies were buried"was exonerated.President Trump announced,"He was an innocent man.He is a great gentleman.He was targeted by the Obama administration...in order to take down a President.They are dishonest,crooked people.They are scum...they are human scum...The Obama administration,Justice Department was a disgrace.They got caught.Very dishonest people.It's treason.It's treason..."https://hannity.com/media-room/trump-on-flynn-freedom-he-was-an-innocent-man-hes-an-even-greater-warrior/?utm_source=socialflow


12.Those treasonous people have been under investigation since Trump took office back in 2016,with US Attorney General from Utah John Huber and his team of 174 investigators filing over 170,000 sealed indictments against them in federal courts across the nation.Some have been unsealed with arrests made,though not made public.

12.自从特朗普2016年上任以来,这些叛国者一直在接受调查。来自犹他州的美国司法部长约翰·胡贝尔(John Huber)和他的174名调查人员在全国各地的联邦法院对他们提出了17万份密封起诉书。其中一些已经被公开逮捕,虽然没有公开。

13.By far the majority of those sealed indictments included charges of pedophilia–that resulted in uncovering an international child trafficking ring.The US Military was pulling thousands of malnourished,tortured and caged children,many deceased,from an extensive network of underground tunnels beneath major cities across the US.The UN was directing another series of arrests on their pedophile perpetrators across the globe.


The tunnels were funded by US Taxpayer dollars and run by the Cabal using a CIA Mind Control program on the children extracted out of Nazi Germany after World War II.The rescue operation under the direction of the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force,was believed to have begun at the California China Lake Military facility on July 4 2019.Those military operations used around 10,000 Navy Seals and US Marines troops who continued to risk their lives saving the children even today.






14.By Thurs.7 May the Elders,POTUS,DoD Security,UST and State Department teams all confirmed that a green light for 800#s release of over 52,700 emails had been turned on with a shotgun start initiated behind the scenes.Multiple levels of codes were being entered in the midst of a global underground war with Deep State operatives.


15.The 800#s release window was approximate and dependent on many factors,though began when Exotic Bonds were handled on Wed.6 May.


16.Some groups have been paid and the Prosperity Packages and CMKX were complete,with reports of some delivered.


17.Mon.11 May was Value Day when monies would be available for all,when Judy Shelton took over the new US Treasury and everything had to be complete.Tier 4 a,b would have to be started no later than Mon.11 May,so we were still at any moment as we had to be started before,or by then.

17.511日是"价值日"(ValueDay),届时所有人都可以获得资金,朱迪谢尔顿(Judy Shelton)接管新的美国财政部,一切都必须完成。4a级和b级必须不晚于511日星期一开始,所以我们仍然在任何时刻,因为我们必须在之前开始,或在那之前开始。

18.Tier 4b redemption-exchanges for Contract Rates had a goal to be completed by Fri.15 May and all finished by the end of the month so that the General Public could begin exchanging foreign currencies in local banks at the new international rates on Mon.1 June.



弗林将军被免罪引发新一轮调查联邦调查局 / 中央情报局国际儿童性贩运行动:


The exoneration of President Trump's former national security advisor General Michael Flynn has sparked the release of shocking IG documents that appeared to lead to a FBI/CIA international child sex trafficking operation.


Evidently the State of Florida received detailed information and evidence that a Florida Department of Children and Families(DCF)social worker named Bonny Warner possessed child rape pornography of a missing five year-old child named HaLeigh Cummings.Cummings was reported missing on February 10,2009–an Amber Alert was issued and the story swept the national airwaves,but the kindergartner was never found.


Today,the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force(PPTF)released an Inspector General document from the office of former Florida Governor Rick Scott that revealed the State of Florida and former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi was aware child rape porn had been created of the five year-old.It was alleged that on Sept.8 2015 Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi knew that Department of Child Protection Social Worker Bonnie Warner had received evidence in the form of a CD showing Cumming's private parts in a sexual assault.The CD was never turned over to law enforcement,plus ignored and concealed by the State of Florida.


The release of the document comes as General Michael Flynn was exonerated,and all charges against him dropped after evidence revealed he was framed by the FBI.According to high level intelligence sources,Gen.Flynn was targeted by Deep State actors including former FBI director James Comey,and former CIA Director John Brennan,because he(Flynn)possessed a massive amount of information regarding international trafficking networks involved in organized pedophilia and crimes against humanity.


Evidence shows HaLeigh Cummings was trafficked by the same FBI/CIA networks that General Flynn uncovered,which led to Jeffrey Epstein and babies being sold on the black-market through the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington DC.


Evidence uncovered by the PPTF showed that thousands of children were abducted through private CPS who partnered with attorneys and Family Court judges and were trafficked internationally–some of the children were held and tortured in subterranean tunnels and bunkers.






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