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The financial markets are moving like crazy:stock markets have on average shed some 30%of their capitalization value since the start of 2020,oil prices have halved,the gold to silver price ratio has passed 100:1 and is now even at 120:1 which is unprecedented and bitcoin is on a rollercoaster ride as well.For me bitcoin has no value,because 99%of the people will never accept it as payment unless they would be forced to;apart from that the Chinese have been working on a cryptocurrency backed by gold and if that will be introduced bitcoin and other"baked air"cryptocurrencies will lose most of their value virtually overnight.Fiat currencies are themselves losing value because of the ever expanding extent of Quantitative Easing(free credit for systemic banks)by central banks.Oil is dropping because Russia doesn't want to reduce production even when demand is diminished;it seems there are two reasons behind that:Russia knows oil will quickly become a thing of the past as free energy technologies will be introduced soon so they have little time left to make some money from their in ground oil reserves,and above ground oil reserves need to be at a sufficient level to outlast the chaotic transition period we are now in and provide continuity of transportation,industrial and agricultural production.The more real value is in the tangible assets such as gold and silver,but even those are going down at the moment,especially silver.The official explanation is that some large holders are liquidating their investment positions and industrial demand will be down,but who in their right mind is voluntarily going to sell physical gold or silver in the face of the carnage on the stock market?The silver price has completely lost touch with reality(remember,it's an industrial metal used in electronics and other applications and mining output ratio is only 1:8);soon the supplies that are still held by precious metals dealers and shops will be totally depleted.


The spreading of Covid-19 over more and more countries and regions and increasing numbers of deaths due to the weaponized virus have been causing fear and panic just as the Cabal intended.Governments see themselves compelled to implement restrictions and ban large gatherings of people.It must be said that East Asian countries like Japan,Taiwan,Singapore,but also China(Wuhan)and South Korea(Daegu)where strains of the virus were seeded have dealt more effectively with the outbreaks than Europe and the United States by taking stringent measures early on.Now Europe is catching up,but it's already too late to contain the virus anymore,it can only be slowed down.As Cobra mentioned the Pleiadians have been working tirelessly to make the Wuhan strain close to harmless and it took them two to three months to accomplish that.If they are equally successful in dealing with the Codogno strain that has been circulating in Europe and that has jumped to North America and the Qom strain that is circulating in Iran and the Middle East the immediate impact from the virus may be over by the beginning of May.We can help them by visualizing the virus supporting plasma burning up in violet flames and the virus cells being encapsulated by flower of life spheres and shriveling.And maybe even more important is to send love and light energy to the ones who are on intensive care and fighting for their lives and the people who are losing their income due to the economic impact of the measures taken by governments.


You can protect yourself from Covid-19 and other nasty viruses with plenty amounts of vitamin C,oxygenation of your body with ozone therapy or hydrogen peroxide therapy,nanosilver and colloidal silver.


I don't think I need to explain the critical importance of the upcoming mass meditations on March 19(America)or 20(Asia,Oceania,Europe and Africa)and on April 4 or 5:


March Equinox 144k meditation

Ascension Timeline/End of Coronavirus Meditation


Ascension Timeline/End of Coronavirus Meditation videos


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