2013年7月25日讯息 『让它广为周知! 埃及解放任务的重要更新』

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『柯博拉Cobra』2013年7月25日讯息『让它广为周知! 埃及解放任务的重要更新』MAKE THIS VIRAL! Liberation of Egypt-Important Update让它广


『让它广为周知! 埃及解放任务的重要更新』

MAKE THIS VIRAL! Liberation of Egypt-Important Update

让它广为周知! 埃及解放任务的重要更新

The situation in Egypt is reaching another tipping point on Friday, July 26th, the moment of the heliacal rising of Sirius and the beginnig of the New Year for ancient Eygptians.


In the past few weeks, the Cabal tried to interrupt the liberation process by infiltrating their mercenaries into Egypt, trying to trigger conflicts that would lead to civil war:




Mysterious snipers mentioned in the above article belong to a private mercenary firm Academi, formerly named and Blackwater before that:




Blackwater/Xe/Academi is a Jesuit army, obeying the dictate of the black nobility:



The black nobility leaders (Pallavicini family) also control the Muslim Brotherhood:



You can read more about the real story of the Muslim Brotherhood here:



Now the Positive Military in Egypt has decided to remove them from Egypt. The Positive Military in Egypt has tactical support from the Resistance Movement, Positive Templars and the White Dragon Society. To make their move, members of the Positive Military need the support of the general population also. For that reason, general Sisi addressed the nation of Egypt, requesting people to protest against terrorists (namely Blackwater/Xe/Academi and some Muslim Brotherhood factions) on Friday:



When people of Egypt respond to his call, the Positive Military will make its move and remove the Jesuit-backed militias from Egypt.


To harmonize the situation and to bring more peace into the situation, the Light forces have requested that as many people as possible support the people of Egypt with our Liberation Meditation. This is time-sensitive and needs to go viral! We need to reach masses of people, so that the critical mass of people actually doing it is attained. Please post it on your websites and blogs. Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations on human society, so each of you that will participate in this meditation can actually save human lives in Egypt.

为了稳定埃及局势并且为当地带来和平,光明势力已经呼吁大家尽全力用解放冥想支援埃及民众现在是十万火急的时刻,冥想活动必须广为周知! 我们要广召人力让实际参与冥想的人数达到临界数量。科学研究已经证实集体冥想对人类社会的正面影响,所以我们的冥想真的可以挽救埃及民众的性命。

The meditation will take place on Friday July 26th at 5 pm Cairo time. Instructions for the meditation are here:



There is a very strong portal of Light opening on July 29th. You can see its astrological chart here:


The planets will form a six-pointed star formation, which signifies the return of Maat, the Egyptian cosmic Goddess of balance and justice.


The period between July 26th and July 29th represents a very important tipping point that will decide the destiny of Egypt and also to a great extent the course of events leading towards the Event. Egypt is a planetary key trigger point for the Event. Here the Light of Maat was extinguished during the Amarna period around 1340 BCE with the rise of monotheistic Atenism and here the Light of Maat will return now as the next phase of the return of the Goddess.


Therefore the Light forces have requested that we continue with our meditations for Egypt every day at 5 pm Cairo time until July 29th with special emphasis on July 26th and July 29th.


The events in Egypt will now quickly follow as the Egyptian army has given the Muslim Brotherhood until Saturday to sign up to the political reconciliation process:



The Goddess wants freedom for people and freedom will come!




翻译:Patrick Shih

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