X22报告|2993集: 特朗普告诉人们我们如何才能做得更好,他们从来没有想过他们会暴露

2023年2月10日14:12:39最新动态X22报告|2993集: 特朗普告诉人们我们如何才能做得更好,他们从来没有想过他们会暴露已关闭评论346字数 1247阅读4分9秒阅读模式


X22报告|2993集: 特朗普告诉人们我们如何才能做得更好,他们从来没有想过他们会暴露

Ep. 2993a – Biden Destroys The Economy, Trump Tells The People How We Can Make It Great


Ep. 2993b – They Never Thought The FBI, Hunter, Joe Biden Would Be Exposed… How Do You Legally…

他们从没想过 FBI Hunter Joe Biden 会被曝光... 你怎么合法..。



Banks are beginning to collapse, people are taking their money out of the system. Woke companies are having a difficult time. Biden is destroying the economy and Trump is giving solutions on how to save the country and reverse it all.



The [DS] never expected for [HRC] to lose, they never expected that their treasonous acts would be exposed. The evidence is coming out, how to you legally insert the evidence. Trump and the patriots have trapped the [DS] and they have run out of ammunition, they are using the old playbook and it is not working. The old playbook has been debunked now they are in trouble. 



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