X22报告|第2897集: 新经济世界正在形成,每一项资产都在调配

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X22报告|第2897集: 新经济世界正在形成,每一项资产都在调配

Ep. 2897a – Biden/[CB] Fuel Plan Confirmed, New Economic World Is Emerging

拜登/[ CB ]燃料计划确认,新经济世界正在形成

Ep. 2897b – Scavino Sends Message, Small Steps, [DS] Not In Control, Every Asset Deployed

Scavino 发送信息,小步骤,[ DS ]无法控制,每个资产部署



The entire world can see that the energy crisis is being driven by the [CB]/[WEF] and the corrupt leadership. Putin says that the EU can get gas from Russia. Climate Gate is a fraud. Confirmed, SA admits Biden wanted them to wait to cut production after the midterms. The news system is being born.



The [DS] is not in control, they are panicking, all assets deployed. Every agenda of the [DS] is failing and being exposed at the same time. Durham is proving that the entire Russia hoax was concocted by the [DS]. This is treason. Scavino sends a message. The plan is on schedule, small steps gets you to where you want to go. 

[DS] 没有控制局面,他们陷入了恐慌,所有的资产都被部署了。 [DS] 的每一项议程都在失败,同时也被暴露出来。达勒姆正在证明整个俄罗斯的骗局都是由[DS]策划的。这是叛国。Scavino 传达了一个信息。计划如期进行,一小步一小步就能到达你想去的地方。


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