X22报告|第2812集: 经济战仍在继续,你如何摧毁这个故事?

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X22报告|第2812集: 经济战仍在继续,你如何摧毁这个故事?

Ep. 2812a – The Fed Chair Said The Quiet Part Out Loud, The Economic War Continues

Ep. 2812a –美联储主席说,经济战争继续,安静的部分大声说出来

Ep. 2812b – Define Bait, Define Plant, Who Really Has Control, How Do You Destroy The Narrative?

Ep. 2812b –定义诱饵,定义内应,谁真正拥有控制权,你如何破坏叙事?

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The country is moving right into a recession, GDP shrank and the next quarter looks even worse. The corrupt politicians are trying to control the fallout by handing out money, this plan failed before it can even get started, this will add to the problem. The Fed says the quiet part out loud.



The [DS] took the bait and completely destroyed themselves. They put a witness on the stand that was fed false info and it was debunked in a matter of minutes. Was this a trap? Was Cassidy the bait to destroy the J6 fake show. The patriots are in control and the next phase of the plan is coming online, [GM] was just the beginning, Trump, Kash, Nunes all hint to where this is all going, Rachel Chandler.

[DS]上钩了,完全毁了自己。他们让一个被灌输了虚假信息的证人出庭作证,结果几分钟内就被揭穿了。这是个陷阱吗?卡西迪是摧毁J6假节目的诱饵吗。爱国者们已经控制了局面,下一阶段的计划即将上线,[GM]只是个开始,特朗普、卡西、努内斯都暗示了这一切的走向,瑞秋 · 钱德勒。


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