X22报道|第2685集: 好人已就位,俄罗斯能对深层国家造成什么伤害?

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[ DS ]现在正处于改变新闻周期的过程中,假新闻正在推动战争。普京不会入侵,也不会发动战争,[ DS ]会像过去一样试图引诱他。

X22报道|第2685集: 好人已就位,俄罗斯能对深层国家造成什么伤害?

Ep. 2685a – Good Guys Are Positioned, The [CB] Will Do The Rest

Ep. 2685a –好人已经就位,剩下的就交给[ CB ]了

Ep. 2685b – Why Russia? What Damage Can Russia Do To The [DS], Think Mirror

Ep. 2685b-为什么是俄罗斯?俄罗斯能对[DS]造成什么损害,思考镜报

X22 Report
Published January 24, 2022



The [CB] is now pushing to destroy their own system, this is needed to push people into their new system. They will start raising rates and pushing alternative currencies down, as the economy begins to fall apart, they will push alternative currencies down hard.

[ CB ]现在正在推动摧毁他们自己的系统,这是推动人们进入他们的新系统所必需的。随着经济开始崩溃,他们将开始提高利率并压低替代货币,他们将大力压低替代货币。


The [DS] is now in the process of changing the news cycle, the fake news is pushing war. Putin will not invade and will not start a war, the [DS] will try to bait him like they have in the past. But it seems they are using all of this to create the narrative of a cyber attacks on the US. The push against Russia is to coverup their crimes, think of what Russia could do to the [DS] if certain information is revealed. Everything the [DS] projected onto Trump is what they have done and now the people can see the difference, Trump created peace and the [DS] is creating war. 

[ DS ]现在正处于改变新闻周期的过程中,假新闻正在推动战争。普京不会入侵,也不会发动战争,[ DS ]会像过去一样试图引诱他。但他们似乎正在利用这一切,制造针对美国的网络攻击故事。对俄罗斯的打击是为了掩盖他们的罪行,想想如果某些信息被泄露,俄罗斯会对国防部做些什么。所有投射到特朗普身上的东西都是他们做过的,现在人们可以看到不同,特朗普创造了和平,而[DS] 正在制造战争。


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