X22报告|第2634集: 美联储正计划对经济进行有控制的破坏,人们正在挣脱束缚

2021年11月24日13:58:47最新动态X22报告|第2634集: 美联储正计划对经济进行有控制的破坏,人们正在挣脱束缚已关闭评论120字数 1505阅读5分1秒阅读模式


X22报告|第2634集: 美联储正计划对经济进行有控制的破坏,人们正在挣脱束缚

Ep. 2634a – The [CB] Are Planning A Controlled Demolition Of The Economy, Playbook Known

Ep. 2634a-[ CB ]正计划对经济进行有控制的破坏,剧本已知

Ep. 2634b – People Are Breaking Free Of The Circle, End Is Near, The Fake News Cleanse

Ep. 2634b-人们正在打破循环,结束即将到来,假新闻净化



The people are rejecting the policies of the Ds/[CB]/[DS]. The people do not want illegals to receive 450000 each. The [CB] is pushing the narrative that just be happy with soybean dinner, next step is worms. Lael Brainard is now the vice chair of the Fed. General Flynn says the [CB]/[DS] is planning a control demolition of the economy to gain more control.

人民正在反对Ds/[ CB ]/[ DS ]的政策。人们不希望非法移民每人得到45万。(CB)正在推动一种说法,即人们只是对大豆晚餐感到满意,下一步就是虫子。莱尔 · 布雷纳德现在是美联储的副主席。弗林将军说,[ CB ]/[ DS ]正计划对经济进行控制性破坏,以获得更多的控制权。


The [DS]/Fake news is losing the narrative at every turn. They lost the narrative with Rittenhouse and now with Brooks who ran down people during a Xmas parade. Scavino sends a message that the media is going to be cleansed. The [DS] is now struggling, the storm is coming from every direction and now they are desperate, what do desperate people do, they do stupid things. This is exactly what we are watching. Trump says the country will be back soon.  



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