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证据显示,在计划流行前三年,Moderna 公司就申请了病毒 DNA 的专利。朋友们,别看乌克兰了。真正的故事是深州对人类的种族灭绝式的毁灭。

February 24, 2022 2022年2月24日The TRUTH about Ukraine can be summed up in three words: [D]eep [S]tate base.


Anons have known for years that [B]iden, [P]elosi, [K]erry and [R]omney have extensive financial ties to Ukraine through bribes, kick-backs etc. The [O]bamas and [C]lintons were knee-deep in Ukrainian corruption. All roads lead to Ukraine.




Russia is destroying USA [D]eep [S]tate military and bio-lab installations.



Here is another link about the same story...



A short video featuring Putin and [B]iden commenting on the Ukraine situation. You can decide for yourself if this 'war' is part of the Alliance operation/movie. I know what I think.



Q TheStormRider on Telegram gave an excellent summary of the Ukraine situation. QSR writes in abbreviations and code - I won't tamper with it. 

《暴风骑士电讯报》对乌克兰局势做了精彩的总结。QSR 是用缩写和代码写的——我不会篡改它。

The Ukraine CRISES is much more than most people know...

乌克兰危机比大多数人知道的要严重得多... ..

Biden wants UKRAINE burned down ( inside the chaos they plan do and inside job CIA style ops and destroy servers and all data points that link Money money laundering, BILLIONS in illegal Oil/ gas deals distribution/ stolen oil, gas... The Ukrainians were doing a large investigation into BIDEN,> OBAMA< and have alot of evidence and I closed indictments against OBAMA/ BIDEN and their admin.... These indictments connected to OBAMA administration connect the >> FAKE<<< killing of some of Osama bin laden..I which the IRANIAN gov. Protected Bin laden and gave OBAMA a fake decoy to apprehend and KILL by Seal team six.. The plot to trick OBAMA worked and moments ( minutes) after apprehending and killing of Osama bin laden Obama gave a live speech that bin laden was captured and killed//// Americans rejoiced and in Obama sinking poles as President was instantly lifted and he was re-elected>>///
What Americans didn't know was moments after OBAMA gave his live speech of the capture of bin laden.. seal team six identify the dead body as not being bin LADEN ( they knew was decoy)// but was too late OBAMA gave the speech only seconds earlier//// the body was thrown out over the mountains from the helicopter../// the IRANIANS PLAN HAD WORKED AND OBAMA CAME INTO CONTROL UNDER IRANIAN BLACKMAIL..  they had everything on OBAMA and the lies and the proof >> that why OBAMA paid BILLIONS in cash in pallets to IRAN and Hillary Clinton set up the deaths of the Seal team six from that special operation/))) the BILLIONS that went to IRAN was traded ( money laundering) into UKRAINE markets, oil, gas.. Weapons,  estate , into EUROPEs largest human trafficking network ///

拜登希望乌克兰被烧毁(在他们计划的混乱中,在中情局风格的行动中,摧毁服务器和所有与洗钱、数十亿非法石油/天然气交易分配/盗窃石油、天然气有关的数据点...乌克兰人正在对拜登、奥巴马进行大规模调查,并且掌握了大量证据,我已经结束了对奥巴马/拜登及其政府的起诉....这些起诉书与奥巴马政府的《假击毙本·拉登》有些关联..伊朗政府保护了本·拉登,并给了奥巴马一个假诱饵,让海豹突击队第六分队逮捕并杀死他..欺骗奥巴马的阴谋得逞了,在抓获并击毙奥萨马·本·拉登后的几分钟内,奥巴马发表了一个关于本·拉登被抓获并被击毙的现场讲话///美国人欢欣鼓舞,因为奥巴马立即被解除了总统职务,他再次当选了> >///美国人不知道的是,就在奥巴马发表关于本·拉登被抓获的现场讲话后的几分钟内..海豹突击队第六分队确认尸体不是本·拉登(他们知道这是诱饵)//但是为时已晚,奥巴马几秒钟前才发表演讲////尸体从直升机上被扔出山区..///伊朗人的计划成功了,奥巴马在伊朗的讹诈下控制了局面..他们有关于奥巴马的一切,谎言和证据>>为什么奥巴马向伊朗支付数十亿美元的现金,希拉里·克林顿在那次特别行动中制造了海豹六队的死亡/))流向伊朗的数十亿美元被交易(洗钱)到乌克兰市场,石油,天然气..欧洲最大的人口贩卖网络///

Now BIDEN/ OBAMA deep state CABAL want UKRAINE destroyed ...


>>Biden will use  Ukraine for a reason of inflation in America and falling markets


>Deep State in EU will blame Ukraine CRISES for falling markets. Inflation, supply chain interruptions.

欧盟的深层国家”(Deep State)将指责乌克兰危机导致市场下滑。通胀、供应链中断。

>>> The are several they wanted this WAR to create distractions away from PLANDEMIC narrative falling apart.. Distraction of

]] DURHAM [[ Indictments. Investigation heading to OBAMA> Biden and[]
The connection to the world [ EXPOSURE] of the CABAL

达勒姆[起诉书,调查正在进行世界的联系[曝光] CABAL


达沃斯集团/世界经济论坛/梵蒂冈, 英国CCP陛下

Q said there will be a worldwide 'scare event' that would be necessary to wake people up. Nuclear detonations might appear to be part of the scare operation - but there will categorically NEVER be a nuclear detonation ever again in this Universe. Creator has decreed that it cannot happen. Please trust this information.

Q 说,将会有一个全球性的“恐吓事件”,这将有必要唤醒人们。核爆可能看起来是恐吓行动的一部分,但是在这个宇宙中绝对不会再有核爆炸了。造物主已经命令它不能发生。请相信这个信息。

Don't forget the worldwide 'scare event' could come from several directions. Remember China/Taiwan.



President Trump condemned [B]iden's weak handling of the Ukraine situation. It took an event of this serious nature to wake up the [B]iden voters and sleepers. As Anons are saying, this would never have happened during the Trump presidency, when Russia and USA had a cordial connection. Q: 'You can't tell the people; you have to show them..'

特朗普总统谴责拜登对乌克兰局势处理不力。一件如此严重的事件唤醒了拜登各自的选民和沉睡者。正如亚农斯所说,在特朗普担任总统期间,当俄罗斯和美国有着友好关系时,这种事情绝不会发生。Q: 你不能告诉人们,你必须展示给他们看。.'


Watch out for the [D]eep [S]tate's announcement of the Lizard Queen's death and week-long funeral as a distraction. That is their last significant card so once it is played, game over.


I think we Light Warriors can safely say that the days of 'Nothing happening...' are waaaay back in the rear vision mirror.



So basically Truth Social is being unleashed at around the same time that a massive freedom convoy heads to DC while Russia threatens to bring down their entire system and cause a cyber pandemic while Nunes simultaneously is asking who Q is and you expect my brain not to be short circuiting?

所以基本上,真理社会(Truth Social )正在释放的同时,一个大规模的自由车队前往华盛顿,而俄罗斯威胁要摧毁他们的整个系统,造成网络流行病,同时努尼斯同时问谁是 q,你希望我的大脑不会短路?

Meanwhile the USA trucker freedom convoy is on the road. What a thrilling sight - big sleek trucks cruising across the same prairies that the wagon-train pioneers crossed in their bid for freedom and a new life.



Here are the California truckers singing 'Amazing Grace' before they set out. Goose-bumps.



Evidence that jab company Moderna patented the virus DNA THREE YEARS before the Plandemic. Eyes off Ukraine, friends. The REAL story is the [D]eep [S]tate's genocidal destruction of humanity.

证据显示,在计划流行前三年,Moderna 公司就申请了病毒 DNA 的专利。朋友们,别看乌克兰了。真正的故事是深州对人类的种族灭绝式的毁灭。


I agree with PepeLivesMatter. As the storm clouds increase daily, I remain calm. This is OUR time, Light Warriors.


You ever get the feeling that we are witnessing something truly Biblical happen on a global scale?

A fascinating happening:

The greater the storm clouds, the more they loom over the world...the calmer I become.

风暴云越大,它们越是在世界上若隐若现... ... 我就变得越平静。
You were born for such a time is this.

We all were. 

Never forget it. 


Finally, this is an excellent time to repeat this great meme. TRUTH is coming out now. Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming.



Please keep remembering that this is a MOVIE. It is a popcorn experience and nothing to fear. There are many optics. And most of the REAL action is taking place behind the scenes as the Alliance carefully and expertly destroys the [D]eep [S]tate forever. The action we are currently seeing is a cause for rejoicing, not fear.




Thank you for reading this post. You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site.


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light 




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