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系好安全带Fox News with Tucker Carlson just nailed Fauci and Gates to the wall.Their own head of research at Wuhan Labs admitted creating the Cov 19 which is not natural.The head researchers at Wuhan Lab in China publicly thanked Fauci for funding the gain of function research.This is not just a bombshell it is a nuke.You cannot patent a natural virus.It was created in the lab by combining varients from bats,fish,humans etc.Much like the recent swine flu.This is called gain of function research,it was fully funded by Fauci and Gates both known and admitted eugenicists who have been very vocal about the need for population control.I also might add Fauci was very involved with the NIH research on AIDs and the various concoctions of which some journalists referred to as genocide.Why would you give a gay person a different injection than a straight person?Why was the military giving different shots to black soldiers then white soldiers?Are you starting to get the big picture?This is lock step with the Cabal or global elites plans for as much as 80%population reduction.In Bill Gates own words the vaccines will be the means to reduce the population.See his Ted Talks interviews.In India they are seeking damages for the polio vaccine distributed by the Gates foundation that resulted in genocide of their citizens that received the tainted vaccines.12 cases of polio turned into 45,000 after the vaccine and rising leaving a trail of dead bodies and crippled men,women and children not from polio but from the vaccines.After the Covid 19 vaccines men are becoming sterile,women are having miscarriages,ejecting their uterus,some are becoming paralyzed shaking violently,others are dropping dead on the spot or within a couple weeks after the injection.Doctors are now dying who publicly rebuked the anti-vaxers.This is going largely unreported as in the extreme election fraud.Doctors of integrity are now refusing to treat those who got the jab due to protecting their own staff from shedding.In other words the vaccine now is making super spreaders out of those who in ignorance participated in the experiment.

福克斯新闻和塔克·卡尔森刚刚把福奇和盖茨钉在了墙上。他们自己武汉实验室的研究负责人承认创造了 Cov 19,这是非自然的。中国武汉实验室的首席研究员公开感谢 Fauci 对功能研究的资助。这不仅仅是一个重磅炸弹,这是一个核武器。你不能为自然病毒申请专利。它是在实验室中通过结合蝙蝠、鱼类、人类等不同物种而创造出来的。就像最近的猪流感一样。这被称为功能增益研究,它完全由福奇和盖茨资助,他们都是著名的优生学家和公认的优生学家,他们对人口控制的必要性非常强烈。我还要补充一点,福奇非常参与了国家卫生研究院关于艾滋病的研究,以及一些记者称之为种族灭绝的各种混合物。你为什么要给一个同性恋者和一个异性恋者注射不同的疫苗?为什么军队给黑人士兵和白人士兵不同的镜头?你开始了解大局了吗?这是与阴谋集团或全球精英计划多达80%的人口减少锁步。用比尔·盖茨自己的话说,疫苗将是减少人口的手段。观看他的 Ted 演讲采访。在印度,他们正在为盖茨基金会分发的脊髓灰质炎疫苗寻求损害赔偿,这种疫苗导致了接受受污染疫苗的印度公民的种族灭绝。接种疫苗后,12例脊髓灰质炎病例变成了45,000例,而且越来越多的病例留下了死尸和残废的男人、女人和儿童,不是因为脊髓灰质炎,而是因为疫苗。在 Covid 19疫苗之后,男性变得不育,女性流产,子宫被射出,一些人变得瘫痪,剧烈颤抖,还有一些人当场死亡,或者在注射后几周内死亡。公开谴责反对者的医生们正在垂死挣扎。这在很大程度上没有被报道,就像极端的选举舞弊一样。正直的医生现在拒绝治疗那些接种疫苗的人,因为他们要保护自己的员工不会流失。换句话说,这种疫苗正在使那些无知的人成为超级传播者。

The Texas Senate after hearing testimony of how the animal testing was stopped because they all died has come to the conclusion that humans are now the guinea pigs in what according to testimony can have crippling or deadly consequences.They passed a law stating the jab is not mandatory.Dead ferrets don't lie.


Rand Paul has also called out Fauci and Gates for funding the Wuhan labs where again their top researchers stated clearly Fauci was directly responsible for funding the gain of function research.Turning covid into a bio weapon was funded by Fauci,Gates subsiteraires and the NIH.Other agencies went along with the program.The directors at Wuhan Lab and NIH have been questioned and they are singing like canaries.Their servers have also been confiscated by the military.It either got away from them or the evidence is mounting it was intentionally released resulting in global economic disaster,the destruction of small businesses,serious illness and death,holding the people hostage in draconian lock downs all of which fits into the plan of the Global elite.Let me read you that plan.

兰德·保罗也呼吁福奇和盖茨资助武汉实验室,他们的顶级研究人员再次明确表示福奇直接负责资助功能研究的收益。将 covid 转化为生物武器是由 FauciGates subsiteraires NIH 资助的。其他机构也同意这个计划。武汉实验室和国家卫生研究院的主任们已经受到质询,他们唱得像金丝雀一样。他们的服务器也被军方没收。它要么从他们手中逃脱,要么越来越多的证据表明,它是故意泄露的,导致了全球经济灾难,小企业被摧毁,严重疾病和死亡,人民被严厉的锁定,所有这些都符合全球精英的计划。让我给你读读那个计划。

Cabal,Global Elite,Deep State Agenda


In their own words


In the future it will be a question of how to reduce the population.We will find something or cause it,a pandemic that targets certain people,a real economic crisis or not,a virus that will affect the old and the elderly it does not matter the weak and the ignorant will succumb.


The stupid will believe and will ask to be treated.We will have taken care of having planned the treatment,a treatment that will be the solution.The selection of idiots will therefore be done by itself they will go to the slaughter house alone.


In other words they will self-righteously march themselves,their families and shame others into following them to the slaughterhouse.This includes the virtue signaling and shaming for not wearing masks.


Concerning the issue of masks,Stanford research has found that masks are useless to protect against a virus,it actually is written on the box,*Will not protect against Corona Virus".In fact,the loss of oxygen high carbon dioxide levels create organ and brain damage.They reinfect the body with pathogens discarded by the body that are re-inhaled not to mention other carcinogens and nanotech worms found on the masks.Fauci himself wrote a paper on how most people died from secondary pneumonia during the Spanish flu from wearing masks.Masks fit right into their depopulation agenda.These same folks own the patent on Cov 19 and the test kits which show a 95%false positive.This insures the sales of their experimental sometimes deadly or crippling gene therapy they call vaccines upon which they are making billions.These vaccines again which in truth are experimental gene altering therapies are not sanctioned by the FDA.If you die from the"vaccines your life insurance is no good because you willingly participated in an experimental gene therapy.This is not a myth our lawyers researched it.


A jab does not make you immune,It makes you more susceptible to other virus and will most likely create a deadly cytokine storm the next time you get infected.You still have to social distance and wear a mask.So what is the benefit?All for a virus that has a 99.9%survival rate,does not affect children many of which have tested positive,most likely a false positive are asymptomatic.1500 people who tested positive for the Cov and recently those certified to have died from Cov were tested by 5 major universities.Not one had Covid they all had influenza A and B.Massive law suits by researchers,scientists,international doctors are now in play against the CDC and the WHO both of which cannot produce an isolate.All they have to do is produce an isolate,so far they have come up empty?Reason this,how can you make a vaccine without an isolate and with all those fictitious dead bodies reportedly stacked up behind hospitals and in refrigerator trucks how come they can't find an isolate?If they cannot find an isolate of Covid 19 then how can there be a new variant?

注射并不能使你免疫,它使你更容易受到其他病毒的影响,并且在下次感染时很可能产生致命的细胞因子风暴。你仍然需要保持社会距离,戴上面具。那么这样做的好处是什么呢?对于一种存活率为99.9%的病毒来说,许多检测呈阳性的儿童不会受到影响,最有可能的假阳性是无症状的。1500名检测结果呈阳性的人和最近被证实死于门户网站病毒的人被5所主要大学检测。没有一个人得过甲型和乙型流感,他们都得过甲型和乙型流感。研究人员、科学家、国际医生提起的大规模法律诉讼正在与疾病预防控制中心和世界卫生组织作对,这两者都不能。他们所要做的就是制造一个孤立的东西,到目前为止他们一无所获?因此,你怎么能在没有隔离物的情况下制造疫苗呢?据报道,医院后面和冰箱卡车里堆满了虚构的尸体,他们怎么就找不到隔离物呢?如果他们不能找到一个孤立的 Covid 19,那么怎么会有一个新的变种呢?

For the critical thinking and research impaired let us spell this out.You are lining up in droves to be a human guinea pig for an experimental gene therapy,an operating system with nano technology that can be controlled by outside frequencies.Congratulations you're a programable transhuman robot.It is not approved by the FDA.Once injected into your body side effects worldwide are being reported from sterilization,miscarriages,paralysis and death.All out of fear of a virus that may or may not exist,has already run its course if it ever existed that in most cases is less than a mild cold with a 99.9%survival rate despite all the hype and deceptions from main stream media.


The real epidemic is fear spread by deceitful politicians and lame stream media all with their hands in the Chinese fortune cookie jar.It is a pysop,a cyber and bio warfare attack on America and anyone involved needs to be held accountable.The second epidemic is the ignorance of the critical thinking and research impaired,"the chaff"and it very well may end in your demise.Some parents are signing up innocent children which to me is a total fail in parenthood.You might as well join the Morlocks.We are the childrens'guardians,it is our job to protect them.According to statistics Covid doesn't even affect the children.According to all legitimate research the masks and the jabs doing more physical and psychological damage than the disease.Forcing your children to wear masks is detrimental,another fail in parenting.All with the promise of getting back to normal,going to that ball game or social gathering which has priority over life itself.Just recently they are saying you can go mask less into some places if you have had both jabs.The problem now is the shedding of spike proteins by those who got the jab making those that didn't sick.Maybe they should be the ones wearing the masks,isolated,locked down so as not to infect the ones who want to live naturally.


This is not conspiracy this is hitting main stream news,the few courageous reporters with integrity that still have a conscience are covering this.They are not talking heads for the global elite and the C*P,Communist C* Party.These courageous reporters have had the courage to cover the real science and agenda playing out for all to see.They are finally catching up with the Citizen journalists.


The global elite and the C*P own the majority of the lame stream media and our politicians,Biden and family included.We would be remiss if we did not also cover social media which has done everything to censor top international scientists,physicists,and doctors warning us of the crippling and deadly effects of the jab as well as the masks.Social media is pushing these deadly jabs through fear and deceptive fact checking on the global population.They are complicit in these depopulation programs and crimes against humanity.Yes,this means you the twitterfacetubegoogly eyed social media monsters.Your fact checkers are a constant reminder facts,real science and truth do not meet your community guide lines.Guidelines lock step with the globalist agenda to play God as socialist genocidal dictators.This included the facts concerning election fraud which are coming out despite your efforts.No mater how many files they erase,how many fake ballots they claim are real the evidence is already in,it has been secured by the military.Trump won.You might want to look up the words complicit,sedition and treason.I would also advise picking up a copy of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.Article 1 is a quick read.You will have plenty of time to read soon in your next vacation to a warm and sunny place though space is limited that rhymes with Gitmo.

全球精英和C*P拥有大部分蹩脚的流媒体和我们的政治家,包括拜登和他的家人。如果我们不报道社交媒体的话,我们就是失职了。社交媒体对顶级国际科学家、物理学家和医生进行了全方位的审查,并警告我们注射疫苗和戴面具会造成严重的后果和致命的后果。社交媒体通过对全球人口进行恐惧和欺骗性的事实核查来推动这些致命的疫苗。他们是这些人口减少计划和反人类罪的同谋。是的,这意味着你是 twitter/facetubigly/googly eyed 社交媒体怪物。你的事实核查是一个不断提醒事实,真正的科学和真理不符合你的社区指导线。指导方针与全球主义者的议程一致,扮演上帝作为社会主义种族灭绝独裁者的角色。这包括有关选举舞弊的事实,尽管你做出了努力,这些事实还是会被揭露出来。不管他们删除了多少文件,声称有多少虚假选票是真实的,证据已经在里面,它已经被军方保护起来了。特朗普赢了。你可能想查查同谋、煽动叛乱和叛国这三个词。我还建议拿起一本《宪法》和《权利法案》。第一条是一个快速阅读。在下一个假期里,你将有足够的时间去一个温暖、阳光充足的地方读书,尽管空间有限,与 Gitmo 押韵。

This very well may be our last show on social media spread it far and wide we refuse to stand by and ignore the pain and suffering inflicted by these heart and soul challenged people.Especially concerning the children.This is another topic that will end your citizen journalist career.Yes Satanic/Luciferian child sacrificing is real along with child sex trafficking and organ harvesting without agreement.Research Adrenochrome.These activities are replete throughout Hollywood,the music industry and used to bribe and blackmail politicians.Your integrity challenged social media platforms are on their way out.To the masses don't worry something better will take their place,very soon I might add.When they delete your channel for telling the truth they deleted what-ever was left of their soul and it will have consequences.Especially those close to and working on behalf of Creator where karma comes swiftly.Watch what comes next.We will enjoy their light review when they stand before a council of light and have to explain themselves.They may have control over technology but they don't have control over the soul and souls everywhere are being activated.People globally are rising up,realizing who they really are along with the how and what the censors and enslavers have done.Massive protests are happening around the world.It is the Great Awakening.One has to ask why this is not being televised.Why is the corporate owned main stream media keeping this from us?How do you tell when they are lying?Their lips are moving.


To avoid being thrown into the category of fear porn and misinformation everything we have said is backed by legitimate science,the best of the best researchers,scientists,physicists and doctors.In every crime follow the money to see who is the perpetrator.Who created the virus,who owns the patent on the virus,who owns the patent on the test kits,the gene modifying,operating system jabs which hack your RNA causing irreparable damage.Again these are not vaccines.

为了避免陷入恐惧色情和错误信息的范畴,我们所说的一切都有合法的科学支持,最好的研究人员,科学家,物理学家和医生。在每一个犯罪案件中,追踪金钱来判断谁是罪犯。谁创造了这种病毒,谁拥有这种病毒的专利,谁拥有测试工具包的专利,基因修饰,操作系统的攻击,会导致你的 RNA 造成无法修复的损害。同样,这些也不是疫苗。

The good news is there is a way out and those who are not critically and research impaired can find it.Doctors of integrity are finding ways to reverse the damage,boost your immune system and are putting their careers and lives in jeopardy by bringing this information out.We cannot give medical advice therefore we will advise you to do your own research.


Wow we are surrounded by pine trees,isn't that where Sumarin comes from.Did someone say nano soma,what about high doses of vitamin D and C.This is definitely not medical advice just asking for a friend.

哇,我们周围都是松树,那不是苏玛琳的故乡吗。有人提到过纳米索马吗?那么高剂量的维生素 d c 呢。这绝对不是一个医学建议,只是问一个朋友。

It is time to swallow the bitter pill,many doctors are not healers,they are drug pushers trained by big pharma.They promote harmful drugs,the jabs breaking their Hippocratic oath doing severe harm to their patients.They are integrity challenged businessmen.Find a doctor of impeccable integrity that honors their oath which will research the highest and best treatment for any given situation.All those involved in these crimes against humanity will be held accountable.The Federal protection does not include secondary administrators.Anyone that makes the jab mandatory is liable.As in the past,karma works and there are forces at play now beyond their imagination The hammer is coming down.This includes the Global Elite,the CCP,Politicians,Business men,The talking heads in mainstream media all who have been involved in these crimes against humanity.Once the military is done with their arrests and investigations there will be a whole new system of government.The White House will be no more.Many politicians will disappear.Much of what you are seeing is now theater to educate the masses many of which just could not handle the truth.Many have already been arrested,tried and executed.What you are seeing is doubles,masks,CGI.Do you really think that is Biden you are watching?Why does his hands go through the microphones?How did they broadcast Bidens inauguration hours before the event in other countries?Why is Trump still riding on Air Force 1 and Marine 1?Why do the military have the football access codes to the nukes?Why were they not passed on?Why does Biden not have access to the pentagon?Why were his top Generals arrested and removed?Clintons gone,Gates gone,The Queen she went back to her reptillian origins.Pope is gone,just a few left but their time is short.The white hats and military have it all and control it all and the one they salute is Trump.Corrupt agencies will be transformed or done away with altogether.It will be as if God/Creator/Great Spirit has said enough,It is finished followed by a great unraveling or transformation.We all have to do our part.No rock shall be left unturned and all the iniquities will be shouted from the roof tops.This is all driven from an incomprehensible force the tyrants underestimated.Once done we will join the rest of the multidimensional Universe in Peace.Reunite with the Greater Family of Man/Woman and technologies will surface to heal humanity and restore the Earth.Technologies many can only dream off.They are flying in your skies as we speak.Gods army is vast,it is multidimensional and fully equipped to take out seen and unseen negative influences.The order on high has been given.Time to buckle up.




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