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In our weekly"Patriots are Still in Control"column,we go over evidence supporting the idea that the oft alleged Military Intelligence operation to save the republic and end Deep-State sponsored human trafficking is still underway.


The reports below are verified,as they come from mainstream news services.Whether or not this is proof of a deep state takedown is speculation.In situations where we are able,we'll provide commentary or insights linking an event to the theory that patriots are in control and removing deep state assets.


Please use discernment and offer any insights you have in the comments.




Activists in Chicago are calling for the resignation of Mayor Lori Lightfoot(a deep-state goon)and Police Superintendent David Brown following the release of bodycam footage that shows an officer fatally shooting 13-year-old Adam Toledo,CBS Chicago reported.


Is this backfiring on them,or was this a strategic play in the wake of the tragedy by the Patriots?You'd think Lightfoot would be celebrated as some kind of hero if things were going according to the deep-state playbook.


In other news,the resignation of Hawaii's disease investigation chief raises questions about the fate of contact tracing.



The Missouri House has rejected the resignation of Kansas City-area lawmaker Rick Roeber whose children have accused him of sexual and physical abuse.


Roeber said he sent a letter to Speaker of the House Rob Vescovo,R-Arnold,Tuesday saying he is resigning to move out of state,closer to extended family.Roeber narrowly won the seat in November after the position was left vacant by his wife,Rep.Rebecca Roeber,who died in 2019.

罗贝尔说,他星期二给众议院议长罗布·韦斯科沃·阿诺德写了一封信,说他辞职是为了搬到离大家庭更近的地方。11月,罗贝尔以微弱优势赢得了该席位,此前他的妻子、众议员丽贝卡·罗贝尔(Rebecca Roeber)于2019年去世,导致该职位空缺


And then we have a big one.


Fidel Castro's brother Raul said he is resigning as head of Cuba's Communist Party,ending his family's domination of the island that began with the 1959 revolution.



The 89-year-old made the announcement in a speech at the opening of the Eighth Congress of the ruling party,the only one allowed on the island.


He said he was retiring with the sense of having"fulfilled his mission and confident in the future of the fatherland".


Mr.Castro did not say who he would endorse as his successor as the first secretary of the Communist Party.


But he previously indicated he favors yielding control to 60-year-old Miguel Diaz-Canel,who succeeded him as president in 2018 and is the standard-bearer of a younger generation of loyalists who have been pushing an economic opening without touching Cuba's one-party system.

但他之前曾表示,他倾向于把控制权让给60岁的 Miguel Diaz-Canel2018年,60岁的 Miguel Diaz-Canel 接替了他的总统职位,成为年轻一代效忠者的旗手,这些效忠者一直在推动经济开放,但不涉及古巴的一党制。

His retirement means for the first time in more than six decades Cubans will not have a Castro formally guiding their affairs,and it comes at a difficult time,with many on the island anxious about what lies ahead.




We have what should be a household name departing for the great beyond this last week.



Bernie Madoff,whose$65 billion Ponzi scheme made him one of the world's most hated criminals and destroyed even his own family,died Wednesday at the secure federal medical center in Butner,North Carolina,where he was serving a 150-year sentence,according to prison officials.

据监狱官员透露,伯尼麦道夫(Bernie Madoff)周三在北卡罗来纳州巴特纳的安全联邦医疗中心去世,当时他正在服150年有期徒刑。麦道夫650亿美元的庞氏骗局使他成为世界上最令人憎恶的罪犯之一,甚至毁掉了他自己的家庭。

The Associated Press reported the 82-year-old scam king,who had been suffering from end-stage kidney disease and other chronic ailments,died of natural causes.


Madoff would have turned 83 on April 29.


The federal Bureau of Prisons confirmed Madoff's death but refused to reveal the cause,citing"safety,security and privacy reasons."


Madoff's epic stock fraud,which came to light amid the global financial crisis of the late 2000s and remains the biggest in Wall Street history,left more than 37,000 victims in 136 countries in its wake.




A two-day human trafficking sting staged at hotels across central Ohio resulted in nearly 100 arrests,the state attorney general's office announced Friday.The sting also marked the first time that people trying to buy sex were charged with engaging in prostitution under a new law that took effect Monday.



Authorities said 93 people were arrested during the"Operations 614"sting staged Wednesday and Thursday in Columbus and its surrounding suburbs.It was conducted in partnership with federal,state,and local law enforcement,and officials said those arrested included a registered sex offender on parole and those seeking sex with juveniles.


Besides targeting people seeking out prostitutes,the sting was an effort to help identify human trafficking victims and get them connected to services.Fifty-three victims were identified during the two-day operation.


A pastor and a girl's high school basketball coach were among 79 men arrested in a weeklong human trafficking sting in Florida,authorities said.



"Operation Takedown"began on March 30 and concluded on April 9,ahead of WrestleMania 37 in Tampa.


Undercover detectives posed as children in chat rooms,near hotels,and walked the streets as prostitutes,Sheriff Chad Chronister said Thursday at a news conference.


Among those arrested was Earnest Benjamin,a 39-year-old pastor at Breath of Life Worship Church.Benjamin allegedly offered to pay an undercover detective$25 for oral sex.He made the deal while his two young children were in the car with him and said he'd be back after he dropped them off at daycare.


Land O'Lakes High School assistant girls basketball coach Christopher Ray was also arrested after answering an ad on an escort site.Ray was suspended from his job following his arrest.


"Both of these men,trusted and revered members of our community,were arrested for soliciting another to commit prostitution,"Chronister said.


On top of all that,we have a top California Democrat charged on Tuesday for raping multiple children,among other things.



Robert Jacob,former Democratic mayor of Sebastopol in Sonoma County,was arrested Saturday on five felony and one misdemeanor sexual assault charges against a minor,according to the Sebastopol Police Department.

据塞瓦斯托波尔警察局(Sebastopol Police Department)透露,索诺马县前民主党市长罗伯特雅各布(Robert Jacob)周六因涉嫌5项重罪和1项轻罪对一名未成年人实施性侵犯而被捕。

On Tuesday,the Democrat politician appeared in Sonoma County Superior Court,where the number of felony charges was expanded to 11.


The charges included:committing lewd acts with a child ages 14 to 15,participating in sexual penetration of a child under 16,making a child under 16 available to another person for lewd or lascivious acts,and distribution of child rape videos.


Jacob,who is a cannabis businessman,served on the Sebastopol City Council beginning in 2012 and was elected mayor the following year.He served a single four-year term and did not seek reelection,the San Francisco Chronicle reported.


He was being held in the Sonoma County Detention Facility without bail.


Police have asked anyone with information pertaining to the investigation to contact the Sebastopol Police Department at 707-829-4400 and refer to Report#21-0220.



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