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Sexuality is quite a thing;no other subject brings about so many red cheeks and so much excitement but also tremendous shame and insecurity.As Cobra has stated real sexuality the way it was intended to be is dead and has been for 2000 years.So first I will go into the current state of sexuality in humanity and how it came to be that way,before venturing more deeply into what it was intended to be.Sexuality is the life energy expression of the second or sacral chakra.Apart from having a reproduction function and providing sensual pleasure,it can greatly energize and vitalize a human being and that effect is not limited to the physical body alone;it has the power to activate dormant abilities.It can also give a strong sense of belonging,feeling seen and appreciated and being truly alive.For all these reasons the dark forces have done all that they can to suppress human sexuality to the point that it only serves the most basic and plain functions of reproduction and survival.So what methods did they use to accomplish that?


The primary forces that set the sexual suppression in motion are the Chimera and the Archons.The Chimera hate sex between men and women,because they are completely anti-life and sex is all about life force.They programmed and instructed their minions,the Black Nobility,the Order of the Black Sun,the top Jesuits,the Draco and Reptilians,to carry out the program for them while they themselves laid the foundations:implanting humans and starting trauma based mind programming.The implant just above the navel is designed to separate heaven and earth,to separate heart and belly,to separate the spiritual and the worldly by blocking the kundalini flow of energy up through the energy bodies and physical body.This separation is reinforced each time someone is implanted anew at the start of the incarnation and perpetuates the amnesia about the real meaning of sex.The Archon invasion of 1996 made things even worse and affected all those already incarnated.An extensive and continuing program was set up to sexually traumatize many women and girls through rape,incest,sexual abuse and exploitation,Goddess temples were defiled and destroyed and sexually transmittable diseases were released.Religions were created to twist the divine truths and destroy goddess mysteries,to instill feelings of shame and guilt over sexuality and to turn everything upside down as much as possible.All of this created fear for sexual intimacy and their own sexuality in women and this fear energy was put into the energy grid of the planet and into the collective consciousness of humanity.Menstruation pains and vaginal infections are just a few symptoms of the subconscious attitudes that women have on their sexual functions.Suddenly something that was a divine gift of joy and ecstasy had been turned into something awkward,troublesome and painful.In men a lot of sexual frustration built as a result of the suppression of female sexuality and financial exploitation in the form of prostitution and porn.The Archons also taught people to compare:who has the longer penis,who has the bigger breasts,who is more sexually experienced,when did you have your first sexual experiences,who has the hottest partner?This has only added to the frustrations and feelings of inadequacy,which is exactly the opposite of the cherishing and affirmative role that spiritual sex has.


So how do people approach sexuality nowadays?With very few exceptions they either choose to focus on the material approach,namely to seek physical gratification,or they choose the spiritual approach(or what they think it is)by seeking detachment from the physical world and its functions and following a contemplative and meditative path.So on one side are the party people who want to go out and enjoy life and on the other the monks and priests who retreat from mundane affairs and develop the inner wisdom.The party people often have a busy career,working,making money,buying stuff,consuming,travelling and taking care of their"responsibilities",while the monks and priests have a moral standing of sorts and live an austere life.But what if it was never intended to be split like that?With the most advanced souls in society we are starting to see a countermovement out of the way it has been,but I would say that is still in the very early stages.Most people still have a hard time reconciling their sexuality and their spirituality,because they have both been deformed.And hardly anybody has activated the full potential of either,otherwise we would be seeing people levitating and healing others on the spot like Jesus did.


Sexual encounters when merged with fully applied spiritual awareness can perform miracles,it is an orgasmic alchemical transmutational process.This is where the activation of the light body vehicle,the multidimensional merkaba,comes in.It is about experiencing the divine yourself hands on in the flesh,in a way that words simply cannot describe.This is where priests and gurus fall short,most of them haven't walked the path and even if they had,they couldn't explain to you what cannot be expressed in words.At most they would be able to guide you to having such enriching and expanding experiences yourself.Heaven does not have signs that say:please don't walk on the grass and only look at the flowers,don't smell them,don't touch them,and don't pick them.Heaven is an erotic place.The goddess mysteries will be braught back to Earth in full after the Event,when ascended masters will rejoin us physically to train and instruct lightworkers and people who are spiritually ready to receive their initiations into the mysteries.The mystery schools of old will be revived and their full teachings and how they relate with sacred geometry will be restored,which will be shocking and eye-opening for many.These newly trained forerunners will then apply the sacred practices of tantra and the sacred prostitute(the one that gives unconditionally instead of taking a lot for a little squirt)to heal others and bring about integration of the worldly and the divine.Especially the soul family connections will play a crucial role in undoing what the dark forces have done and realigning sexuality and spiritualy,the worldly and the divine,the scientific and the sacred,body,mind,spirit and soul into One.





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