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Judy Byington 编辑,MSWLCSW,治疗师 ret,记者,作者,《二十二张脸:珍妮希尔和她的二十二个多重人格的非凡生活》

"Enjoy your friends and family today,Patriots!!!Tomorrow we fiesta like it's 1999!!!"…Donald Trump


"July 16 1999 was the"accident"of JFK Jr.Time to celebrate?"…Whiplash347


"We Enter the Storm."…JFK Jr.on Sat.9 Oct.


Walls have ears.
Doors have eyes.
Trees have voices.
Beasts tell lies.
Beware the rain.
Beware the snow.
Beware the man
You think you know.


"Good morning Patriots!The Storm is Here.Tonight you will find out the Truth!"…Kayleigh McEnany,Press Secretary to President Trump


"Storm is Comin": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cU4J17q8lsg


God Bless America&Patriotic Music–The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square–Bing video


Judy Note:Early Friday morning 8 Oct,some respected Intel Sources received a text from their higher up saying that things were"frozen,"even though the codes had been released to them.I was told that they won't receive any more information until Mon.11 Oct.


On Fri.15 Oct.GESARA was still expected to be announced,along with release of the Global Currency Reset for the General Public.


Wolverine Latest Intel:"I'm going to be as honest with you as I can.First is we've being instructed to be quiet as too many times we mentioned dates something wrong happens as they have caught these criminals appearing and trying to steal money.


"The RV is definitely happening 10000%this month but it's not tomorrow,or the following day.

"RV 肯定会在这个月10000%发生,但不是明天,也不是第二天。

"The German bonds will get released on early next week and then the Dragon bonds will follow and then the 4B group and it's all happening this month.Zim holders will have to wait but it's happening and to have patience.

"德国债券将于下周初发行,然后是 Dragon 债券,然后是4B 集团,这一切都将在本月发生。Zim 的持有者将不得不等待,但它的发生和有耐心。

"The people that are in Zurich are having direct meetings with the source like HSBC,UTS,Biggest Paymasters in Europe,Super Whales and have had meetings with the Chinese Elders and more closer contacts you cannot get.These people did not fly all the way to Zurich for a cup of coffee as it cost money to fly over there and paying hotels and food.

"在苏黎世的人直接会见了汇丰银行(HSBC)、众信(UTS)、欧洲最大的出资人、超级鲸鱼(Super Whales)等消息来源,还会见了中国的长老们,以及你无法获得的更密切联系。这些人大老远飞到苏黎世不是为了喝一杯咖啡,因为飞到那里要花钱,还要支付旅馆和食物的费用。

"The people in Zurich have been shown how the QFS is going to work and will have the codes by next week and they'll let me know when that happens.

"苏黎世的人们已经看到了 QFS 将如何工作,并将在下周得到代码,他们会让我知道什么时候发生。

"In relation to D1 and 2 they are going to talk to Michael R(huge paymaster in Reno)to confirm what is the case with that.Now I want you all to have faith and be patient as this is definitely happening and keep your vibrations high.This is a military operation and there is a war going on which we cannot see."

"关于首被告和第二被告,他们将与迈克尔 r(在雷诺的巨大的出纳员)进行交谈,以确认情况如何。现在我希望你们所有人都有信心和耐心,因为这绝对正在发生,并保持你们的振动高。这是一次军事行动,一场我们看不到的战争正在进行。"

Love you guys,God bless.Wolverine


Restored Republic:"The Future is Bright Because We are Fighting Today."…The Patriot


"The October New Moon began Sat.9 Oct.and in 11 days on Wed.20 Oct.we will have a Full Moon,or what is specifically called the Hunters Become the Hunted.The More You Know."…Q


"Remember,Remember the 5th of November.Our Time has come."…Truth Warrior


Events Schedule,Whiplash347:"Sun.17 Oct.to Thurs.11 Nov…We R all Unified"


Three Day Event Sun.Oct.17 to Wed.Oct.20:November 4 2020+347 days#V for Vendetta=October 17(US DC DEFAULT)1,2,3 Oct 20 Full Moon–HUNTER's MOON The Hunter's become the Hunted.[3 Day Event]Based on Queen Death&Bay Of Pigs.(34)3,2,1

三日活动日。1017日至星期三。1020:2020114+347#v for Vendetta=1017(美国 DC DEFAULT)1,2,31020日满月猎人的月亮猎人变成了猎物。[3天活动]以死亡女王和猪湾事件为背景。(34)3,2,1

Ten Days of Darkness Begins Oct.23:10/23(10 Days of Darkness/PAIN BEGINS)Daniel 10 2-3 At that time I,Daniel,mourned for three weeks.I ate no choice food;no meat or wine touched my lips;and I used no lotions at all until the three weeks were over.


Q Says 21 Days,2 Days ahead of schedule Oct.23 to Nov.11:3 WEEKS=21 DAYS 10/23+21 days=[11/13]Think Mr Pool(Comex 589 post)(Remember SEC will be Analysed Dark[10]Regulation,Liquidity,Stock/Asset/Metal backing.Protocol 18/AMM=11.3)This is in the 10 Days Of Darkness.)2 days ahead of schedule=11.11[BOOKMARK]IT

:1023日至1111:3 WEEKS=21 DAYS 10/23+21 DAYS=[11/13]认为 Pool 先生(Comex 589 post)(记住 SEC 将被分析为黑暗的[10]监管,流动性,股票/资产/金属支持。协议18/AMM=11.3)这是在黑暗的10天里提前两天=11.11[书签]IT

Michael Flynn Warns of'Two Separate Governments'That America Has


Judy Note High Alert:From Fri.1 Oct.through Mon.1 Nov.and using Halloween costumes,decorations and celebrations as a cover up,followers of Satan observed"All Hallows Eve"by kidnapping,torturing,murdering and Mind Controlling babies,children and teens.Please help Save the Children by turning the fear-packed mode of Halloween into a grateful season leading up to Thanksgiving and report to proper authorities,any and all Satanic activities you may observe.


A.Global Food,Goods,Gas Shortages Crisis:


Energy Crisis May Trigger Winter Blackouts Across US:Coal Firm CEO

能源危机可能引发美国冬季停电:煤炭公司 CEO

Cyberattack shuts down US grain distributor—(this is the third attack/distributor).At least three U.S.grain distributors'systems have been infected with ransomware in recent weeks,raising concerns that hackers have found an easy target in a vital part of the U.S.food supply chain.All three known victims are Midwestern grain cooperatives that buy grain from farmers and then process,store and resell it for uses like livestock feed and fuel.The attacks,in which organized cybercriminals lock up organizations'computers and demand ransom for a program to unlock them,has slowed the distributors'operations,hampering their ability to quickly process grain as it comes in.The timing is particularly bad,said Charles Hurburgh,the head of Iowa State University's Grain Quality Laboratory."We're going into harvest,and right now is when they're taking in a large amount of grain and putting out a large amount of grain,"Hurburgh said."It's a real nasty situation."

网络攻击关闭了美国粮食分销商(这是第三次攻击/分销商)。最近几周,至少有三家美国粮食分销商的系统受到勒索软件的感染,令人担心黑客已经在美国食品供应链的一个重要部分发现了一个容易攻击的目标。这三个已知的受害者都是中西部的谷物合作社,他们从农民那里购买谷物,然后加工、储存和转售,用于牲畜饲料和燃料等用途。在这些攻击中,有组织的网络犯罪分子锁定了组织的电脑,并要求获得解锁电脑的程序的赎金。这些攻击拖慢了分销商的运作速度,阻碍了他们在谷物进入市场时快速处理谷物的能力。艾奥瓦州立大学谷物质量实验室负责人 Charles Hurburgh 说,时机特别糟糕。"我们即将进入收获季节,而现在正是他们收获大量谷物并放出大量谷物的时候,"赫伯格说。"情况真的很糟糕。"

Lebanon,China and India face power cuts due to fuel shortages,while major cities face blackouts.


B.The Real News for Sat.9 Oct.


"Be afraid of your government which is retaliating against your Free Speech,"Rand Paul:https://youtu.be/QqWjnlfKSVE


Rome public protests intensify.


Paris protests continue.


Geneva:Chants of"liberte"(freedom)ring out around Geneva.


871 L.A.city firefighters file notice of intent to sue over City of Los Angeles COVID vaccine mandate seeking$2 million per plaintiff.


Germany Drug Trafficking Raid 1,400 people at 81 sites:A blow to a terrorist network in Germany.The sweeps in Europe continue.1400 police officers.Eleven arrests.Money from drug trafficking,transferred for Islamist terrorists,has been identified.67 accused.Smuggling 140 million euros."Today we turned off the tap for an extremely large amount of money,"North Rhine Interior Minister Herbert Royle said of the mega-raid,which involved more than 1,400 people at 81 sites,including state security officers,tax service,special forces.Praising the results of the investigation,he said that it was the largest operation in his entire career.According to the initial assessment,the suspects'assets were found in seven banks.Among them were cars,gold and cash.We are talking about millions of dollars.In total,the group allegedly transferred 140 million euros to finance crimes or money laundering resulting from crimes.Sixty-seven people are accused of belonging to a network that,according to current data,has been operating since 2016.Arrest warrants have been issued for eleven of them,and they are now being interrogated.Among the suspects are 44 Syrians,10 Germans,5 Jordanians and 5 Lebanese–a total of eight nationalities.Two of them are classified as Islamist threats,and two more are classified as"relevant"persons.According to BILD,many of the suspects arrived in Germany as refugees in 2015.

德国非法毒品贸易突袭81个地点1400:对德国恐怖主义网络的打击。欧洲的扫荡仍在继续。1400名警察。十一次被捕。来自非法毒品贸易组织的资金,被转移给了伊斯兰恐怖分子,已经被确认。67名被告。走私1.4亿欧元。北莱茵内政部长赫伯特·罗伊尔(Herbert Royle)在谈到这次大规模突袭时说,"今天我们关闭了一个巨额资金的水龙头。"这次突袭涉及81个地点的1400多人,包括国家安全官员、税务部门和特种部队。他称赞了调查的结果,说这是他整个职业生涯中最大的一次行动。根据初步评估,嫌疑人的资产在七家银行被发现。其中有汽车、黄金和现金。我们谈论的是数百万美元。据称,该集团总共转移了1.4亿欧元用于资助犯罪或犯罪洗钱。目前的数据显示,有67人被指控属于一个自2016年以来一直在运营的网络。已经对其中十一人发出了逮捕令,目前正在审问他们。嫌疑人中有44名叙利亚人、10名德国人、5名约旦人和5名黎巴嫩人,共有8个国籍。其中两个被列为伊斯兰威胁,另外两个被列为"相关"人员。据《图片报》报道,许多嫌疑人在2015年以难民的身份来到德国。

IG Horowitz Report shows more FBI FISA abuses.It's bad."400 instances of non-compliance"with FISA Woods Procedures and at least 179 instances in which the Woods File required by FBI policy was missing in whole or in part."https://technofog.substack.com/p/ig-horowitz-discovers-more-fbi-abuses

检察长霍洛维茨报告显示更多 FBI 外国情报监视法的滥用。很糟糕。"400个不遵守 FISA 伍兹程序的例子"以及至少179 FBI 政策要求的伍兹文件全部或部分丢失的例子Https://technofog.substack.com/p/ig-horowitz-discovers-more-fbi-abuses

Lebanese power outage will last for several days–government official.Lebanon has no centrally-generated electricity after the country's biggest two power stations shut down due to a fuel shortage,a government official told Reuters on Saturday."The Lebanese power network completely stopped working at noon today,and it is unlikely that it will work until next Monday,or for several days,"the official said.The thermoelectric plant has stopped at Zahrani power station,after the Deir Ammar plant stopped on Friday due to a fuel shortage.

黎巴嫩电力中断将持续数天-政府官员。黎巴嫩政府官员周六告诉路透社,由于燃料短缺,黎巴嫩最大的两个发电站关闭后,没有中央发电黎巴嫩电力网今天中午完全停止运行,不太可能在下周一或几天内运行。"。由于燃料短缺,代尔阿马尔热电厂于周五停止运行,目前该热电厂已经停止在 Zahrani 发电站运行。

Mali says it has evidence that French forces present in its territory with a mission to counter terrorist groups have been instead"training"militants.Two-thirds of the country is"occupied by terrorists."According to the transitional government's PM,France now controls an enclave in Kidal to which Mali has no access."They have militant groups there,who have been trained by French officers.We have evidence of that.There is an expression in our language,saying that when you are looking for a needle in your room and someone,said to be helping you in the search,is standing on that needle,you will never find it.So this is the situation happening now in Mali,and we don't want to bear with it,"Maiga said.


通过GCR恢复的共和国特别报告|2021年10月9日星期六Facebook Instagram and WhatsApp users complain about the failure of the services.This is evidenced by the data of the Downdetector website.

WhatsApp 的用户抱怨这些服务的失败。这可以从 Downdetector 网站的数据中得到证明。

通过GCR恢复的共和国特别报告|2021年10月9日星期六More than 100 people were killed and hundreds injured in an explosion at a Shiite mosque in the Afghan province of Kunduz.

阿富汗 Kunduz 的一个什叶派清真寺发生爆炸,造成100多人死亡,数百人受伤。

通过GCR恢复的共和国特别报告|2021年10月9日星期六On Tuesday,the US State Department publicly disclosed the size of the US nuclear arsenal,in contrast to President Donald Trump's policy of keeping secret the true size of the American arsenal.In the press release The State Department reported that as of 2020,the US stockpile consisted of 3,750 nuclear warheads.


通过GCR恢复的共和国特别报告|2021年10月9日星期六Psaki blamed unvaccinated Americans for the fact that Joe Biden's poll results collapsed.His rating has fallen to a new low of 38%approval in a Quinnipiac poll.

Psaki 指责没有接种疫苗的美国人造成了乔·拜登的民意调查结果的崩溃。在昆尼皮亚克大学的民意调查中,他的支持率降到了38%的新低。

通过GCR恢复的共和国特别报告|2021年10月9日星期六Tesla is moving its headquarters from California to Austin,Texas.


通过GCR恢复的共和国特别报告|2021年10月9日星期六One of the US Army's Iron Dome missile defense systems is deployed at Andersen Air Force Base on Guam,the US island territory in Micronesia,in the western Pacific Ocean.


通过GCR恢复的共和国特别报告|2021年10月9日星期六A scientist from Singapore,Wang Linfa,said that the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus can return from humans to animals and then,after a series of mutations,switch back to humans as the newest Sars-CoV-3 coronavirus.

来自新加坡的科学家王林发说,Sars-CoV-2冠状病毒可以从人类转移到动物身上,然后在一系列突变之后,再转移到人类身上,成为最新的 Sars-CoV-3冠状病毒。

通过GCR恢复的共和国特别报告|2021年10月9日星期六Power outages and complete blackout throughout Lebanon after two power plants went down today due to lack of fuel.


通过GCR恢复的共和国特别报告|2021年10月9日星期六Western countries are planning money air transportation to Afghanistan,while avoiding the financing of the Taliban.


通过GCR恢复的共和国特别报告|2021年10月9日星期六The US delegation will meet with the Taliban at the first high-level talks after the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan in Doha,Qatar.


通过GCR恢复的共和国特别报告|2021年10月9日星期六China demands that US troops withdraw from Taiwan."In a telephone conversation with President Xi Jinping,Biden stressed that he has no intention of changing the one-China principle,"a spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.


通过GCR恢复的共和国特别报告|2021年10月9日星期六The large lava delta of the La Palma volcano can collapse and generate hydromagmatic explosions,gases and waves.


C.Joe Biden,US President?Crisis:



Biden's Department of Homeland Security cancels all remaining contracts for the construction of border walls in congested sectors and calls on Congress to fund"smarter"border security.Meanwhile,an unprecedented number of illegal immigrants continue to arrive in the United States through areas where there is no wall.

拜登领导的国土安全部(Department of Homeland Security)取消了所有剩余的在拥挤地区修建边境墙的合同,并呼吁国会为"智能化"边境安全提供资金。与此同时,空前数量的非法移民继续通过没有隔离墙的地区进入美国。

Biden's GDP growth rate fell in June to a terrible 1%per annum–this is a disaster.Biden walks away from reporters on set as they shout out questions about his embarrassing September jobs report."Jobs are growing,wages are rising,unemployment is falling"–Biden celebrates the horrific September jobs report(the worst report of the year)"Wow!This is very little!"-the left-wing group on CNBC is shocked by the terrible September job report.

拜登的 GDP 增长率在6月份降到了可怕的每年1%——这是一场灾难。拜登从记者身边走开,记者们大声问起他九月份的工作报告。"工作岗位在增长,工资在上涨,失业率在下降"——拜登庆祝9月份令人恐惧的就业报告(本年度最糟糕的报告)"哇!这是非常小的!"年的今天,美国全国广播公司财经频道(CNBC)的左翼团体对九月份糟糕的就业报告感到震惊。

D.Global Financial Crises:


George Soros'fund owns Bitcoin,CEO confirms.Soros Fund Management,the asset management company founded by billionaire investor and philanthropist George Soros,has revealed that it owns the cryptocurrency.https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/markets/george-soros-fund-owns-bitcoin-ceo-confirms/ar-AAPeqnS

乔治·索罗斯的基金拥有比特币,首席执行官证实。亿万富翁投资家、慈善家乔治索罗斯(George Soros)创立的资产管理公司索罗斯基金管理公司(Soros Fund Management)透露,它拥有这种加密货币。

E.2020 Election Fraud Crisis:


Major audit updates could change everything.Lawmakers Drop Nuclear Audit Update–'It Has Come To Our Attention From An Audit of 2.1 Million Ballots…:https://saferead.org/jameswoodsnews/trending/call-for-52280


In Georgia,19,000 ballots were counted from a single Zuckerberg dropbox over one weekend,but surveillance shows only 24 people dropping off ballots.Corrupt voting rolls,universal mail-in voting,and Zuckerberg dropboxes are a permanent recipe for election fraud.


F.Wars and Rumors of Wars Crises:


China/US,Japan,DPP Conflict over Taiwan:Chinese State Media Issues Sharp Warning to Countries Backing Taiwan,Including U.S.'The strategic collusion between the US and Japan and the DPP authorities is becoming more audacious.'https://resistthemainstream.org/chinese-state-media-issues-sharp-warning-to-countries-backing-taiwan-including-u-s/?utm_source=telegram


China's Xi vows Taiwan unification:US Troops in Taiwan no real threat for China.US Troops entered Taiwan Island in hopes of training the Secessionists in their defense against mainland China's Communist Party.


G.International Child Sex Trafficking Network Crisis:


The Child Sex Trafficking Network was run out of the Vatican.Over the past 70 years,there have been up to 3,200 pedophiles in the ranks of the French Catholic Church alone who have sexually abused children,the head of an independent investigation said a few days before the release of an upcoming report.


How A Centuries Old Crime ACTUALLY Starts&Never Ends:https://jayccampbell.com/blog/child-trafficking/:This is the Real Life Story of Marc Dutroux aka'The Monster of Belgium'who was a professional child trafficker.Marc confessed to kidnapping,raping,drugging,torturing and filming children for many years.He also claimed he was doing it at the behest of political elite who financed his career as a professional trafficker.

一个世纪的犯罪是如何开始的Https://jayccampbell.com/blog/child-trafficking/:这是马克-杜特鲁斯(Marc Dutroux)的真实故事,他又名 "比利时的怪物",是一名职业儿童贩运者。马克承认多年来绑架、强奸、吸毒、折磨和拍摄儿童,他还声称他是在政治精英的授意下这样做的,他们资助了他作为职业贩运者的职业生涯。

Not only did this political elite finance his efforts–they made specific requests of him.Sometimes they requested specific types of children(they were called"party favors"and he was asked to deliver kids of certain age,sex,race).Sometimes they requested specific means of torturing the children to fulfill their desires(orgies,satanic rituals involving sacrifices,torture games).And sometimes they requested he film certain influential people engaged in these acts,for later use as blackmail.


He claimed many of his customers and financiers were world leaders.This was not a stretch of the imagination because he lived in Belgium,where the EU and NATO headquarters were located.Did this fire have anything to do with the United Nations covering its tracks!?This statement was also corroborated by victims who were able to identify specific politicians.


Anneke Lucas was one of his victims who testified against him.She claimed she was 6 years old when the cleaning lady hired by her mother sold her to the pedophile network in 1969.Her claims were extraordinary:She was raped over seventeen hundred hours before turning 12 years old.She was 6 years old when she was forced to participate in her first orgy,which included wearing an iron dog collar and eating human excrement.She would actually be delivered back to her parents from time to time.However,her parents themselves were complicit in the crimes and always sent her back to her abusers.


Torture included being strapped to a butchers block used to execute other children.Other victims were forced to torture her for hours as part of their initiation.She was considered attractive and that made her preferred by her abusers.She claimed that she tried to use that to her survival advantage to the best of her ability,but by the age of eleven,she had become so broken that she was slated to be executed and disposed of.She said she was saved when one of her abusers negotiated for her freedom.That abuser would later sit as a defendant in the trial.


Other witnesses and victims would soon come forward,describing such things as"Black Masses,"with child and adult sacrifices taking place in front of observers and participants,which included prominent politicians and figures.This would be corroborated by a note found by police at the house belonging to Bernard Weinstein—a man who previously worked with Dutroux,but whom Dutroux had murdered.The letter contained very specific requests for certain types of victims for satanic sacrifices.The letter was signed by a man who called himself'Anubis'.It turned out'Anubis'was the high priest of a satanic cult called'Abrasax'whose real name was Francis Desmet.Police obtained a warrant and seized computers,documents,mail,actual human skulls,jars of blood,and all sorts of Satanic items–but none of this was enough to make an arrest.

其他目击者和受害者很快就会站出来,描述诸如"黑色弥撒"之类的事情,儿童和成年人在观察者和参与者面前进行祭祀,其中包括知名政治人物和人物。警方在伯纳德·温斯坦(Bernard weinstein)的房子里发现了一张纸条,证实了这一点。温斯坦曾与杜特鲁斯共事,但被杜特鲁斯杀害。这封信载有对某些类型的撒旦祭品受害者的非常具体的要求。这封信的署名是一个自称阿努比斯的人。原来阿努比斯是一个叫做阿布拉赛克斯的撒旦教派的大祭司,他的真名叫弗朗西斯·德斯梅特。警方获得了逮捕令,没收了电脑、文件、邮件、真人头骨、血罐和各种各样的撒旦物品,但这些都不足以逮捕他们。

As the Dutroux trial went public,other victims stepped forward and confirmed the testimony,offering up descriptions of sexual abuse and human sacrifice.They also described"hunting parties"where elites would release naked children into the woods to hide,so that the elites themselves could hunt them down and slaughter them.Many of the stories from victims contained so many similarities,they were impossible to deny.For example,the hunting parties were often held at castles,where victims could not escape and were hidden from the public eye.Those not killed in the hunt were usually chased down and mauled/killed by Dobermans.All of these victims echoed the testimonies of other,older survivors of ritual Satanic abuse from around the world.


Before his removal,Judge Jean-Marc Connerotte was on the verge of publicly disclosing the names of high level government officials who had been recognized on video-tapes of sexual torture that took place in Dutroux's dungeon.There were 20 potential witnesses for this case who died without explanation.

在撤销他的职务之前,Jean-Marc Connerotte 法官即将公开透露在杜特鲁斯地牢发生的性虐待录像带中被认出的高级政府官员的姓名。这个案子有20个可能的证人,他们死的时候没有任何解释。

We all know Jeffrey Epstein was a sicko who had friends in high places–the same friends that hang out with Tony Podesta,friends involved in trafficking,Satanism,pedophilia,human sacrifices and harvesting organs and Adrenachrome.World leaders and governments were involved in this satanic horror show.

我们都知道杰弗里·爱泼斯坦是一个精神病患者,他在高层有朋友——和托尼·波德斯塔(Tony Podesta)一起玩的朋友,参与贩卖人口、撒旦崇拜、恋童癖、人体献祭和器官摘取以及肾上腺素的朋友。世界各国领导人和政府都参与了这场撒旦般的恐怖秀。

President Trump fired federal prosecutor Geoffrey Berman who was in charge of the Epstein case.AG Barr requested Berman step down,and Berman refused.So Trump fired him and Berman was replaced with prosecutor Audrey Strauss.And then suddenly BAM!Maxwell is in custody.


Marc Dutroux aka'The Monster of Belgium'owned 10 homes valued at 6 million dollars,was not employed and received$1,200 per month in public assistance.Documents released by Wikileaks show large sums of money in various currencies were deposited into his wife's bank account.Those deposits coincided with reported kidnappings and missing children reports.


Dutroux was born in Belgium in 1956 and twice convicted of kidnapping and raping underage children(1989 and 1996).He was convicted and served only 3 and a half years of his 13 year sentence because he was released for good behavior.Less than 10 years later,he was arrested again on the same charges(different victims).In the second round of charges,he was convicted of kidnapping,torturing and abusing victims,some of them to the point of death.


H.Covid/Vax Hoax Crises:


Pilots who have been injected with the experimental COVID-19 vaccine may die in flight from the side effects of a heart injection,warns a senior U.S.Army flight surgeon in an affidavit against the Biden administration.According to a recent statement released by the Centers for Disease Control,the development of myocarditis or pericarditis,a rare inflammatory heart condition,is directly related to receiving a second vaccine against Covid-19.Dr.Grace Lee,chairman of the CDC safety Group,acknowledges that"clinical manifestations of myocarditis after vaccination were distinct and most often occurred within one week after the second dose,with chest pain as the most frequent manifestation."Lieutenant Colonel Teresa Long argues that not only are pilots irrefutably at risk of dying during a flight after an injection of COVID mRNA gene therapy,but the Ministry of Defense has abandoned its usual protocol for conducting MRI scans of pilots after vaccination during a pandemic.Without MRI,which is used to diagnose,detect diseases and monitor treatment,there is no accurate assessment of the impact of vaccines on pilots.https://t.me/worldawakeningdraft/358 https://www.cnbc.com/2021/06/23/cdc-reports-more-than-1200-cases-of-rare-heart-inflammation-after-covid-vaccine-shots.html

一位美国陆军高级飞行外科医生在一份反对拜登政府的书面陈述中警告说,给飞行员注射了实验性的2019冠状病毒疾病疫苗的飞行员可能会死于心脏注射的副作用。根据疾病控制中心最近发布的一份声明,心肌炎或心包炎的发展,一种罕见的炎症性心脏病,直接与接受第二种2019冠状病毒疾病疫苗有关。疾病预防控制中心安全小组主席格雷斯·李博士承认,"接种疫苗后心肌炎的临床表现非常明显,大多数发生在第二次接种后一周内,最常见的表现是胸痛。"特蕾莎·朗中校认为,在注射了 COVID mRNA 基因疗法后,飞行员不仅无可辩驳地面临着死亡的风险,而且国防部已经放弃了在大流行期间接种疫苗后对飞行员进行核磁共振扫描的常规方案。如果没有用于诊断、检测疾病和监测治疗的 MRI,就无法准确评估疫苗对飞行员的影响。

Australia:A former member of the Australian parliament says Pfizer and AstraZeneca paid lobbyists to encourage Australian leaders to promote vaccination mandates.


New data from the"Project Salus"of the Ministry of Defense show a decrease in immunity from the COVID-19 vaccine in 5.6 million vaccinated beneficiaries under the Medicare program.Alarming data published as part of a government-funded project showed that the effectiveness of vaccines against COVID-19 from Pfizer and Moderna has significantly decreased over time.This new discovery revealed that most of the 5.6 million Medicare participants aged 65+who were fully vaccinated were infected with COVID-19.

来自国防部"Salus 项目"的新数据显示,在医疗保险计划下,560万接种过2019冠状病毒疾病疫苗的受益者的免疫力下降。作为政府资助项目的一部分发布的令人担忧的数据显示,随着时间的推移,辉瑞公司和现代化公司生产的2019冠状病毒疾病疫苗的有效性显著下降。这一新发现揭示了在56065岁以上的医疗保险参与者中,大部分已经完全接种疫苗的人感染了2019冠状病毒疾病。

***This means that transmission can come primarily from vaccinated individuals.


I.Zim Redemption and/or Currency Exchange Appointment:The following was in my opinion only and could easily change by your appointment time.Official instructions would come with publication of the Secured Website.


In order to redeem Bonds and/or exchange foreign currencies at the higher rates you must go to a Redemption Center within the days allotted for such exchanges/redemptions.


If you go to a bank they would give you the lower rates as shown on the Forex for that day.


Notification to set appointments at Redemption Centers would come out by way of letters to your email account.Those emails would contain a link to a Secured Website.That Secured Website link would also be published on various Dinar websites as well as be in a Restored Republic via a GCR Update.

在赎回中心设置约会的通知将以信件的形式发送到您的电子邮件帐户。这些电子邮件将包含一个安全网站的链接。该安全网站链接也将发布在各个迪纳尔网站,以及在恢复共和国通过 GCR 更新。

To access an appointment at a Redemption Center,go into the Secured Website where it would ask you to verify that you are you,after which you would be given an individual 800 number to call to set your redemption/exchange appointment.


While you could send the Secured Website link to anyone you wished,your individualized 800 number could only be used by you and only once to set your appointment.


Currency Rates:No one has knowledge of the currency exchange rates for Tier 4B as they would be set just prior to notification.

货币汇率:没有人知道第4B 层的货币汇率,因为他们会在通知之前设置。

Zim Rate:We don't know what the Zim rate was.The UST listed the Zim at a 1:1 for countries other than the US.

Zim Rate:我们不知道 Zim Rate 是多少。在美国以外的国家,科大将 Zim 列为1:1

The US requires a project for the Zim redemption at the higher rates.

美国要求以较高的偿还率偿还 Zim

If you had Zim and don't have a project you could take a"default rate."No one knows what the"default rate"would be.

如果你有 Zim,没有一个项目,你可以采取"违约率。"没有人知道"违约率"会是多少。

If you had a project the rate for your ZIM would be on a sliding scale of from below$.01 to$1.00 depending on the needs of your project,your project presentation and how many years you wished for your payout.

如果你有一个项目,根据你项目的需要,你的项目演示和你希望获得多少年的支出,你的 ZIM 的费率会从0.01美元到1.00美元不等。

80%of that payout would go to your project and 20%would be for yourself.You would also earn interest on money left at the bank during your payout period,which could be substantial.


If you don't have projects,and you don't have Zim,you could ask for Contract Rates on your currency.

如果你没有项目,你没有 Zim,你可以要求你的货币合同利率。

Except for seniors over 65,all Zim redemption would be on a payout in the number of years of your choice up to 50 years.

除了65岁以上的老年人,所有 Zim 的赎回将在一个支出的数量上的选择,直到50年。

You would be paid interest on your money left at the bank during your payout period for as much as 7%to 8%a year depending on how many years you decided for your payout.


The Dinar and Dong exchange could be used for your project.


You could invest in the International projects and would benefit from that commitment.If you elected to go with International Projects,your team would take it and run with it and you would be hands off.


A Trust Account owns the project(s).Your Exchange/Redemption Team would be available to help you manage your project.There may be oversight during the first couple of years to determine that you're actually delivering on your commitment to Humanitarian Work,infrastructure and philanthropy.The TRUST still owns everything.


Presenting a Project:Have around three type-written pages with details of your project(s),describing your intentions,your ability to perform and the amounts you would allocate to it.


Your currency exchange was a non taxable event.The Zim redemption might have an Estate,Capital Gains and/or Earned Interest Tax.It was advised with the ZIM that you set aside an amount to cover possible taxes.

你的货币兑换是免税的。Zim 赎回可能有不动产、资本收益和/或赚得利息税。ZIM 建议你留出一笔钱来支付可能的税款。

The UST was going to charge a fee to exchange and to redeem.We don't know exactly what that would be until we get to the delivery.


A bank fee of$.025 was possibly negotiable.


J."Twenty Two Faces:inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities,"by Judy Byington,Foreword by Dr.Colin A.Ross,M.D.RAW:Dr.Colin Ross–Robert David Steele

22 Faces:inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her Twenty Two multiple personalityby Judy ByingtonForeword by dr.Colin a.Rossm.d.RAW:dr.Colin Ross-罗伯特·大卫·斯蒂尔

Jenny Hill's witness to a Satanic Child Sacrifice Rite:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F626Lsrdwg4
WARNING:Jenny gave a graphic description about how she at the tender age of five,was raped,tortured,forced to view a Child Sacrifice and save for Divine intervention,was almost killed herself–not unlike the sordid experiences of thousands of other child victims of Satanic Worshippers.Perpetrators worshipping Satan appeared to be organized from the US Inc's CIA,Queen Elizabeth's,Illuminati Banking families'and Vatican's Ninth Circle Child Sacrifice Cult on down to the Clintons,Hollywood,Pizzagate and local teenage covens.They were funded by this same Cabal that ran our global monetary system–the very organization that was in the process of being brought down by activation of the Global Currency Reset.It's no wonder that President Trump has stated,"These people are sick."

警告:珍妮生动地描述了她如何在5岁的时候,被强奸,折磨,被迫观看儿童祭祀仪式,并且为了拯救 Divine Intervention(电影),差点自杀——这和其他成千上万撒旦崇拜者的儿童受害者的肮脏经历没什么两样。崇拜撒旦的犯罪者似乎来自美国公司的中央情报局,伊丽莎白女王的,光照派银行家庭和梵蒂冈的第九圈儿童祭祀邪教组织,下至克林顿,好莱坞,Pizzagate 和当地的青少年聚会。他们是由管理我们全球货币体系的同一个阴谋集团资助的——正是这个组织正处于被全球货币复位激活而垮台的过程中。难怪特朗普总统会说,"这些人都病了。"

K.Satanic Holidays:


Help Save the Children:From Fri.29 Oct.to Mon.1 Nov.was the major Satanic Holiday of All Hallows Eve,or Halloween.Children and teens were forced by local and global elite Satanic Covens to participate in sexual orgies with Demons and blood sacrifice of any age human,male or female.Months in advance Satan worshippers planned for their holidays by kidnapping children and teens,while commonly perpetrators impregnated preteens and teens to produce their own victims.The babies,children and teens were starved,tortured and used in sex orgies in preparation for human sacrifice rites.


Please help children and teens forced into this worship of Satan by reporting to legal entities any Satanic activities you have observed,especially in your neighborhood.Report suspected Satanic activities to your local law enforcement.Since Satanists were known to infiltrate police departments,cover your tracks by also contacting U.S.Immigration and Customs Enforcement(ICE):https://www.ice.gov/webform/hsi-tip-form and the Federal Human Trafficking Website:https://www.state.gov/humantrafficking/

请帮助被迫崇拜撒旦的儿童和青少年,向法律实体报告你所观察到的任何撒旦活动,特别是在你的邻居。向当地执法部门报告可疑的撒旦活动。因为众所周知撒旦教徒会渗透到警察局,所以你可以通过联系美国移民与海关执法局来掩盖你的行踪:美国移民与海关执法 https://www.ICE.gov/webform/hsi-tip-form 和联邦人口贩卖网站:https://www.state.gov/humantrafficking/

Called To Rescue


A non-profit which rescues children who have been abused or trafficked


855-646-5484 http://www.calledtorescue.org/

You Can Anonymously Report Trafficked and Abused Children


If you wished to join the effort in saving children from international sex trafficking,contact Tim Ballard at Operation Underground Railroad and/or the non-profit organization,Saving Innocence:https://ourrescue.org/ https://savinginnocence.org https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FT4tmI8YxCU&feature=emb_rel_end

如果你想加入拯救国际性交易中的儿童的行列,请联系地下铁路行动和/或非营利组织的 Tim Ballard,拯救无辜:https://ourrescue.org/https://savinginnocence.org https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ft4tmi8yxcu&feature=emb_rel_end

If you have been affected by sexual abuse or violence,for help and support contact:US:Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-422-4453.UK:BBC Action Line
如果你受到性虐待或暴力的影响,寻求帮助和支持联系:美国:儿童帮助国家虐待儿童热线1-800-422-4453。英国:BBC 行动路线

L.The Global Currency Reset and NESARA/GESARA was all about the Children全球货币重置和 NESARA/GESARA 都是关于孩子们的这不是钱的问题。

It's not about the money.It's about the children–the thousands of malnourished and traumatized children who in honor of Satan,were being raped and murdered so their Elite Perpetrators could supposedly gain power and rule the world.The first official act President Trump made the morning before he was sworn into office was to pay a visit to CIA Headquarters and declare a war on an international Child Sex Trafficking Ring run by these global elites.Let us fast and pray for these millions of little ones who were right now being rescued from Cabal underground tunnels across the globe,and tortured and killed by Satanic Covens right next door.Let us also pray for those Military Troops worldwide who were risking their own lives to save them.The ancient doctrine of Fasting and Prayer was explained here at the 10:30:32 mark:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Mb9gU6DmKs

它是关于儿童的——成千上万的营养不良和精神受到创伤的儿童,为了纪念撒旦,他们被强奸和谋杀,这样他们的精英肇事者就可以获得权力和统治世界。特朗普总统在宣誓就职前的第一个上午采取的官方行动是访问中央情报局总部,向这些全球精英经营的国际儿童性交易集团宣战。让我们斋戒祈祷,为这几百万的小孩子祈祷,他们现在正从全球各地的阴谋地下通道中被营救出来,并且正在被隔壁的邪恶巫师所折磨和杀害。让我们也为世界各地冒着生命危险拯救他们的军队祷告。古老的禁食和祈祷教义在10:30:32这里得到了解释:我现在没有,也从来没有收到过写我的更新和文章的 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mb9gu6dmks
Judy Note:I do not now,nor have I ever,received monies for writing my Updates and articles.The compensation has been in having outlets to help Save the Children by exposing truths about the very secretive Satanic Ritual Abuse,Pedophilia and Child Sacrifice that was rampant in our international society.


The above was a summary of information from the Internet.It would be up to the reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it was valid.


I will send the Safe Link Website out when I find out what it is,plus it will be posted on several Dinar Websites.It is my understanding that by linking into the Safe Link Website it will generate a Non Disclosure Agreement to sign in order to obtain redemption/exchange appointments.


After signing that Non Disclosure I will be unable to email,post or talk to anyone about the exchange process for 90 days,so I will be going silent and taking those 90 days to get my humanitarian project organized and going.


This is not a goodbye.I expect to be working with many of you in the near future.I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed getting to know you.You will remain in my heart forever.


A huge Thank You to those dedicated and brave Intel providers who wished to remain unknown;to our Angel Martha who worked 24/7 to expose what's really going on;to humble Wildfire Lady who is adept at exposing the truth;to Brad who does great research;to Bonni B who exposes the underlying causes of what is really happening and to Ken who uncovers almost unlimited Intel on pedophilia to help us Save the Children.

一个巨大的感谢你给那些献身和勇敢的英特尔提供者谁希望保持不为人知;我们的天使玛莎谁工作24/7揭露什么是真正的发生;谦虚的野火女士谁是善于揭露真相;布拉德谁做了伟大的研究;邦尼 b 谁揭露什么是真正发生的根本原因和肯揭示几乎无限的英特尔恋童癖帮助我们拯救儿童。

Let us Thank Q that the reset has finally come to be.I wish you well in your humanitarian efforts and look forward to seeing you on the other side where together,we will make life better for all.

让我们感谢 q,重置终于来了。我祝愿你们在人道主义努力中一切顺利,并期待着在另一方看到你们,我们将共同努力,使所有人的生活更加美好。

Patience is a Virtue.Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being.Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world.And,we will!!!...Judy




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