X22报告|第2868集: 人民觉醒时 CBDC 不能前进,必须照章办事

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爱国者们已经为即将到来的一切做好了准备。DS 已经从黑暗中被带了出来,他们很恐慌。[HRC]现在试图辩护她的情况,她的电子邮件不是机密,她感到恐慌。特朗普传递了一个信息,风暴即将来临

X22报告|第2868集: 人民觉醒时 CBDC 不能前进,必须照章办事

Ep. 2868a – [CBDC] Cannot Move Forward While The People Are Awake, [CB] Loses

当人们清醒的时候[ CBDC ]不能前进,[ CB ]失败

Ep. 2868b – [HRC] Panics, The Storm Is Upon Us, Must Be Done By The Book, We Are Ready




The patriots and leaders around the world are now showing the people the true agenda of the [WEF]/[CB]. This was forced on them and they are not doing anything to stop it. The people are awake and their agenda is imploding. The [CB] cannot move to a [CBDC] while the people are thinking logically.

世界各地的爱国者和领导人正在向人民展示[WEF]/[CB]的真正议程。这是强加给他们的,他们没有采取任何措施来阻止。人民已经觉醒,他们的计划正在崩溃。当人们在进行逻辑思考的时候,[ CB ]就不能转向[ CBDC ]。


The patriots have now set the stage for what is coming. The [DS] has been brought out of the darkness and they are panicking. [HRC] is now trying to plead her case that her emails were not classified, she is panicking. Trump sends a message, the storm is coming, Scavino backs it up and then Trump truths and uses the phrase by the book. The people are ready, the storm is about to hit. The [DS] will do stupid things to try to counter it all, this is when it is all exposed. 

爱国者们已经为即将到来的一切做好了准备。DS 已经从黑暗中被带了出来,他们很恐慌。[HRC]现在试图辩护她的情况,她的电子邮件不是机密,她感到恐慌。特朗普传递了一个信息,风暴即将来临,斯卡维诺证实了这一点,然后特朗普说出了真相,并按照常规使用了这个短语。人们都准备好了,暴风雨就要来了。[ DS ]会做一些愚蠢的事情来反击这一切,这是当一切都暴露出来的时候。


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