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特朗普和比尔·巴尔(AG Bill Barr)一直在进行大量调查。反法领导人被追踪并抓获。特朗普切断了他们的财政来源。他在边境地区实行了严格的管制。21名 MS-13领导人因恐怖主义罪被逮捕和起诉。这是第一次!他们将面临死刑。特朗普对领导人穷追猛打,而 DS 则惊慌失措。

X22 Report(C-VINE Vetted)

X22报告(C-VINE 审核)


Leaders Of Terrorist Groups Tracked,Captured,Charged And Face Death Penalty



Poppy fields 罂粟田

Trump and AG Bill Barr have been working on numerous investigations.Antifa leaders were tracked and captured.Trump has cut off their finances.He put strong regulations in place along the border.Twenty-one MS-13 leaders have been arrested and charged for terrorism.This is a first!They will face the death penalty.Trump has gone after the leaders and the DS is panicked.

特朗普和比尔·巴尔(AG Bill Barr)一直在进行大量调查。反法领导人被追踪并抓获。特朗普切断了他们的财政来源。他在边境地区实行了严格的管制。21 MS-13领导人因恐怖主义罪被逮捕和起诉。这是第一次!他们将面临死刑。特朗普对领导人穷追猛打,而 DS 则惊慌失措。

Poppy fields are indeed a sight to behold.In Afghanistan,they were planted,harvested,used and sold as drugs.Recently,Trump cut off the entire supply.Who was in charge of these fields?This demand goes back many,many years.We know Bush-41 had a nickname;Poppy.Was he a part of this corruption?

罂粟田的确是一道壮观的风景线。在阿富汗,它们被种植、收获、使用并作为毒品出售。最近,特朗普切断了全部供应。谁负责管理这些田地?这种需求可以追溯到很多很多年前。我们知道 Bush-41有个绰号叫 Poppy。他也参与了这场腐败吗?

President Trump banned the CCP and their families from immigrations while also revoking all their real estate in the United States.He also blocked the assets of anyone directly or indirectly associated with them,including schools,businesses,the NBA,Joe Biden,Clinton,etc.Trump is about Law&Order.


Kanye West's presidential bid was short lived.July 5th,2020,he announced he was running for President as a Republican,against Trump.11 days later,he has bowed out of the race.Why did he bow out so soon?


Trump is trying to restore America.He is planning to write an Executive Order for DACA.Eight years ago,Obama bypassed Congress and wrote an EO for DACA;to keep illegal alien children from being deported back to their country.Trump took this to the Supreme Court and they supported Obama's executive order.Because of this,it gave power to Trump to use an EO to modify DACA.He also wants to keep illegal alien children from being deported,so he created a blueprint for the(DACA)kids on how they can become legal citizens.He loves and welcomes our legal immigrants.

特朗普正试图恢复美国。他计划为 DACA 起草一份行政命令。八年前,奥巴马绕过国会,为 DACA 写了一份行动计划,以防止非法移民的孩子被遣返回国。特朗普把这件事告到了最高法院,他们支持奥巴马的行政命令。正因为如此,它赋予了特朗普权力,可以使用 EO 来修改 DACA。他还希望防止非法移民的孩子被驱逐出境,所以他为孩子们制定了一个蓝图,告诉他们如何才能成为合法公民。他热爱并欢迎我们的合法移民。

Tommy Tuberville won the election for Alabama Senate against Jeff Sessions.Trump has been very outspoken against Session and fully endorsed Tuberville.Q has repeatedly told us to'trust Sessions.'Could Sessions be taking a public hit for the common good of We-The-People?It looks like this might be the case.

汤米·特本维尔在阿拉巴马州参议员选举中击败杰夫·塞申斯获胜。特朗普非常直言不讳地反对塞申,并完全支持特伯维尔。Q 反复告诉我们要"信任塞申斯"塞申斯会因为我们人民的共同利益而受到公众的打击吗?看起来是这样的。

Cuomo is being investigated for forcing COVID patients into nursing homes.He in turn is blaming Trump.Even the democrats know what he did.That is why there is an investigation underway.


X22视频解读|解散[DS]部队的历史性行动,完成Dr.Fauci's agenda appears to be very different than the one he's been saying in front of the cameras.He told a recent news reporter that the Covid virus has the potential to be like the 1918 pandemic.Trump has been saying this pandemic is much like the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic.Why?


In 1918 when the Spanish Flu was rampant,the people were told to wear a mask.They were told if they wore masks they would stop the spread of the virus.Did the masks work?No..just like today's masks.Virus particles are much smaller than mask fibers.We are being lied to and being kept in fear in order to keep everything in lockdown.


Trump,being aware of manipulated COVID numbers,has recently set new guidelines.July 15,2020,marked the date hospitals began bypassing the CDC.They are to send all COVID-19 test results directly to Washington D.C.Trump is taking back control and is not allowing the CDC to toy with the American people anymore.


X22视频解读|解散[DS]部队的历史性行动,完成Ghislaine Maxwell has it all.Hollywood is panicking.Patriots know who went to Jeffrey Epstein's Island.Why would the DS have inmates released?Why would they push masks?Think connection.


The DS may be planning a very large false flag event,perhaps the end of August.California is set to release between 8,000 and 18,000 convicted inmates into the community.We are at war.

DS 可能正在计划一个非常大的假旗事件,也许是在八月底。加利福尼亚州计划释放800018000名犯人。我们处于战争状态。

However,Trump and the Patriots know their playbook and have been keeping us in the loop through tweets,press conferences and Q posts.Are Trump and the Patriots ready?We need more people who are awake.Pray for this to happen.Pray for protection.Pray without ceasing.Pray.

然而,特朗普和爱国者知道他们的游戏规则,并且一直通过推特、新闻发布会和 Q帖让我们了解情况。特朗普和爱国者们准备好了吗?我们需要更多醒着的人。祈祷这一切能够发生。求神保佑。不断地祷告。祈祷。

Opinion:JoLynn Live,C-VINE Contributor(Based on the X22 Report)

观点:JoLynn LiveC-VINE 贡献者(基于 X22报告)



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